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Instrumentation for
Materials Research Highlights

0521170 P. Barbara Georgetown University Acquisition of a field emission scanning electron microscope
0603042 M. Bird Florida State University Revolutionary High Field “Series Connected” Hybrid Magnet at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
0216635 P. Burke University of California-Irvine Acquisition of An Electron-beam Lithography System for a Nanotechnology Research and Education Facility at U.C. Irvine
0415840 D. Dillard Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University A Dual-Actuator Load Frame for Mixed-mode Fracture Testing of Laminated or Adhesively Bonded Specimens
0420923 V. Dravid Northwestern University Pattern Recognition using SNFUH
0421565 J. Eckert Harvey Mudd College Acquisition of an Open Architecture Cryosystem with a 9 Tesla Magnet for Education and Research in Magnetic Materials and Structures
0420304 H. Elsayed-Ali Old Dominion University Acquisition of an Ultrahigh Vacuum Scanning Tunneling Microscope
0619759 C.l. Hirschmugl University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Development of Synchrotron Infrared Microspectroscopy Imaging using a Multi-element Detector (IRMSI-MED) for Diffraction-Limited Chemical Imaging
0079584 S. Kevan University of Oregon Speckle Pattern with Atomic and Molecular de Broglie Waves
0320906 C.Kiely Lehigh University Acquisition of an Aberration Corrected Analytical Electron Microscope for Nanocharacterization of Materials
0414903 D. Mainardi Louisiana Tech University Acquisition of a SGI Altix3700 for Nano/Bio-Technology Computational Research and Student Training
0521650 J. McClure University of Texas-El Paso Epitaxial Growth And Characterization Of High Quality CdTe (111) via Closed-Space Sublimation
0526754 D. Moncton Massachusetts Institute of Technology Neutron Diffractometer at MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory
0521650 L. Murr University of Texas-El Paso Health Effect Assays for Environmental Soots: The Role of Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy
0521611 D. Patel Oakwood College Acquisition of Tunable Laser System and Atomic Force Microscope for Surface Characterization
0521147 F. Peiris Kenyon College Optical Properties of Magnetic Semiconductors Investigated by IR Ellipsometry
0500017 D. Shapero National Academy of Sciences Supporting the Solid State Sciences Committee