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Metals Highlights

0206826 V. Acoff University of Alabama Development of a Simplistic Method for Processing Intermetallic Sheet Materials Using Cold Roll Bonding and Reaction Annealing
0508987 P. Anderson Ohio State University Strength Design Maps for Nanoscale Metallic Multilayer Thin Films
0513751 S. Ankem University of Maryland-College Park Determination of Activation Energies and Modeling of Low Temperature Creep of Alpha, Alpha-Beta, and Beta Titanium Alloys
0407958 R. Averback University of Illinois Nanoscale Self-Organization of Metallic Alloys under Ion Irradiation
0311848 S. Baker Cornell University Surprising threads in the story of thin film strength
0304942 P. Bellon University of Illinois Chemical mixing forced by plastic deformation: a new analysis by analogy with mixing in fluid flows
0304942 P. Bellon University of Illinois Mechanisms of wear revealed by nanoscale analysis of sub-surface
0354060 P. Bellon University of Illinois Growth and Characterization of Hafnium Diboride Films
0312189 G. Cargill III Lehigh University Strains in Polycrystalline Thin Films
0312189 G. Cargill III Lehigh University “Volcano Eruptions” from Electromigration
0092530 N. Chawla Arizona State University Thermal Fatigue Behavior of Sn-Rich Pb-free Solders
0504781 N. Chawla Arizona State University Mechanical Behavior of Metal/Ceramic Composite Coatings
0504781 N. Chawla Arizona State University Residual Stresses in Al/SiC Nanolayered Composites
0304777 M. Dayananda Purdue University Calculation of Concentrations and Fluxes in Multicomponent Diffusion Couples by a A Transfer Matrix Method (TMM)
0513874 I. Dutta Naval Postgraduate School Interfacial Creep In Thin Film Interconnect Structures In Micro-Systems
0208008 F. Ernst Case Western Reserve University Ion Exchange at Metal-Ceramic Interfaces
0241603 S. Guruswamy University of Utah Strong, Ductile and Low-Field Magnetostrictive Alloys Based on Fe-Ga
0302544 G.C Hadjipanayis University of Delaware High Anisotropy Magnetic Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites
0201382 S. Kalidindi Drexel University Role of Deformation Twinning in Strain Hardening and Texture Evolution: Experiment and Numerical Simulation
0307410 K. Kelton Washington University-St. Louis Structural and Microstructural Studies of Ti/Zr and Al-Based Quasicrystals, Approximants, and Metallic Glasses
0243331 T. Langdon University of Southern California Creep and Superplasticity in Materials with Ultrafine Grain Sizes
0508630 K. Ludwig Boston University Coherent X-ray Scattering Studies of Phase Transitions in Metals
0304629 F. Mohamed University of California-Irvine Thermal Stability of Near Nanostructured Bulk Cryomilled 5083Al Alloy
0304629 F. Mohamed University of California-Irvine Evidence for High Strain Rate Superplasticity in Bulk Ultrafine Grained 5083 Al
0304629 F. Mohamed University of California-Irvine Minimum Grain Size in Nanostructured Materials Produced by Cryomilling
0412583 K.Murty North Carolina State University Effect Of Alloying And Heat Treatment On The Biaxial Creep Behavior Of Titanium Alloys
0312172 R. Reddy University of Alabama Fundamental Studies on Intermetallic Aluminides
0237400 I. Robertson University of Illinois Visualization and quantification of grain growth processes in nanograined thin metallic films
0210321 C.Ross Massachusetts Institute of Technology Nanostructured Surfaces with Long-range order for Controlled Self-Assembly
0346848 C. Schuh Massachusetts Institute of Technology Development of Percolation Theory for Interface Networks in Materials
0307188 S. Seetharaman Carnegie-Mellon University Steels for the Next Generation Automobiles
0348818 S. Seetharaman Carnegie-Mellon University In-Situ Visualization of Metallurgical Processes
0313489 H. Sehitoglu University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign Design of High Nitrogen Steels
0241928 D. Seidman Northwestern University Nanoscale visualization of early g/g'-phase separation
0207729 L. Shaw University of Connecticut The Surface Nanocrystallization and Hardening (SNH) Process for Improved Fatigue Resistance
0305354 J. Shield University of Nebraska Ordering Transformations in Rare Earth-Transition Metal Permanent Magnets
0301007 K. Sieradzki Arizona State University Length Scales in Alloy Dissolution
0238356 Y. Sohn University of Central Florida Fundamentals of Multicomponent Diffusion in Multiphase Alloys
0302044 C. Thompson Massachusetts Institute of Technology Stress and Structure Evolution During Formation of Polycrystalline Metallic Films: From Adatoms to Coalescence
0133559 J. Vlassak Harvard University Mechanical Behavior of Metal Thin Films and Shape Memory Alloy Coatings
0203779 Y. Vohra University of Alabama-Birmingham Heavy Rare Earth Metals Subjected to Ultra High Pressures
0402891 Y. Vohra University of Alabama-Birmingham Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Team RET- Program in Nanostructured Biomaterials
0402891 Y. Vohra University of Alabama-Birmingham Nanostructured Functionally Graded Biomaterials
0304738 D. Williams Lehigh University “Solvent-Free Oxidation of Primary Alcohols to Aldehydes Using Au-Pd/ TiO2 Catalysts”
0304738 D. Williams Lehigh University Nanosegregation, microtexture and the control of brittle failure