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Polymers Highlights

0504435 R. Advincula University of Houston Conjugated Polymer Ultrathin Films: Synthesis, Electropatterning, and Nanopatterning of Precursor Polymers
0503876 R. Alamo Florida A&M-Florida State University Crystallization Behavior of Model Branched Polyethylenes
0418499 V. Ashby University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill New Polyester Biomaterials: Facile Preparation of Tunable Rapidly Degrading Elastomer Devices
0405345 B. Augustine James Madison University Physico-Chemical Characterization and Processing of Nanocomposite Polymers for Microfluidic Applications
0349436 E. Baer Case Western Reserve University Polypropylene Nanodroplets by Nanolayer Breakup
0320980 L. Belfiore Colorado State University Synergistic Physicochemical Properties of Macromolecule-Metal Complexes
0412320 F. Blum University of Missouri-Rolla Dynamics in Polymeric Thin Films
0423786 W. Brittain University of Akron Synthesis of Polyampholyte Brushes
0406127 P. Cebe Tufts University Polymer-Based Nanocomposites: An Opportunity for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
0209282 W. Chen Mount Holyoke College Simultaneous Tailoring of Surface Topography and Chemical Structure for Controlled Wettability
0516602 S. Cheng University of Akron Study of Crystalline-Amorphous Block Copolymers: Single Crystal Engineering
0454887 B. Chu Stony Brook University Oligonucleotide Separation by Microchip Electrophoresis
0349952 C. Cohen Cornell University Tailored Elastomers
0234903 R. Composto University of Pennsylvania Morphology of Thin Film Polymer Blends Containing Nanoparticles
0349078 A. Crosby University of Massachusetts “Smart” Adhesion: Controlling Polymer Interfaces with Patterns
0551020 L. Dalton University of Washington Organic Electroactive Materials
0512156 A. Dhinojwala University of Akron Ordering of Confined Alkanes between an Elastomer and a Solid Surface
0317514 J. Fréchet University of California-Berkeley Dendritic polymers as enzyme mimics
0213508 B. Garetz Polytechnic University of New York Grain Structure in Block Copolymer Thin Films Studied by Guided Wave Depolarized Light Scattering
0353102 J. Genzer North Carolina State University Random-Blocky Copolymers: Monomer Sequencing through Templated Chemical Coloring
0450188 T. Goodson III University of Michigan Large Dielectric Properties in Conjugated Polymers and Dendrimers at High Frequencies
0239697 R. Grubbs Dartmouth College CAREER: Development of Novel Ternary Copolymer Assemblies
0410425 R. Grubbs California Institute of Technology Mechanisms of Transition Metal Catalyzed Reactions in Hydrocarbons
0135233 Z.Guan University of California-Irvine Tandem Catalytic Polymerization as Efficient Method to Synthesize Organic Nanoparticles
0099843 A. Heeger University of California-Santa Barbara Light Emission From an Ambipolar Semiconducting Polymer Field Effect Transistor
0405432 B. Hsiao Stony Brook University Directed Crystallization Precursor Structures in Polymers
0507208 Z. Hu University of North Texas Novel Polymer Microgel Dispersions with an Inverse Thermo-reversible Gelation
0513699 A. Kabanov University of Nebraska Medical Center Structure and dynamics of block ionomer complexes (BIC)
0507294 R. Kaner University of California-Los Angeles Shape and Aggregation Control of Nanoparticles: Not Shaken, Not Stirred
0402849 D. Kaplan Tufts University Silk Polymer Models for Structure-Function Relationships
0243314 J. Kennedy The University of Akron Unique Polymeric Materials by Novel Processes
0214363 J. Koberstein Columbia University Using Light to Construct Pathogen Microarray Sensors
0448102 E. Kramer University of California-Santa Barbara Symmetry Breaking in Spherical-Domain Block Copolymer Multilayers
0514942 T. Kyu University of Akron Photopolymerization Induced Phase Transition and Evolution of Morphology Landscape in Holographic Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals and Photonic Crystals
0449462 J. Lahann University of Michigan CAREER: An Integrated Research and Education Plan for the Advancement of Surface Engineering via Thin Polymer Films
0352588 M. Lewin Polytechnic University High Temperature and Flammability Behavior of Nanocomposites and Polymer Blends
0239415 C. Li Drexel University Complex hierarchical self-assembly templated by block copolymers
0348339 Y. Loo University of Texas-Austin CAREER: An Integrated Research and Education Program for Engineering Functional Block Copolymers
0314760 J.E. Mark University of Cincinnati Use of Layered Fillers to Improve the Mechanical Properties of Biodegradable Thermoplastics
0518079 D. Martin University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Structure and Properties of Defects in Organic Molecular Semiconductors
0549353 K. Matyjaszewski Carnegie Mellon University Macromolecular Engineering by Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization
0307084 G. McKenna Texas Tech University Enthalpy Recovery after Carbon Dioxide Jumps
0346435 J. Mijovic Polytechnic University Dynamics of single-wall carbon nanotube (SWNT)/ polyisoprene (PI) nanocomposites as studied by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy (DRS) and dynamic mechanical spectroscopy (DMS)
0401780 G. Newkome University of Akron Fractal Polymeric Nanoarchitectures
0518785 C. Ober Cornell University Patterning Processes for Polymer Brushes to Direct Assembly
0094194 C. Ortiz Massachusetts Institute of Technology Synthesis, Nanomechanics, and Protein Adsorption of Stimulus Responsive Brushes
0238979 D. Paul University of Texas at Austin Permeation of Penetrants in Nanocomposites
0134032 Z. Peng University of Missouri-Kansas City Electrically Active Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials
0402766 N. Pinto University of Puerto Rico-Humacao Electronic device fabrication based on conducting polymer nanofibers: Motivating undergraduate students towards research in materials science
0322338 C. Pugh University of Akron Architectural Effects in the Phase Formation and Miscibility of SCLCPs Prepared by ATRP
0353746 C. Pugh University of Akron The University of Akron REU Site for Polymer Science
0509687 J. Puskas University of Akron Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Double-Functionalized Surface Modified Thermoplastic Elastomers
0315461 J. Rabolt University of Delaware Application of Dynamic Spectroscopic Methods to the Rheo-Optical Study of Polymers
0505940 R. Register Princeton University Structuring Polymer Crystals Through Macromolecular Architecture
0312046 J. S. Riffle Virginia Polytechnic Institute Magnetic Nanoparticles with Amphiphilic Shells and their Dispersion in Biological Media
0211056 J. Runt Penn State University Structure and Dynamics of Polymer Blends Exhibiting Strong Intermolecular Interactions
0075810 P. Russo Louisiana State University Complex Fluids with Extended, Rigid Components
0449736 C. Ryu Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Polymer Adsorption and Transport into Nanopores
0353119 D. Schiraldi Case Western Reserve University NSF Research Experience in Polymer Science
0309441 J. Schlenoff Florida State University Reversible Crosslinking in Ultrathin Films
4125582 S. Schlick University of Detroit Mercy Morphological and Spatial Aspects in Polymer Degradation: From Heterophasic Polymers to Proton Exchange Membranes Used in Fuel Cells
0348884 G. Schmidt Louisiana State University Bio-Nanocomposites: An Approach Towards Tissue Engineering
0306787 S. Sheiko University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Molecular Visualization: Spreading Kinematics and Dynamics
0525645 K. Shull Northwestern University Interfacial Mechanics and Contact Properties of Model Membranes
0304640 S. Simon Texas Tech University Dynamic Heterogeneity and the Behavior of Glass-Forming Materials at the Nanoscale
0308762 S. Simon Texas Tech University A Fundamental Study of the Bulk Modulus in Polymers and its Dependence on Chemical Structure
0514622 D. Smith, Jr. Clemson University Functional Polyarylene Networks
0315388 A. Sokolov University of Akron Dynamics of Biopolymers
0502928 G. Sotzing University of Connecticut Rapid Generation of Inherently Conductive Polymer Micro and Nanostructures
0513197 S. Sukhishvili Stevens Institute of Technology Responsive Films Derived from Weak Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
0308133 E. Thomas Massachusetts Institute of Technology Hypersonic Phononic Crystals
0308982 V. Tsukruk Iowa State University Assembling dendritic and branched molecules at interfaces
0314110 K. Wagener University of Florida–Gainesville Precise Polymer Structures via Metathesis Polycondensation Chemistry
0348895 H. Wang Michigan Technological University SANS Study of Polyethylene Crystallization from Solution
0215342 C. Weder Case Western Reserve University Conjugated Polymer Networks
0304803 R. A. Weiss University of Connecticut Control of the Wetting Behavior of Thin Polymeric Films on Inorganic Substrates
0328002 R. A. Weiss University of Connecticut Functional Polymers from Renewable Resources: Itaconic and Lactic Acids
0611474 J. White Oklahoma State University New Insights in Polyolefin Blend Miscibility
0405195 U. Wiesner Cornell University NIRT: Nanohybrids and Nanobiohybrids
0549116 K. Winey University of Pennsylvania Reconciling STEM & SAXS for Ionomer Morphologies
0451490 K. Wooley Washington University Synthetic Methodology Development, Utilizing the Physical and Chemical Manipulation of Discrete Nanoscale Objects
0207560 K. Wynne Virginia Commonwealth University Functional Polymer Surfaces
0139155 L. Yu University of Chicago Magnetic Semiconducting Polymers
0348724 L. Zhu University of Connecticut Supramolecular Self-assembly of DNA Complexes with Cationic Lipids Having Calamitic, Discotic, and Cubic Tails