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0454887C. BurgerStony Brook UniversityStructure & Dynamics in Colloidal Polyelectrolyte-Surfactant Complexes
0706410P. ChongTemple University School of MedicineTetraether Archaeal Liposomes
0613972P. GilbertUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonSynchrotron Light Shed on the Complex Structure of Mother-of-Pearl
0710605L. GowerUniversity of FloridaMaterials World Network (MWN) to Study Liquid Precursor Formation and Crystallization at Interfaces: Fundamentals towards Applications
0645023H. HessUniversity of FloridaCreating materials via active self-assembly driven by biomolecular motors
0602975H. JainLeigh UniversityNew nano-macro porous glass: A superior material for bone-scaffold
0706209E. KatzClarkson UniversitySignal-Responsive Hybrid Biomaterials with Built-in Boolean Logic
0505814C.-H. KiangRice UniversityNonequilibrium, Single-Molecule Studies of Protein Unfolding
0239744K. L. KiickUniversity of DelawareProteins Containing Non-Natural Amino Acids As Building Blocks For Novel Materials
0644864J. KimUniversity of MichiganSelf-signaling and Signal Amplifying Conjugated Polymer Biosensors and Sensor Arrays
0300631C. V. KumarUniversity of ConnecticutNovel Bioactive Inorganic Materials
0604815C. V. KumarUniversity of ConnecticutNovel Bioactive Enzyme-DNA-Inorganic Materials
0706170R. LevickyPolytechnic UniversityMechanisms of Hybridization Kinetics in DNA Surface Layers
0611616aG. P. LopezUniversity of MexicoHigh Performance Materials for Low Cost Diagnostics
0611616bG. P. LopezUniversity of MexicoRemotely Powered Self-Propelling Particles and Micropumps Based on Miniature Diodes
0611616cG. P. LopezUniversity of MexicoSmart Materials for Manipulating Cell/Surface and Cell/Cell Interactions
0510138M. A. MeyersUniversity of CA, San DiegoMechanical Properties and Structure of Abalone: Self-Assembled Ceramic Nanostructures
0503347C. R. SafinyaUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraFilamentous Actin Assemblies Immobilized on a Photopolymer Surface: A New AFM-Based Nanometer Scale Imaging of Biological Assemblies
0748943R.E. SchaakPennsylvania State UniversityLow Temperature Solution Synthesis of Intermetallic Nanomaterials
0402891Y. VohraUniversity of Alabama-BirminghamNanostructured Functionally Graded Biomaterials
0705716Y. WangUniversity of ConnecticutMultivalent “Artificial Antibody” Based on RNA/Dendrimer-Like Star Polymer Hybrid Nanomaterials
0409769aG. C. L. WongUniversity of Illinois at Urbana ChampaignWet electrostatics and biomolecular self-asembly
0409769bG. C. L. WongUniversity of Illinois at Urbana ChampaignWet electrostatics and biomolecular self-asembly
0709938H. YanArizona State UniversitySelf-assembled DNA Nanotubes: Biomimetic Design, Controlled Surface Alignment and Templated Nanowire Formation


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