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Ceramics Highlights

0408745P. M. Ajayan Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteCreation and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Foams and Related Materials
0542740S. Barnett Northwestern UniversityIdentifying Critical Interfaces In Fuel Cell Electrodes
0503711M. W. BarsoumDrexel UniversityFRG: Mn+1AXn Phase Solid Solutions: Unique Opportunities at Engineering Bulk and Surface Properties
0233952S. BasuBoston UniversityFunctionally Graded High-Al Mullite Environmental Barrier Coatings
0536015D. A. BonnellThe University of PennsylvaniaPolarization Dependence of Adsorption on Ferroelectric Surfaces
0224991K. J. BowmanPurdue UniversityDomain Orientation and Anisotropy in Poled Piezoelectrics
0602906D.W. BrennerNorth Carolina State UniversityMaterials World Network: Designer Nanodiamonds for Detoxification
0305202R. K. BrowUniversity of Missouri-RollaRare Earth Modified Phosphate Glasses - The Structure Property Relationship
0457660N. D. BrowningUniversity of CA-DavisStructure-Property Relationships in High Temperature Superconductors
0407569R. C. BuchananUniversity of Cincinnati Main CampusFuel Cell Electrode Properties
0605159G. CaoUniversity of Washington, SeattleCoherent Carbon Cryogel – Hydride Nanocomposites for Efficient Hydrogen Storage
0705299H. M. ChanLehigh UniversityMorphological Stability of Al Thin Films on Sapphire Substrates
0303458I-W. ChenUniversity of PennsylvaniaFerroelectric Domain Wall Motion
0604314M. ChhowallaRutgers UniversityInvestigation of Structure and Properties of Si Doped Boron Carbide (B4C)
0302617B. DabrowskiNorthern Illinois UniversityCorrelated Phenomena in Atomically Arranged Transition Metal Perovskites
0606464A. DemkovUniversity of Texas at AustinTheoretical and Experimental Study of the Thermodynamic Stability of Amorphous Thin Films Based on Zirconia and Hafnia
0303279E. C. DickeyPennsylvania State Univ University ParkFirst-Principles Based Prediction of High-Temperature Defect Chemistry and Conductivity of TiO2
0602986V. DierolfLehigh UniveristyDomain walls are to Ferroelectricity what dislocations are to Mechanical properties of Materials
0508560T. DobbinsLouisiana Tech University Research And Education - Increasing Student Participation In Research At Internationally Recognized User Facilities
0603184V. P. DravidNorthwestern UniversityMaterials World Network: Anistoropic Colloidal Magnetic Nanostructures
0602881D. EdwardsAlfred UniversityTransport Phenomena in Trivalent Ion Tungstates and Related Systems
0404781T. EgamiUniversity of Tennessee at KnoxvilleGiant Magnetocapacitance in the Manganite
0705370P. G. EvansUniversity of WisconsinQuantitative Probes for Dynamics in Multiferroic Complex Oxides
0244258K. T. FaberNorthwestern UniversitySiC-Based Ceramics from Naturally-Derived Scaffolds
0346800W. G. FahrenholtzUniversity of Missouri-RollaReactive Processing of High Temperature Materials
0502051S. FellerCoe CollegeA National Model in Undergraduate Research: Glass Science at Coe College
706147P. X. FengUniversity of Puerto RicoFabricate large-area, thick ceramic films
0604211R. A. GerhardtGeorgia Institute of TechnologyOnly one is needed
0606121A. M. GlaeserUniversity of CA – BerkeleyCombinatorial Studies of Grain Boundaries in Model Solids
0304169P. GoumaSUNY-Stony BrookNano-Composite Metal Oxides for Electronic Noses
0503017O. A. GraeveUniversity of Nevada, RenoA Novel Synthesis and Sintering Process for Nanostructured Oxide and Carbide Ceramic Composites
0603993N. JiangArizona State UniversityMicrostructure changes in glasses induced by femtosecond laser pulses
0605905J. KiefferUniversity of MichiganBuckling in Glassy Networks
0605270D.-J. KimAuburn UniversityUnderstanding Constrained Ferroelectric Films for MEMS Applications
0307002D. KrolUniversity of California, DavisUltrafast-laser patterning of glass for 3-D optical circuits
0605493M. B. KrugerUniversity of Missouri-Kansas CityNanocrystalline Alumina and Titania Under High Pressure and Temperature
0605700C. G. LeviUniversity of CA – Santa BarbaraDesign of Tougher Thermal Barrier Oxides
0704022J. LevyUniversity of Pittsburgh GHz-THz Dynamics of Nanostructured Ferroelectric Thin Films
0652424J. A. LewisUniversity of IllinoisGuided Fluidic Assembly of Patterned Ceramic Granules and Films
0203136S. J. LombardoUniversity of MissouriForming of Ceramics During Firing Without The Application of External Pressure
0502577P. LucasUniversity of ArizonaDesigning Glasses for Space Exploration
0448879J. LuoClemson UniversityNanoscale Surficial Disordered Films: Multilayer Adsorbates in Oxide Ceramics
0733159J.-P. MariaNorth Carolina State UniversityStudent and Young Faculty Travel to the 2007 International Conference on Electroceramics
0455371L. D. MarksNorthwestern UniversityCharge Density at Surfaces
0116361R. F. MarzkeArizona State UniversityLaser Heated Gradient NMR Studies of Ceramic Liquids
0602521T. O. MasonNorthwestern University"Special Compositions” Identified in ZITO Transparent Conducting Oxides
0606063M. L. MecartneyUniversity of CA – IrvineNanodimensional Measurements of Superplastic Deformation
0305400R. S. MeltzerUniversity of GeorgiaCollaborative Research: Multi-Photon Phosphors Based on Vacuum Ultraviolet Excitation
0649742G. L. MessingPennsylvania State Univ University ParkStudent and Young Faculty Travel to the 10th International Conference and Exhibition of the European Ceramic Society
0606246S. MistureAlfred UniversityExperimental and Computational Study of Local Cation Environments in Oxide Photocatalysts
709740Z. A. MunirUniversity of California, DavisNanometric Effects at Ultra-Small Crystallite Size: Investigation of Low-Temperature Protonic Conductivity in Dense Functional Oxide Ceramics
0404874I. NettleshipUniversity of PittsburghCreating the Work Place for Blood Stem Cells
0449710J. C. NinoUniversity of FloridaFundamental Structure-Dielectric Property Relationships of Fluorite Related compounds
0348938S. O’BrienColumbia UniversityDiameter Control and Photoluminescence of Zinc Oxide Nanostructures
0603841R. ProzorovIowa State UniversityUltrasonic synthesis of MgB2 superconducting nanocomposites
0449639A. PunnooseBoise State UniversityDevelopment and Investigations of Transition-Metal-Doped Ferromagnetic SnO2 Thin Films and Structures
0502781R. RajUniversity of Colorado at BoulderUnusual Stability of Amorphous Polymer Derived Ceramics (PDCs) at High Temperatures
0502715S. C. RandUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborNonlinear Spectroscopy of Optical Ceramics
0606352C. A. RandallPennsylvania State Univ. University ParkElectrical Resistivity Degradation in Thin Layer BaTiO3: Microchemical and Microstructural Control
0210517S. E. RankinUniversity of Kentucky Research FoundationTailored Fluorinated Surfactants for the Design of Ordered Nanoporous Ceramics
0513048S. N. RashkeevVanderbilt UniversityOptical properties and visual appearance of naturally oxidized and anodized aluminum surfaces
0316916R. F. ReidyUniversity of North TexasNanoscale Characterization and Development of Ultra Low-k Dielectric Xerogel Films
0312081K. A. Cerqua-RichardsonUniversity of Central FloridaEvaluation of the Optical and Electrical Properties of Oxy-chalcogenide Glasses
0444257S. H. RisbudUniversity of California at DavisSnowflakes of Silicon Quantum Dots
0412886G. S. RohrerCarnegie Mellon UniversityImproved Photochemical Properties of Titania through the Ferroelectric Field Effect
0648976G. S. RohrerCarnegie Mellon UniversityMaterials Research – Summer 2007
0604430C. A. RossMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMagnetooptical Materials for Integrated Optical Isolators
0605704S. SampathSUNY at Stony BrookScience and Technology of Thermal Sprayed Interfaces & Layered Structures
0502765J. SankarNorth Carolina A&T State UniversitySelf-Organized Nanostructured Thin Films for Catalysis in Perovskite Related Membrane Reactors
0502463M. E. Schlesinger University of Missouri-RollaSatability, durability and Crystallization of Iron Phosphate Glasses
0502463M. E. SchlesingerUniversity of Missouri–RollaStability, Durability and Crystallization of Iron Phosphate Glasses
0507146D. G. SchlomPennsylvania State Univ University ParkA Ferroelectric Directly on Silicon
0603933S. SenUniversity of CA – DavisObservation of Plastic Molecular Dynamics in Glass
0441619I. S. ShahUniversity of DelawareGe – TiO2 Quantum Dots (QD) Nanocomposites for Solar Cell Applications
0305418B. W. Sheldon Brown UniversityCompositional Stress in Nanocrystalline Ceramic Thin Films: A Novel Approach for Studying Defect Chemistry
0200839R. N. SinghUniversity of Cincinnati NANOMATERIALS Synthesis of Boron Nitride-Nanotube
0404972J. F. StebbinsStanford UniversityTemperature effects on borosilicate glass structure
0602244S. StemmerUniversity of CA - Santa BarbaraMaterials World Network: High Frequency Response of High-permittivity Thin Films
0603115N. SunNortheastern UniversityMaterials World Network: Self-assembled Nanocomposite Magnetoelectric Thin Films
0504715J. A. SwitzerUniversity of Missouri-RollaEpitaxial Electrodeposition of Chiral Metal Oxide Films
0346819X. TanIowa State UniversityThe Evolution of Polar Nanoregions and Its Coupling with Cation-Ordered Domains in Pb(B'B'')O3 Relaxor Ferroelectrics
0352773M. TomozawaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteGlasses with fictive temperature-independent volume Unique mechanical properties of such glasses
0134286R. W. TricePurdue UniversityHigh Temperature Deformation of Stand-Alone
0602770S. E. Trolier-McKinstryPennsylvania State Univ. University ParkMaterials World Network: Effects of Constraints and Thickness on Perovskite Ferroelectrics Undergoing Tilt Transitions
0243993H. L. TullerMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyNanostuctured Ionic Materials: Impact on Properties and Performance
0400676C. VittoriaNorthewestern UniversityDeposition of hexagonal ferrites by the ATLAD technique - gateway to new and exotic ferrite materials
0449886E. WalkerSouthern UniversityCorrelating the Microstructure with the Physical Properties of Perovskite and Related Oxide Materials
0605292B. WesselsNorthwestern UniversityDynamic Response of Epitaxial Ferroelectric Thin Films
0502136W. T. ZerdaTexas Christian UniversityAtomic structure of nanosize crystalline grains in diamond-SiC composites