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Condensed Matter and Materials
Theory Highlights

0606307J. G. AmarUniversity of ToledoSimulating Non-equilibrium Processes over Extended Time- and Length-Scales using Parallel Accelerated Dynamics
0502711P. M. Anderson Ohio State UniversityNANOMESO: A NSF-EC Cooperative Activity on Nano/Meso Scale Effects on Crystal Plasticity
0457440L. M. BalentsUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraSpiral spin-liquid in frustrated diamond-lattice antiferromagnets
0404335L. BellaicheUniversity of ArkansasModelling and Designing Ferroelectrics with Defects and in Two-dimensional Forms
0304299D. W. BrennerNorth Carolina State UniversityReduced Degree of Freedom Predictive Methods for Control & Design of Interfaces in Nanofeatured Systems
0334499P. BrouwerCornell UniversityMesoscopic effects in metal grains and quantum dots
0549762B. ChakrabortyBrandeis UniversitySlow Relaxations in Complex Fluids: Origin and Nature of Dynamical Heterogeneities
0551195J. R. ChelikowskyUniversity of Texas-AustinInstitute for the Theory of Advanced Materials in Information Technology: Workshop on Materials Theory
0604406A. ChubukovUniversity of WisconsinTheoretical studies of near-critical, strongly interacting electron systems
0605935P. ColemanRutgers University-New BrunswickLocal Moments and Heavy Fermion Physics
0653377D. DemilleYale UniversityCircuit Quantum Electrodynamics: Single Microwave Photons on Demand Superconducting qubits to flying qubits
0600073D. A. DraboldOhio UniversityGeometry of Network and Electron States: Amorphous Silicon
0454699H. A. FertigIndiana University Defects and Fluctuations in Low Dimensional Condensed Matter
0603710G. H. FredricksonUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraBlock Copolymer Lithography
0113555N. M. GhoniemUniversity of California-Los AngelesLarge-scale Dislocation Dynamics Simulations for Computational Design of Semiconductor Thin Films
0603369S. M. GirvinYale UniversityCircuit Quantum Electrodynamics: Single Microwave Photons on Demand Superconducting qubits to flying qubits
0237296L. I. GlazmanUniversity of MinnesotaCorrelated Electron Transport in Mesoscopic Structures
0439026L. I. GlazmanUniversity of MinnesotaQuantum Fluctuations of the Order Parameter in Superconductors
0509808M. G. GuenzaUniversity of OregonCooperative Dynamics in Polymer Fluids and their Mixtures
0121695R. B. HaberUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignRenormalization group methods for multiscale materials pattern formation
0121696R. B. HaberUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignInteraction of Biological Cells with Solidification Fronts
0121697R. B. HaberUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignMulti-scale Spacetime Simulation of Dynamic Fracture
0121698R. B. HaberUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignParallel Implementation of Adaptive Spacetime Simulations
0121699R. B. HaberUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignHyperbolic Heat Conduction and Thermomechanical Response
0121700R. B. HaberUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignSpacetime, balance-law formulation of coupled atomistic and continuum dynamics for solids
0605652C. HannaBoise State UniversityInteractions in Quantum and Biophysical Systems
0427055N. A. W. HolzwarthWake Forest University Computational Tools for Detailed Simulations of Materials
0312448D. D. JohnsonUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignA Thermodynamic Density Functional Theory for Predicting Properties of Complex Disordered Alloys
0325939D. D. JohnsonUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignDetermination of intrinsic switching field distribution in perpendicular recording media: ?H(M,?M) method
0325939D. D. JohnsonUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignSurprisingly similar scaling in and out of equilibrium: disordered magnets
0325939D. D. JohnsonUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignExperimental evidence for mixed reality states in inter-reality systems
0325939D. D. JohnsonUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignQuantum Monte Carlo Applications for Petascale Computers
0325939D. D. JohnsonUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignAccurate Semi-Empirical Quantum Chemistry via Evolutionary Algorithms
0325939D. D. JohnsonUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignTravel Award Program for Young Scientists
0325939D. D. JohnsonUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignRealistic Computational Approaches for Coupled Quantum Dots
0325939D. D. JohnsonUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignHydrodynamic effects in sedimentation
0325939D. D. JohnsonUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignNew Optimization Methods for Electronic Excited States
0325939D. D. JohnsonUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignSummer School on Computational Materials Science
0704045A. G. KhachaturyanRutgers UniversityThermodynamics and Kinetics of Phase Transformations in Complex Non-Equilibrium Systems
0547230R. D. KamienUniversity of PennsylvaniaBending, Twisting and Packing: Geometry and Soft Materials
0426488G. KornissRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteNon-Equilibrium Surface Growth and the Scalability of Parallel Discrete-Event Simulations for Large Asynchronous Systems
0402867D. J. LacksCase Western Reserve UniversityMolecular Simulation of Disordered Materials under Stress
0517222P. A. LeeMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics of Strong Disorder and Correlation
0502196Jane E.G. LipsonDartmouth CollegeStudies on Fluids and Fluid Mixtures: Connecting Theory with Experiment
0404670T. C. LubenskyUniversity of PennsylvaniaSemi-soft Response in Nematic Elastmers
0239504H. A. MakseCity College of New YorkStatistical Mechanics of Particulate Systems far from Equilibrium
0406604S. MazumdarUniversity of ArizonaElectron-Electron Interaction Effects on the Photophysics of Conjugated Polymers and Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes
0102668L. MitasNorth Carolina State UniversityStructure of fermion nodes and nodal cells
0238760J. E. MooreUniversity of California-Berkeley“Correlation, coherence, and disorder in complex materials and nanoscale devices”
0513415D. K. MorrUniversity of Illinois - ChicagoNanoscale Structures and Novel Quantum Phenomena in Correlated Electron Systems
0425780P. NelsonUniversity of PennsylvaniaEntropic Forces in Single-Biomolecule Mechanics
0502208W. D. NixStanford UniversityNANOMESO: A NSF-EC Cooperative Activity on Nano/Meso Scale Effects on Crystal Plasticity
0444051M. A. NovotnyMississippi State UniversityDynamics of Nanoscale Magnets
0427638V. OzolinsUniversity of California-Los AngelesFormation of Molecular Break Junctions on Au(111)
0605769P. PhillipsUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignStrong Electron Correlations & Quantum Critical Phenomena
0426870S. R. Phillpot University of FloridaLife-Size Atomistic Simulation of Fabrication and Operation of Multi-Component Nanostructures
0605801C. PiermarocchiMichigan State UniversityOptical processing of information in doped semiconductors
0437903L. RadzihovskyUniversity of Colorado2007 Boulder School for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
0240078P. A. RikvoldFlorida State UniversityNew Experimental Method in Electrochemistry: A Proposal Based on Computer Simulations
0454947M. RobbinsJohns Hopkins UniversityNon-equilibrium systems: Spreading, Deformation, Adhesion and Friction
0503049A. D. RollettCarnegie Mellon UniversityModeling of Microstructural Evolution with Digital Materials
0608283S. SavrasovUniversity of California-DavisPredicting Spin Wave Excitations of Antiferromagnets
0414122B. Schmittmann Virginia Tech Statistical Mechanics far from Equilibrium
0606509T. V. ShahbazyanJackson State UniversitySpectroscopy of Many-Body Processes in Nanostructures
0517138E. D. SiggiaCornell UniversityTracking the In Vivo Evolution of Multidrug Resistance
0605852N. A. SpaldinUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraExistence and origin of “dielectric dead layer” in nanoscale capacitors
0413395D. StroudOhio State UniversityTheory of Superconducting and Electromagnetic Properties of Some Nanostructured Materials
0512228I. SzlufarskaUniversity of Wisconsin – MadisonMultimillion-Atom Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Superhard Nanocrystalilne Ceramics
0502737K. ThorntonUniversity of MichiganBridging Atomistic to Continuum Scales – Multiscale Investigation of Self-Assembling Magnetic Dots in Heteroepitaxial Growth
0426597A. TravessetIowa State UniversityMolecular Dynamics Using Graphic Processing Units
0426597A. TravessetIowa State UniversityDomain sizes of lipid bilayers and monolayers
0427188P. VashishtaUniversity of Southern CaliforniaDe Novo Hierarchical Simulations of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Materials
0313681G. VignaleUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaSpin-Drag and Spin-Charge Separation in Cold Fermi Gases
0313681G. VignaleUniversity of Missouri-Columbia“Phase Diagram” of the Spin Hall Effect
0339147T. VojtaUniversity of Missouri-RollaQuantum phase transitions in electronic systems
0547769E. YuzbashyanRutgers UniversityNovel Manifestations of Cooper Pairing and Decoherence in Elementary Qubits
0535529S. ZhangWilliam and MaryQuantum many-body calculations in real materials