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Condensed Matter Physics Highlights

0406471Carmen C. AlmasanKent State UniversityPairing symmetry of CeCoIn5 detected by in-plane torque measurements
0405961M. AronsonStony Brook UniversityOrganizing the Charge and Magnetism in a Simple Metal
0305223D. AwschalomUC-Santa BarbaraManipulating single electron spins in semiconductors
0555431R. BehringerDuke UniversityWhy You Can Walk On The Beach Without Sinking:Forces in Granular Materials
0604015O. BernalCalifornia State University, Los AngelesNMR Studies of Hidden Order and Quantum Criticality
0456472P. BoolchandUniversity of CincinnatiSelf-Organization In Network Glasses
0449899J. CerneUniversity at BuffaloSpectroscopy with a Twist Infrared magneto-polarization measurements
0706339M. ChanPennsylvania State Univ University Park Supersolid, A Slippery New State of Matter
0403849C. ChienJohns Hopkins UniversityCo/Pt Nanodots with Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy
0605818_A. ClelandUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraMechanical Quantum Resonators
0456074J. ColtonBrigham Young UniversityA microwave resonant cavity for simultaneous electron and nuclear resonance in GaAs
0400512M. ConradiWashington UniversityRotation of Caged Hydrogen in Ice-Clathrate by NMR
0406029P. CrowellUniversity of MinnesotaSpin Dynamics in Ferromagnetic Microstructures
0453804Pengcheng DaiUniversity of Tennessee-KnoxvilleMicroscopic annealing process and its impact on superconductivity in T’-structure electron doped copper oxides
0653377D. DeMilleYale UniversityCircuit Quantum Electrodynamics: Single Microwave Photons on Demand Superconducting qubits to flying qubits
0505160R. DiehlPennsylvania State Univ University Park Weak Adsorption on Complex Surfaces
0605839A. DinsmoreUniversity of Mass Amherst PhysicsColloidal Crystals out of Equilibrium: Phase-Transition Kinetics with Single-‘Atom’ Resolution
0603752M. DobrowolskaUniversity of Notre DameSpin Excitations in Ferromagnetic Semiconductor (GaMnAs) Films
0405538M. DresselhausMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyIntercalation of Double Wall Carbon Nanotubes
0449553M. DrndicUniversity of PennsylvaniaControlled Assembly and Transport in Nanocrystal Structrures
0325634M. ErikssonUniversity Wisconsin-MadisonSilicon Quantum Information Processing
0239748G. FinkelsteinDuke UniversityEvolution of Electron Transport Regimes in Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dots
0710492Z. FiskUniversity of California IrvineMagnetism meets Superconductivity
0444172S. FradenBrandeis UniversityDesigning Viruses for Studies of Liquid-Crystals and Self-Assembly
0441218Frank TsuiUniversity of North CarolinaStabilizing Unstable Transition Metal Dopants in a Magnetic Semiconductor
0449516J. FriedmanAmherst CollegeControlling Magnetic Tunneling in Molecular Nanomagnets
0538350A. GenackQueens College of CUNYSpeckle Evolution of Diffusive and Localized Waves
0454540George GrunerUniversity of CA-Los AngelesRandom network of carbon nanotubes as a novel electronic material
0503882R. GiannettaUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-ChampaignPenetration Depth in Organic Superconductors
0604477W. GoldburgUniversity of PittsburghThickness Variations of a Flowing Soap Film
0455121A. GoldmanUniversity of MinnesotaThe Ground State of Locally Superconducting Films
0555238V. GoldmanStony Brook UniversityQuantum-Coherent Transport in Quantum Hall Devices
0604295J. GoodkindUniverisity of CA-San DiegoNew Excitation Identified In Solid 4he
0454533T. Goodson IIIUniversity of Michigan – Ann ArborSingle and Multi-photon luminescence and Excited State Dynamics of Gold Clusters
0352735R. GreeneUniversity of MarylandHigh-Field Hall effect in electron-doped Pr2-xCexCuO4
0352735R. GreeneUniversity of MarylandA magnetic quantum phase transition in the electron-doped cuprates
0405472E. HallerUniversity of California, BerkeleyDiffusion in Isotopically Controlled Silicon-Germanium Alloys
0405472E. HallerUniversity of California, BerkeleyFormation of Silica-Embedded Alloy Nanocrystals
0244099W. HalperinNorthwestern University Controlled Anisotropy in Superfluid Helium
0325551S. HanUniversity of KansasQuantum Mechanics on a Macroscopic Scale
0555824J. HarrisYale UniversityCooling mirrors with light
0404962A. HebardUniversity of FloridaWeak Localization of Itinerant Electrons in Ferromagnets
618235J. HeremansVirginia TechSpin and Electronic Phenomena below the mean-free path in Semiconductors
0606505T. HertelVanderbilt UniversityMultidimensional Spectroscopy of Carbon Nanotubes: A new tool for exploring dynamics in Nanomaterials
0239481S. HillUniversity of FloridaMagnetic Resonance - From Materials Research to Science Education
0506842T. HuberHoward UniversityStudy of the Fermi Surface of Bismuth Nanowires
0353209M. KastnerMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Control of Relaxation of a Single Electron Spin
0506241S. KevanUniversity of Oregon Eugene How Does an Orbital Lattice Melt?
0507866G. KhodaparastVirginia TechCarrier and Spin Dynamics in InSb- and InMnSbBased Heterostructures
0325474J. KonoWilliam Marsh Rice UniversityCollaborative Research: Optical Control in Semiconductors for Spintronics and Quantum Information Processing
0605664A. KudrolliClark UniversitySwarming and swirling in self-propelled polar granular rods
0403480D. KumarNorth Carolina A & T State UniversityScience and Technology of Self-Assembled Magentic and Superconducting Nano Arrays
0514592David Larbalestier University of Wisconsin-Madison Two-Gap Superconductivity in Magnesium Diboride and its Implications for Applications
0400578D. LedermanWest Virginia UniversityExchange Bias of Ideal Antiferromagnetic Thin Films
0239483Y. LeeUniversity of FloridaNature of Pure and Dirty Liquid 3He - Fundamental Investigations and Educational Activities
0504683D. LeeCornell UniversityImpurity – Helium Condensates (IHCs)
0509666C. LeightonUniversity of MinnesotaMagneto-electronic Properties of Perovskite Heterostructures
0406626Xi. LingBrown UniversityPeak Effect in Polycrystalline Vortex Matter
0406626Xinsheng Sean LingBrown UniversityEmergence of Quasi-Long-Range Order below the Bragg Glass Transition
0548014M. ZudovUniversity of MinnesotaNonlinear Transport in Quantum Hall Systems
0135122H. C. ManoharanStanford UniversityManipulating the Atom —Bottom-Up Assembly of Nanoscale Materials
0335173M. B. MapleUniversity of California, San DiegoRare earth substitutions in the heavy-fermion superconductor CeCoIn5
0605355H. MarisBrown UniversityMaking a Movie of a Single Electron
0450022T. MasonUniversity of California-Los Angeles LithoParticle Dispersions: Shape-Designed Colloids
0547938V. MitrovicBrown UniversityNMR Investigation of Quantum Magnets
0453856S.. MochrieYale UniversityStructure and Dynamics of Polymeric Complex Fluids
0504158J. MooderaMassachusetts Institute of Technology Spin transport studies in band and interface tailored materials: towards total spin polarization for spin electronics
0347253D. NatelsonWilliam Marsh Rice University Single-molecule transistors: many-body physics and possible applications
504769J. NeumeierMontana State UniversityGrowth and Physical Properties Measurements of Novel Condensed Matter Materials
0547194M. OuyangUniversity of MarylandNanocrystallinity Engineering: Tailoring Properties and Functionalities of Metal Nanoparticles
0244882R. PackardUC BerkeleyProbing fundamental physics using a superfluid interferometer
0352738A. Pinczuk Columbia UniversityGraphene: You can never be too thin, or too rich
0547147B. PlourdeSyracuse UniversityQuantum Coherence in Vortex Systems and Superconducting Devices
0451163E. W. PlummerUniversity of TennesseeAn Inherent Mott Transition at a Surface: Ca1.9Sr0.1RuO4
0403491D.PopovicFlorida State UniversityFar-From-Equilibrium Behavior of Electrons in Si Transistors
0407082D. ProberYale UniversityHigh Frequency Luttinger Physics of a Single-Wall Crbon Nanotube
0553285R. ProzorovAmes Laboratory and Iowa State UniversityTopological Hysteresis in Type-I Superconductors
0405082A. Ramdas Purdue UniversitySubstitutional vs. Vacancy-Impurity Complex in Compound Semiconductors: CdSe
0605661A. ReillyCollege of William and MaryUltrafast Laser Study and Modification of Anisotropy in Ferromagnetic Thin Films
0534296T. RosenbaumUniversity of ChicagoImaging Hidden Order in Magnets
0401486P. SchifferPenn State UniversityLow Temperature Studies of Novel Magnetic Materials
0404505J. SchillingWashington UniversitySuperconductivity of Elemental Metals uner Ultra-High Pressure
0353729I. SchullerUniversity of CA- San DiegoNanohybrids with novel properties
0325599L. ShamUniversity of CA - San Diego Collaborative Research: Optical Control in Semiconductors for Spintronics and Quantum Information Processing
0325599L. ShamUniversity of California San DiegoSpin extraction from semiconductor (sc) to ferromagnet (FM)
0500017D. ShaperoNational Academy of SciencesPartial Support of the Solid State Sciences Committee
0604701Z. ShenStanford UniversityPolaron Coherence Condensation as a Mechanism for colossal Magnetoresistive in Layered Manganites
0507295M. Sherwin University of California-Santa Barbara Semiconductor nanostructures and photonic crystal microcavities for quantum information processing at terahertz frequencies
0404912D. SnokeUniversity of PittsburghUniversity of Pittsburgh researchers obtain convincing evidence of Bose-Einstein condensation of polaritons
0404961T. SolomonBucknell UniversityFronts and Patterns in Advection-Reaction-Diffusion Systems
0606153G. SrinivasanOakland UniversitySmart materials for sensors and devices-Magnetoelectric composites
0325499C. StantonUniversity of FloridaCollaborative Research: Optical Control in Semiconductors for Spintronics and Quantum Information Processing
0403641M. StavolaLehigh UniversityStructures and Properties of Hydrogen-Containing Defects in Semiconductors
0411748H.TaubUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaUnderstanding Lubricants on the Nanoscale
0406140John F. DiTusaLouisiana State UniversityUnderscreened Kondo Effect leads to Non-Fermi liquid Behavior
0502706Y. UemuraColumbia University Inter-American Materials Collaboration
0604549C.UherUniversity of MichiganTransition Metal Doped Sb2Te3 and Bi2Te3 Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
0502738H. WangUniversity of OregonNonradiative Quantum Coherences in Semiconductors
0239109E. R. WeeksEmory UniversityStatic Properties and Dynamical Behavior of Jammed Systems
0239667B. WellsUniversity of ConnecticutFunctional Oxide Films for Spectroscopy
0548521G. WilliamsUniversity of CA-Los Angeles Observation of 3rd sound waves in superfluid films on carbon nanotubes
548521G. WilliamsUniversity of CA-Los AngelesLuminescence from laser-induced bubbles in water-glycerol mixtures: effect of viscosity
0606529W. WuTexas A&M UniversitySuperconducting/Semiconducting Nanowires, Nanotubes, and Ultrathin Films
0405088N.YehCalifornia Institute of TechnologyCompeting Orders, Quantum Criticality, Pseudogap & Magnetic Field-Induced Quantum Fluctuations in Cuprate Superconductors
0505048A. YodhUniversity of PennsylvaniaA Heavyweight Lightweight Material: Carbon Nanotube Aerogels
0239450J. YoonUniversity of VirginiaMetal-Insulator Transition via Spatially Heterogeneous State
0346826J. ZhangFlorida International UniversityNew Phases at the Surfaces/Interfaces of Transition-Metal Oxides
0454869R. ZieveUniversity of CA-DavisPressure Measurements in Exotic Superconductors