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Electronic Materials Highlights

0705799C. AhnYaleDiscovering a buried interface
0602716T. L. AlfordArizona StateMWN: Hydrogen Transport and Trapping in Ion-Cut Phenomena
0502906J. BaddingPenn State - University ParkElectronic Devices Inside an Optical Fiber
0239724W. BaileyColumbia UniversityLowest energy loss in an ultrathin ferromagnetic film
0507296Z. BaoStanford UniversitySynthesis, Electrical and Optical Properties of Metal-Molecule-Metal Junctions Formed by Self-Assembly
0304682P. BennettArizona State UniversityBallistic conductance calculation of atomic-scale nanowires of Au and Co
0503705P. BennettArizona State UniversityNanoscale Schottky Barrier Measured Using STM
0238845L. BergmanUniversity of IdahoNovel Bandgap Engineered Luminescent Materials
0412939S. G. BishopUniversity of IllinoisGe-Sb-Te Phase Change Materials: Optical and Electronic Properties, Structural Transformations, and Fabrication of Nanostructures
0513968L. BrillsonOhio State UniversityChemically Driven ZnO Schottky Barrier Formation
0520513R.P.H. ChangNorthwestern UniversityTwo-Photon Generation of Propagating Bipolaritons in Copper(I) Chloride
0505946J. Cheng Pennsylvania State UniversityMicrowave Growth and Characterization of Zinc Oxide Single Crystal Microtubes for Optoelectronic Applications
0606048R. ClarkeUniversity of MichiganInterfacial structure, bonding and composition of InAs & GaSb thin films determined using coherent Bragg rod analysis
0606054R. CollinsColorado School of MinesSurface Functionalization of ZnO
0511811J. Craig JrBradley University Diffusion Made Visible
0120967L. R. DaltonUniversity of WashingtonCenter of Materials and Devices for Information Technology Research
0239273M.DeutschUniversity of OregonElectron Transport in Chemically Deposited Silver Films
0513775J. R. DoyleMacalester CollegeEffects of Ion Bombardment on a-Ge:H Deposition by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
0405538M. S. DresselhausMITIntercalation of Double Wall Carbon Nanotubes
0304743J. DruckerArizona State UniversityElectron confinement in heteroepitaxial Ge quantum dots on Si(100)
0349257O. D. Dubon, Jr.University of California - Berkeley Chemical Nanomachining of Silicon by Gold-Catalyzed Oxidation
0602807M. DudleyStony Brook UniversityDefect Structures in B12As2 Grown on 6H-SiC
0408874J EdgarKansas State UniversityDefects in Bulk Aluminum Nitride Crystals: Types and Origins
0603004J. EkerdtUniversity of Texas - AustinPassivation of Ge through Boron Carbonitride CVD Films
0503748R. FeenstraCarnegie Mellon UniversityStrong Field-Effect in Graphene on SiC(0001)
0236692S. FoulgerClemson UniversityFabricating Photonic Devices through Colloidal Self-Assembly
0449422D. GingerUniversity of WashingtonImaging Working Plastic Solar Cells
0420768G. S. GirolamiUniversity of Illinois - UCA Powerful CVD Method to Grow Uniformly-Thick Films in Deep Features
0606406R. GoldmanUniversity of Michigan - Ann Arbor Tailoring the Properties of Dilute Nitride Semiconductor Alloys
0512165V. GopalanPennsylvania State UniversityStrong Magnetoelectric Coupling in Multiferroic Bismuth Ferrite
0508140L. HalliburtonWest Virginia UniversityImproving ZnO for Use in Ultraviolet Light Emission and Sensor Applications
0348354R. L. HeadrickUniversity of VermontMechanisms of ultra-smoothing induced by ion beam erosion
0706067M.HersamNorthwesternTunable Semi-Transparent Conductive Films from Sorted Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
0606356R. Hull University of VirginiaNew Epitaxial Nanostructures in the Limited Adatom Mobility Regime
0408589A. KahnPrinceton UniversityInterface-induced Gap States in Alkyl Monolayers
0505775T. Kuech University of Wisconsin - Madison New Integrated Materials Approaches to Photonic Crystal-based THz Sources
0349108V. LaBellaSUNY at AlbanyTowards an Atomic Scale Understanding of Spin Polarized Electron Transport
0449933L. LauhonNorthwestern UniversityMapping Dopant Distribution in Semiconductor Nanowires
0502825D. LedermanWest Virginia UniversitySelf-assembly of YMnO3 Nano-prisms on GaN
0602846J. LevyUniversity of PittsburghResolving Electron Spin Dynamics Using Continuous Light
0548061W. LiFlorida International UniversityControlling the Growth of Branched Carbon Nanotubes
0547976C. Liddell Cornell University2D & 3D Phases of Non-Spherical Building Blocks for Photonic Crystals
0504601J. Lin Kansas State University Finding the Acceptors in InN
0507351K. LudwigBoston UniversityTime-Resolved X-ray Studies of Low-Energy Ion Bombardment and Plasma Processing
0600861G. LuepkeCollege of William & MaryDynamics of Local Vibrational Modes in Semiconductors
0605621G. MalliarasCornell UniversityFundamental Studies and Device Applications of Ionic Transition Metal Complexes
0504105D. McGeeDrew UniversityEnhanced Photostability of Azo-dye Infused Nanoporous Silica
0505773L. McNeilUniversity of North CarolinaOptical studies of organic semiconductors and organic/inorganic hybrids
0449385N. MeloshStanford UniversityExciting Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) Plasmons
0547639T. NguyenUniversity of California - Santa Barbara Structure-Function-Property Relationships in Conjugated Polyelectrolytes (CPEs)
0602831C. K. OberCornell UniversityPatterning Organic Electronic Devices in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
0606245C.PalmstrømUniversity of MinnesotaIn-situ atomic level characterization of single crystal Heusler alloys
0400416S. J. PeartonUniversity of FloridaMaterials Processing for ZnO
0505165J. PelzOhio State UniversityUsing quantum-well “nano-apertures” to probe hot-electron motion in metal films
0519081G. RamanathRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteMolecular nanoglues for bonding non-sticking materials by chemical hooking
0606451J. RedwingPenn State - University Park Dopant-induced dislocation inclination in AlGaN thin films
0510056M. SantosUniversity of OklahomaInSb Quantum Wells for Electronic and Spintronic Device Applications
0602649D. SardarUniversity of Texas - San AntonioSpectroscopic Analysis of Rare-Earth-Doped Yttrium Oxide Nanocrystals
0348585M. ShimUniversity of IllinoisTunable Electron-Phonon Coupling in Carbon Nanotubes
0348939V. SmolyaninovaTowson University Current-induced and Photoinduced Changes in Bi1-xCaxMnO3 Thin Films
0545728S. StadlerSouthern Illinois UniversityMagnetic Properties of Co2MnSb1-xSnx Thin Films
0237811D. W. StokesUniversity of HoustonLateral Composition Modulation in InAs/GaSb Superlattices: Nanometer Sized Quantum Wires
0604277Y.SuzukiUniversity of California-Berkeley New Functionalities in Complex Oxide Heterostructures
0604549C. UherUniversity of MichiganTransition Metal Doped Sb2Te3 and Bi2Te3 Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
0503172Z. V. VardenyUniversity of UtahPolaron Spin-lattice Relaxation Time in p-Conjugated Polymers Obtained from Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance Dynamics
0602767C. WederCase School of EngineeringMWN: Dynamic Photonic Crystals
0511523B. W. WesselsNorthwestern UniversityMagneto-optic studies of sp-d exchange in InMnAs films
0506365J. WuUniversity of Kansas The mysterious thickness dependence of critical current density in high temperature superconducting films
0547036H. ZengSUNY - BuffaloSelf-Assembled Nanoparticle Array for Spintronics and High Frequency Materials
0506069M. E. ZvanutUniversity of Alabama - BirminghamDetection of Structure and Electronic Level of Point Defects in Semi-Insulating SiC