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Instrumentation for
Materials Research Highlights

0619267K. BandyopadhyayUniversity of Michigan-DearbornAcquisition of an Atomic Force Microscope to Enhance Research and Teaching in the Physical and Biological Sciences at the University of Michigan-Dearborn
0521170P. BarbaraGeorgetown UniversityAcquisition of a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope for Imaging and Electron-Beam Nanolithography
0116585C. BroholmJohns Hopkins UniversityWorlds brightest cold neutron spectrometer: MACS
0521496J. ButlerPacific UniversityAcquisition of spectroscopic and computational instruments for undergraduate education and research in nonlinear optical materials
0421028Yves ChabalRutgers UniversityDevelopment of an Integrated Thin Film Growth System with Comprehensive In-situ Characterization for Research and education
0239273M. DeutschUniversity of Oregon Metamaterial Optical Coatings for Broadband Asymmetric Mirrors
0722706T. DobbinsLouisiana Tech UniversityAcquisition of a State-of-the-Art X-ray Diffractometer for Training, Research, and Education
0420923V. DravidNorthwestern UniversityDesign and Development of Near Field Acoustic Holography (NFAH) System
0619423J. EdgarKansas State UniversityAcquisition of a Hall Effect Measurement System for Characterizing Novel Semiconductors
0420304H. Elsayed-AliOld Dominion UniversityAcquisition of an Ultrahigh Vacuum Scanning Tunneling Microscope
0722920F. Ernst Case Western Reserve UniversityAcquisition of a Scanning XPS Microprobe
0619098T. FreemanNorth Dakota State University, FargoAcquisition of a versatile scanning electron microscope for multi-user research and teaching in the Electron Microscopy
0520547B. FultzCalifornia Institute of TechnologyDANSEDistributed Data Analysis for Neutron Scattering Experiments - CNST
0321187K. GhoshMissouri State University Acquisition of a Pulsed Laser Deposition System for Research and Educational Training in Materials Science
0521270A. HawariNorth Carolina State UniversityDevelopment of an Intense Positron Annihilation Spectrometry System for Nanophase Characterization
0414809S. HillUniversity of FloridaDevelopment of a transient spectrometer for education and research into quantum coherence in molecular nanomagnets
0619759C. HirschmuglUniveristy of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeDevelopment of Synchrotron Infrared Microspectroscopy Imaging using a Multi-element Detector (IRMSI-MED) for Diffraction-Limited Chemical Imaging
0619759C. HirschmuglUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Development of Synchrotron Infrared Microspectroscopy Imaging using a Multi-element Detector (IRMSI-MED) for Diffraction-Limited Chemical Imaging
0421152Robert HullUniversity of VirginiaAcquisition of a Low Energy Electron Microscope
0520894J. MiaoUniversity of California-Los Angeles 3D GaN-Ga2O3 Core Shell Structures Revealed by X-ray Diffraction Microscopy
0521043R. LadUniversity of MaineMulti-User X-ray Diffraction System for Advanced Materials Analysis
0421521Gang-Yu LiuUniversity of California at DavisNEAT ORU Spectral Imaging Facility
0723115F. ManciuUniversity of Texas at El PascoAcquisition of a Confocal Raman/AFM Hybrid System
0526977M. MazumderUniversity of Arkansas at Little RockDevelopment of an analyzer for size and charge characterization of nano-particles for research and education
0722653J. McGrathUniversity of RochesterManufacturing of Nanocrystaline Silicon Materials at the University of Rochester
0526775V. MitrovicBrown UniversityA High Magnetic Field Dilution Refrigerator System for Materials Research
0526754D. MonctonMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyConstruction of new Neutron Diffractometer and Neutron Optics Test Station at MIT for research in materials science and neutron optics and education of neutron scientists
0521179M. NicolUniversity of Nevada Las VegasDetermination of the II’ and IV’ high pressure phases of CuGeO3
0521611D. PatelOakwood CollegeAcquisition of Tunable Laser System and Atomic Force Microscope for Surface Characterization
0723144H. RogersCalifornia State UniversityAcquisition of an X-Band EPR Spectrometer System
0526959R. Ruoff Northwestern UniversityDevelopment of a TEM Testing Stage with Atomic Position Resolution for Student Training, Education, and Research
0619171C. SafinyaUniversity of California-Santa Barbara Eliminating Parasitic Slit Scattering in Small Angle X-ray Diffractometers
0619573W. A. SchroederUniversity of Illinois at Chicago – DavisDevelopment of an Ultrafast Electron Microscope with <1nm-ps Spatio-temporal Resolution
0618417D. TanenbaumPomona CollegeAcquisition of EDS Microanalysis and Nanometer Pattern Generation Systems for Electron Microscopy Facilities at a Primarily Undergraduate Consortium
0722631G. ThompsonUniversity of AlabamaAcquisition of a Fast-Pulse-Laser for a Local Electrode Atom Probe
0420863T. TimofeevaNew Mexico Highlands UniversityAcquisition of new single-crystal X-ray diffraction system for teaching/research laboratory
0504925M. WagnerGeorge Washington UniversitySynthesis of Ternary and Higher Order Phase Nanoparticulate and Nanorod Materials by Alkalide Reduction”
0619260M. WagnerGeorge Washington UniversityAcquisition of a SQUID Magnetometer for Research and Education
0619826D. WaldowPacific Lutheran UniversityAcquisition of an Atomic Force Microscope for Undergraduate Research and Education