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Metals Highlights

0606511V. AcoffUniversity of AlabamaDevelopment of a Simplistic Method for Processing Intermetallic Sheet Materials Using Cold Roll Bonding and Reaction Annealing
0508987P. AndersonOhio State UniversityStrength Design Maps for Nanoscale Metallic Multilayer Thin Films
0606448A. AningVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Simultaneous Synthesis and Consolidation of Amorphous Alloys
0513751S. AnkemUniversity of Maryland, College ParkDetermination of Activation Energies and Modeling of Low Temperature Creep of Alpha, Alpha-Beta, and Beta Titanium Alloys
0605911M. AtzmonUniversity of MichiganAnelastic Deformation-A Senstive Probe of Structural Defectins in a Metallic Glass
0407958R. Averback University of IllinoisNanoscale Self-Organization of Metallic Alloys under Ion Irradiation
0505774I. BakerDartmouth CollegeMechanical Properties and Microstructures of Fe-Mn-Al
0506374K. BarmakCarnegie Mellon UniversityUltrahigh Density Magnetic Recording Media: The A1 to L10 Phase Transformation in FePt and Related Alloy Films
0304942P.BellonUniversity of IllinoisMechanical Mixing in Metallic Alloys During Ball Milling and Sliding Wear
0354060P. Bellon University of IllinoisSynthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Alloys withEnhanced Mechanical Properties
0733526L. BennettGeorge Washington University Magnetic Interactions Between Mesoscopic Ferromagnetic Metallic Nanoparticles: Aftereffect Measurements and Preisach Modeling of Magnons
0533954C. BoehlertMichigan State UniversityUnderstanding Elevated-Temperature Grain Boundary Deformation Processes of High-Temperature Structural Alloys through Grain Boundary Engineering
0706178R. CammarataJohns Hopkins UniversityIntrinsic Stress Generation in Electrochemically Deposited Thin Films
0312189 G CargillLehigh University Microscale Strains Produced by Electromigration
0635269K. S. R. ChandranUniversity of Utah Large Improvements in Fatigue Life of Engineering Materials by Suppression of Competing Crack Initiations
0504781N. ChawlaArizona State University Nanomechanics of Al/SiC Nanolayered Composites
0504843G. CollinsWashington State UniversityEnthalpies and vibrational entropies of solutes in intermetallics
0304777M. DayanandaPurdue UniversityAnalysis of MultiComponent Diffusion in Quaternary Systems and Multilayered Diffusion Assemblies
0404836M. De GraefCarnegie Mellon UniversityDomain Walls and Twin Boundaries in Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys
0603019N. DimitrovSUNY at Binghamton Electrochemical Processing of Nanoporous Structures for Superhydrophobic Materials and Polymer Imprinting
0605406F.EbrahimiUniversity of FloridaNanocrystalline Al-Mg alloys for hydrogen storage
0506711F. ErnstCase Western Reserve UniversityGas-Phase Nitridation under Kinetic Control A New Concept for Surface Hardening of Ti-Base Alloys
0551896J. Fergus Auburn UniversityThe Effect of Hydrogen and Water Vapor on the Oxidation of Chromia-Forming Alloys
0355234P. FerreiraUniversity of Texas at AustinNano/sub-micron grain structures in metastable austenitic stainless steels
0449651K. FloresOhio State UniversityDevelopment of a Structurally Based Plastic Flow Model for Bulk Metallic Glasses
0642363M.FraryBoise State UniversityRole of Grain Boundary Character on Dynbamic Recrystallization
0706309H. FraserOhio State University Research FoundationProbing the Early Stages of Second Phase Nucleation and Phase Separation in Titanium Alloys
0353952G. Fuchs University of FloridaSolidification Processing and Properties of Advanced Single Crystal Superalloys
0400434W. GarrisonCarnegie Mellon University Effects of Nickel and Carbon on the Toughness of Precipitation Strengthened Stainless Steel
0314218A. GhoshUniversity of MichiganMeasurement of Twinning Angle with Strain: New finding on slip-twin interaction in primary Mg
0404668A. GokhaleGeorgia Institute of TechnologyImplementation of Real/Simulated 3D Microstructures in FE- Based Computations
0241603S. GuruswamyUniversity of Utah Strong, Ductile and Low-Field Magnetostrictive Alloys Based on Fe-Ga
0408910T.Hassan North Carolina State University A Multiscale Study of Ratcheting Failure Mechanisms in Austenitic and Ferritic Steel Welded Joints
0605957K. HebertIowa State UniversityInjection of Vacancy Type Defects and Hydrogen by Metallic Corrosion
0307009T.HufnagelJohns Hopkins UniversityNanometer-scale Structure and Properties of Amorphous Alloys
0734224W. Hunt Minerals Metals & Materials Society Web-Based Development and Dissemination of Educational Resources in Materials Science and Engineering
0513874I.DuttaNaval Postgraduate SchoolInterfacial Creep in Thin Film Interconnect Structures in Micro-Systems
0639050W. Jesser University of Virginia Main Campus Understanding Phase Diagrams of Small Metal Particles
0639050W. Jesser University of Virginia Main Campus Understanding Phase Diagrams of Nanoparticles
0402716D.JilesIowa State University New magnetoelastic materials with high stress sensitivity and low hysteresis
0501605M. KassnerUniversity of Southern CaliforniaThe Mechanisms of Grain Refinement in HCP Metals and Alloys with Severe Plastic Deformation Leading to Nanoscale Microstructures
0606065K. KeltonWashington UniversityCoupled Nucleation, Nanostructure Formation and Hydrogen Storage in Metallic Glasses and Quasicrystals
0736640Y. KimLehigh University Thermal Modification of Alloy Composition Profile
0504813A. KingPurdue UniversityDiffusion in Dual-Component Columnar Thin Films
0504286C. KochNorth Carolina State UniversityGrain Size Stability and Consolidation of Nanostructured Particulates
0650555J. KysarColumbia UniversityDetailed Interaction of Dislocations and Grain Boundaries in Nanoscale Gold Bicrystals
0243331T. LangdonUniversity of Southern CaliforniaCreep and Superplasticity in Materials with Ultrafine Grain Sizes
0448213J. LeonardUniversity of PittsburghRapid lateral solidification in thin metallic films: A new route to engineered microstructures for advanced micro-device applications
0631687J. LiUniversity of WashingtonNanofabrication of Multiferroic Composites
0700005Z. LiuCALPHAD, Inc2007 CALPHAD Meeting
0508630K. LudwigBoston UniversityCoherent X-ray Scattering Studies of Phase Transitions in Metals
0355171R. LukaszewUniversity of ToledoHighly anisotropic nano-magnets
0306108M.J.SablikSouthwest Research Institute Modeling and Testing the Effects of Texture and Plastic Deformation on Magnetic Properties
0413852B. MajumdarNew Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Mechanisms and Modeling of High-Temperature Anisotropic Deformation of Single Crystal Superalloys
0406220M. McHenryCarnegie-Mellon UniversityCompositional Partitioning in Metastable Nanocrystalline BCC Phase Using 3D-APFIM
0304629F. MohamedUniversity of California, IrvineA New Deformation Model for the Creep Behavior of Nanocrystalline Materials in Terms of Dislocation-Accommodated Boundary Sliding
0304629F. MohamedUniversity of California, IrvineCorrelation Between a Deformation Model Based on Boundary sliding and Experimental Data On Nanocrystalline Ni
0304629F. Mohamed University of California-Irvine Correlations Between the Model of Dislocation-Accommodated Boundary Sliding and Experimental Data for Nanocrystalline Ni (I)
0304629F. Mohamed University of California-Irvine Correlations Between the Model of Dislocation-Accommodated Boundary Sliding and Experimental Data for Nanocrystalline Ni (II)
0304629F. Mohamed University of California-Irvine Interpretation of Nanoscale Softening in Terms of Dislocation-Accommodated Boundary Sliding
0606417J. MorralOhio State UniversityComputational Modeling of Interdiffusion Microstructures
0449684C.MuhlsteinPennsylvania State UniversityTensile and Bending Strength of Silicon Nanowires
0240144A. MukherjeeUniversity of California, Davis Fundamental Understanding of Superplasticity in Nanocrystalline Metals
0412583K. Li. MurtyNorth Carolina State UniversityEffect Of Alloying And Heat Treatment On The Biaxial Creep Behavior Of Titanium Alloys
0530829R. OHandleyMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyInfluence of chemical ordering on field-induced strain in Ni-Mn-Ga Ferromagnetic shape memory alloys
0605387R.Ozisik Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteNew Educational Tools in Materials Science
0514068K. ParvinSan Jose State UniversityParticle Size Control, Structure and Magnetic Characterization of Cobalt Nanoparticles
0505039R. PidapartiVirginia Commonwealth UniversityEvolution of Chemical Elements Degradation due to Corrosion in Metals
0347095A. RamirezYale University Robust Thin Film Shape Memory Alloys for MEMS
0244562I. RobertsonUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Collaborative Modeling and Experimental Research Program to Understand the Dynamics of Dislocation - Particle Interactions
0413616A. RussellIowa State UniversityDuctile Intermetallic Compounds
0346848C. SchuhMaterials Science and Engineering, MITDevelopment of Percolation Theory for Interface Networks in Materials
0504983J. ScullyUniversity of VirginiaCorrosion Mechanisms in Amorphous Alloys: Critical Compositional and Structural Defects for Local Corrosion
0348818S.SeetharamanCarnegie-Mellon University In-Situ Visualization of Metallurgical Processes
0307188S. SeetharamanCarnegie Mellon UniversitySteels for the Next Generation Automobiles
0313489H. SehitogluUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignDesign of High Nitrogen Steels
0241928D. SeidmanNorthwestern UniversityThe mechanism of morphogenesis in a phase separating concentrated multi-component alloy
0605702H. SeifertUniversity of Florida Computer-supported Design of High Temperature Ti-Al-Nb Alloys for Gas Turbine Applications
0606485C. ShihUniversity of Texas AustinQuantum Engineering of Metallic and Magnetic Nanostructures
0455484S. KouUniversity of WisconsinFiller-Deficient Zone in Arc Welds
0302470P. SofronisUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignHydrogen-induced Material Degradation: Brittle Decohesion Versus Plastic Flow Localization
0238356Y. SohnUniversity of Central FloridaFundamentals of Multicomponent Diffusion in Multiphase AlloysYongho Sohn, University of Central Florida
0605731E. TaleffUniversity of Texas at AustinDynamic Abnormal Grain Growth and the Production of Single Crystals
0547445G. ThompsonUniversity of Alabama, TuscaloosaNanoscale Segregation in Next-generation Hard-Drive Thin Films
0704717C. ThompsonMassachusetts Institute of Technology Structure Evolution During Volmer-Weber Growth of Metallic Films and Micro-and Nano-Structures
0503726K. TuUniversity of California-Los Angeles Advanced metallurgical reliability issues in flip chip solder joints
0239512R. VaidyanathanUniversity of Central Florida Neutron, Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction and Instrumented Indentation Studies of Deformation in Shape-Memory Alloys
0547903T. A. VenkateshTulane UniversityFundamental Studies of Contact Fatigue in Metallic Materials
0703891Y. VohraUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamPhase Transformations in Metals at High Pressures
0347746P. VoylesUniversity of Wisconsin- Madison Nanoscale Order in Metallic Glass
0504950M. WeaverUniversity of Alabama Fundamental Materials Dynamics of Protective Overlay Coatings for High Temperature Structural Materials
0703995J. WeaverUniversity of IllinoisHeteroepitaxial Metal Nanostructure Diffusion Through Collective Slip
0304738D. Williams Lehigh UniversityNanosegregation, microtexture and the control of brittle failure
0548259B. WirthUniversity of California, BerkeleyDesign and Development of Nanoscale Strengthened Materials for High Temperature Applications
0602587M. YacamanUniversity of Texas AustinAlloys at the Nanoscale: The case of nanoparticles
0134719J. YangUniversity of PittsburghFundamental Metal Oxidation Kinetics Visualized by in situ UHV-TEM
0413724T. ZhaiUniversity of KentuckyPrediction of Texture Evolution in Continuous Cast Aluminum Alloys
0504566Y. ZhangTennessee Technological UniversityPt-Enriched g+g? Bond Coats for Next-Generation Single-Crystal Ni-Base Superalloys
0644835X. ZhangTexas Engineering Experiment Station Synthesis, Microstructure, and Mechanical Behavior of Metallic Thin Films with Nanoscale Growth Twins
0644835X. ZhangTexas Engineering Experiment Station Synthesis, Microstructure, and Mechanical Behavior of Metallic Thin Films with Nanoscale Growth Twins
0238113J. ZhuTennessee Technological UniversityNovel Conductive Oxide Coatings on Metallic Interconnect for Intermediate-Temperature SOFC Application
0406584D. ZimmermanPennsylvania State UniversityStudies of the Heating and Sintering of Powdered Metals in Separate Electric and Magnetic Fields Using a Single Mode Microwave Cavity
0449790J. ZuoUniversity of IllinoisAtomic Structure and Growth of Nano-Particles