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Polymers Highlights

0504435R. Advincula University of Houston Nanostructured Nanoparticle-Conjugated Polymer Assemblies in Ultrathin Films
0503876R. Alamo Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Role of Halogen Distribution in the Crystallization of Ethylene Copolymers, Random vs. Precise Placement
0405345B. AugustineJames Madison University Physico-Chemical Characterization and Processing of Nanocomposite Polymers for Microfluidic Applications
0602196D. BairdVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Materials World Network: Molecular Engineering of Polymers for Processing Performance and Properties
0606414G. Bazan University of California, Santa BarbaraConjugated Polyelectrolytes for Optoelectronic Applications
320980L. Belfiore Colorado State UniversitySynergistic Physicochemical Properties of Macromolecule-Metal Complexes
0412320F. BlumUniversity of Missouri-RollaDynamics in Polymeric Thin Films
0602473P. CebeTufts UniversityConstraints in Semicrystalline Polymers During the Transition from the Liquid to the Solid State
0704056P. CebeTufts UniversityPolymer-Based Nanocomposites: An Educational Opportunity for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
0604899W. ChenMount Holyoke CollegeImpregnation of Nanoparticles in a Biocompatible Hydrogel Matrix
0516602S. ChengUniversity of AkronPolymer Single Crystals: A Novel Approach to 2-Dimensionally Ordered Arrays
0549307R. CompostoUniversity of PennsylvaniaRegulation of Polymer Blend Morphology using Nanospheres and Nanorods
0349078A. CrosbyUniversity of Massachusetts“Smart” Adhesion: Controlling Polymer Interfaces with Patterns
0551020L. DaltonUniversity of WashingtonDevelopment of Synthesis, Processing and Characterization Techniques for Next Generation Electroactive Materials
0514422B. Garetz Polytechnic University of New York Guided-wave depolarized light scattering in diblock copolymer thin films
0353102J. Genzer North Carolina State University Bulk thermodynamics of random copolymers
0552399D. GinUniversity of Colorado at BoulderDesign of Nanoporous Polymers with New Functional Capabilities Using Monomer Self-Assembly
0134691T. Goodson, IIIUniversity of MichiganNew Electronic Materials forLong Range Interactions
0449688P. Gopalan University of Wisconsin-MadisonNanostructural Control of Optical Properties in Polymers with Electroactive Subunits
0605947S. GranickUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Surface-Challenged Polymers
0239697R. GrubbsDartmouth CollegeDevelopment of Novel Ternary Copolymer Assemblies
0602280A. Heeger University of California-Santa Barbara Electrochemical Doping in Electrolyte-Gated Polymer Transistors
0605880M. HillmyerUniversity of MinnesotaMulticomponent Block Copolymers As Precursors to Functional Nanoporous Materials
0405432B. HsiaoStony Brook UniversityElongation-Flow Induced Crystallization Precursor Structures in Entangled Polymer Melts
0507208Z. Hu University of North TexasNovel Polymer Microgel Dispersions with an Inverse Thermoreversible Gelation
0513699A. KabanovUniversity of Nebraska Medical CenterStructure and Dynamics of Block Ionomer Complexes (BIC)
0507294R. KanerUniversity of California-Los Angeles Flash Welded Polyaniline Nanofibers for Actuators
0402849D.Kaplan Tufts University Silk Polymer Models for Structure-Function Relationships
0243314J. KennedyUniversity of AkronUnique Polymeric Materials by Novel Processes
0304508T. KowalewskiCarnegie Mellon UniversityCarbon Nanofoam Films from “Hairy” Polyacrylonitrile-Grafted Colloidal Silica Nanoparticles
0307233E. KramerUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraCharacterizing the Order in 2D Block Copolymer Single Crystals
0514942T. KyuUniversity of AkronPhotopolymerization Induced Phase Transition and Evolution of Morphology Landscape in Holographic Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals and Photonic Crystals
0239415C. LiDrexel UniversityComplex hierarchical self-assembly templated by block copolymers
0406656T. LodgeUniversity of MinnesotaIon Gels: A New Class of Responsive Polymer Composites
0606224K. LozanoUniversity of Texas Pan AmericanNano-Micro Morphological Understanding of Nanofiber-Nanotube Reinforced Polymer Composites
0602528I. LuzinovClemson UniversityMaterials World Network: Design of responsive materials via mixed polymer brush approach
0602877E. ManiasPennsylvania State Univ University Park Temperature and Chemical Responsive Polymer Surfaces: Towards the Molecular Design of Intelligent Materials
0314760J. MarkUniversity of CincinnatiPreparation and Properties of Silicone Hydrogels Based on Poly(dimethylsiloxane) and Poly(ethylene glycol
0549353K. MatyjaszewskiCarnegie Mellon UniversityMacromolecular Engineering by Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization
0307084G. McKennaTexas Tech UniversityDynamics of Glass-forming Materials
0346435Jovan Mijovic Polytechnic University of New York Dynamics in Polymer-Dendrimer Blends as Studied by Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy and Dynamic Mechanical Spectroscopy
0513926S. Murthy Rutgers UniversityMultiscale Structures in Polymers and Nanocomposites
0518785C. OberCornell UniversityDirect Patterning of Polymer Brushes
0551465P. PainterPennsylvania State Univ University Park Vibrational Relaxation in Polymers
0134032Z. PengUniversity of Missouri-Kansas CityElectrically Active Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials
0703544N. PintoUniversity of Puerto Rico at Humacao Conducting polymer nanofibers for device and sensor applications: Motivating undergraduate students into research in materials science
0509687J. PuskasUniversity of AkronSynthesis and Characterization of Novel Double-Functionalized Surface Modified Thermoplastic Elastomers
0505940R. RegisterPrinceton UniversityStructuring Polymer Crystals Through Macromolecular Architecture
0312046J. RiffleVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Well-Defined Macromolecule-Magnetic Nanoparticle Complexes
0605627J. RuntPennsylvania State Univ University Park Dynamics of Polymer Mixtures: Intermolecular Coupling and Crystallizability
0606117P. RussoLouisiana State UniversitySilica-polypeptide Composite Particles
0353119D. SchiraldiCase Western Reserve UniversityResearch Experience In Polymer Science
04125582S. Schlick University of Detroit Mercy Morphological and Spatial Aspects in Polymer Degradation: From Heterophasic Polymers to Proton Exchange Membranes Used in Fuel Cells
0546560R. SegalmanUniversity of California, BerkeleySelf-Assembly of Rod-Coil Block Copolymers with an Educational Program in Materials Exploration
0606086S. SheikoUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Macromolecular Spreading
0525645K. ShullNorthwestern UniversityInterfacial Mechanics and Contact Properties of Model Membranes
0304640S. SimonTexas Tech UniversityDynamic Heterogeneity and the Behavior of Glass-Forming Materials at the Nanoscale
0606500S. SimonTexas Tech University Polymer Chain Length and Branching Effects on the Viscoelastic Bulk Modulus and Structural Recovery at High Pressure
0605784A. SokolovUniversity of AkronTHz - Dynamics as a Probe of Nanostructure
0513197S. SukhishviliStevens Institute of TechnologyResponsive Films Derived from Weak Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
0308133E. Thomas Massachusetts Institute of Technology Hypersonic Phononic Crystals
0646958TsukrukGeorgia Institute of TechnologyPolymers, Assembling dendritic and branched molecules at interfaces
0314110K. B. WagenerUniversity of FloridaPrecise Polymer Structures via Metathesis Polycondensation Chemistry
0705520D. WaldowPacific Lutheran UniversityStudies of Copolymer Additive Effects on Polymer Blends Using Scattering and Microscopy Techniques
0603951S. WangUniversity of Akron Re-examining the basic description of polymer entanglement in flow
0215342C. WederCase Western Reserve UniversityConjugated Polymer Networks
0611474J. WhiteOklahoma State UniversityNew Insights in Polyolefin Blend Miscibility
0605856U. WiesnerCornell UniversityABC Block Copolymer-Nanoparticle Co-Assemblies
0549116K. WineyUniversity of PennsylvaniaReconciling STEM & SAXS for Ionomer Morphologies
0210247K. WooleyWashington UniversityComplex assembly of block copolymers through kinetic control
0207560K. WynneVirginia Commonwealth UniversitySurface Concentration of Antimicrobial Function
0207560K. WynneVirginia Commonwealth UniversityFunctional Polymer Surfaces
0548070S. YangUniversity of PennsylvaniaSelective Grafting of Responsive Polymer Brushes on Topographically Structured Surfaces: A New Route for Surface and Interface Manipulation
0703274L.YuUniversity of ChicagoHigh Performance Near-Infrared Photovoltaic Detectors Utilizing New Thieno [3,4-b]thiophene Polymer
0239769S. ZauscherDuke UniversityForce-Induced Prolyl cis-trans Isomerization and Hydration Measured on Single Elastin-Like Polypeptides
0605663B. ZhaoUniversity of TennesseeDoubly Thermosensitive Block and Star Copolymers from Living Radical Polymerizations: Synthesis, Phase Transitions, and Applications
0348724L. ZhuUniversity of ConnecticutTuning Supramolecular Self-assembly in a DNA Complex with Cationic Lipid Having a Cubic Tail