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Solid State and Materials Chemistry Highlights

0094213Stephanie L. BrockWayne State UniversityNickel Phosphide Nanoparticles for Catalysis
0348982Christopher L. CahillGeorge Washington UniversityDesign of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Lanthanide and Actinide Materials
0645520Y. Charles CaoUniversity of FloridaPosition-Controlled Doping of Semiconductor Nanocrystals
0237664Julia ChanLouisiana State UniversityCrystal-Chemical Relationships of Correlated Electronic Materials
0644850Lenore L. DaiTexas Tech University Heterogeneous and Competitive Self-assembly at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces
0504038Dana D. DlottUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUltrafast Flash Thermal Conductance of Molecular Chains
0652232Michael D. FayerStanford UniversityHydrogen Bond Dynamics in Concentrated Salt Solutions Ultrafast Two Dimensional Infrared Vibrational Echo Experiments
0504000Bruce M. FoxmanBrandeis UniversitySolid-State Reactions of Molecular Crystals
0605688Miguel A. Garcia-GaribayUniversity of California, Los AngelesElectrooptic Materials Based On Molecular Compasses And Gyroscopes: Effects Of Symmetry, Conjugation, And Correlated Dipolar Rotation
0509104Dan V. GoiaClarkson UniversityNanosize Particles as Building Blocks for Uniform Colloids of Different Morphologies
0555663John B. GoodenoughUniversity of Texas at AustinThe structural bias effect on magnetic properties in the perovskite oxides
0404000Laurie GowerUniversity of FloridaNanostructured Composites Mimicking Bone
0541911Martha GreenblattRutgers UniversityTransition Metal Oxides with Correlated Electronic Properties: Synthesis and Characterization
0435221Sossina M. HaileCalifornia Institute of TechnologyHydrogen-Bonded Solids for Fuel Cell Applications
0605760Cheng C. HuangUniversity of Minnesota Unique Pitch Evolution in the Smectic-Ca* Phase
0552295Qun HuoUniversity of Central FloridaGold Nanoparticles with Single Copy of Functional Groups: Synthesis and Study
0303450Shiou-Jyh HwuClemson UniversitySummer Program in Solid State Chemistry for Undergraduate Students and College Faculty
0706426Shiou-Jyh HwuClemson UniversityExploratory Synthesis of New Classes of Inorganic Salt-Inclusion Solids
0702911Mercouri KanatzidisNorthwestern UniversitySolid State Chalcogenides: What to expect from selenophosphates
0453121Richard B. KanerUniversity of CA-Los AngelesReB2, an Ultra-Incompressible, Superhard Material
0453121Richard B. KanerUniversity of CA-Los AngelesIts a Material World
0606317Piotr KaszynskiVanderbilt UniversityNew Liquid Crystalline Materials for Electrooptical and Sensory Applications
0600742Susan M. KauzlarichUniversity of California-DavisInvestigation of Zintl Compounds for Thermoelectric and Magnetic Applications
0348955Ed Van KeurenGeorgetown UniversityOrganic Nanoparticles
0300631Challa V. KumarUniversity of ConnecticutNovel Bioactive Inorganic Materials
0504516Oleg D. LavrentovichKent State UniversityFluorescence Confocal Polarizing Microscopy of Three-Dimensional Director Configurations in Liquid Crystals
0422932Jing LiRutgers UniversityHybrid Semiconductor Nanostructures as Multifunctional Materials
0449633Tonglei LiUniversity of KentuckyTowards Fundamental Understanding and Rational Control of Crystal Growth
0545517Cora LindThe University of ToledoA New Structure in the Sc2W3O12 Family of Negative Thermal Expansion Compounds
0133138Leonard R. MacGillivrayUniversity of IowaTemplate-Controlled Solid-State Organic Synthesis
0304019Nicola MarzariMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyCycloadditions functionalizations to preserve or control the conductance of carbon nanotubes
0605949Gordon J. MillerIowa State UniversityStructure-Composition-Property Relationships in Complex Intermetallic Phases
0600089Janice L. MusfeldtUniversity of TennesseeChemical Structure / Physical Property Relationships in Layered Organic Solids as Investigated by Infrared Spectroscopy
0139064Daniel M. NeumarkUniversity of California - BerkeleyUltrafast Relaxation in Divalent Metal Clusters
0506279Scott OliverUniversity of California, Santa CruzCationic Inorganic Materials
0604454Kenneth R. PoeppelmeierNorthwestern UniversitySolid State Oxide Fluorides
0604454Kenneth R. PoeppelmeierNorthwestern UniversitySolid State Oxide Fluorides
0345109Charles RosenblattCase Western Reserve UniversityHow are Liquid Crystals like Superconductors?
0748943Raymond E. SchaakPennsylvania State UniversityLow Temperature Solution Synthesis of Intermetallic Nanomaterials
0449354Ram SeshadriUniversity of CA - Santa BarbaraNew structures in intermetallic magnets related to Heusler compounds
0600320Slavi C. SevovUniversity of Notre DameNovel Open Frameworks of Metals, Metal Complexes, or Metal Clusters Interconnected with Multifunctional Linkers
0606160Samuel N. SpruntKent State UniversityFluid Phases of Bent-Core Molecules - Novel Physics and Applications
0233728Galen D. StuckyUniversity of CA Santa BarbaraMolecular Design and 3-D Assembly for Coupled Electro-Optical Functionalities
0606264Shouheng SunBrown UniversityDumbell Nanocomposites: Controlled Chemical Synthesis and Catalytic Applications
0308701Robert Twieg Kent State UniversityCollaborative Research: Nonpolar Electrooptic Materials
0504925Michael J. WagnerGeorge Washington UniversitySynthesis of Ternary and Higher Order Phase Nanoparticulate and Nanorod Materials by Alkalide Reduction
0503383Lai-Sheng WangWashington State UniversityStannaspherene (Sn122-) and Plumbaspherene (Pb122-)
0605671Angus P. WilkinsonGeorgia Institute of TechnologySolid State Chemistry of Low and Negative Thermal Expansion Materials
0348239Stanislaus S. WongSUNY Stony BrookRational Synthesis and Studies of Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes
0451788Younan Xia University of WashingtonShape-Controlled Nanostructures of Metals
0449849Hong YangUniversity of RochesterOrdered Magnetic Nanocomposites from Multifunctional Core-Shell Nanoparticles
0447555Yoke Khin YapMichigan Tech UniversitySynthesis, Characterization and Discovery of Frontier Carbon Materials
0547399Eugene R. ZubarevWilliam Marsh Rice UniversityAmphiphilicity-Driven Organization of Nanoparticles into Discrete Assemblies
0450103Hans-Conrad zur LoyeUniversity of South CarolinaSynthesis of New Complex Metal Oxides