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0748834Jianjun ChengUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignCAREER: Development of Conjugated Polymer-Drug Nanoparticulate Delivery Vehicles
0706410Parkson ChongTemple UniversityTetraether Archaeal Liposomes
0705855Zvonimir Dogic Brandeis UniversityDirect measurement of the twist penetration length in a single monolayer of colloidal virus particles
0613972Pupa GilbertUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonMolecular-scale interactions at the peptide-mineral interface
0645023Henry Hess University of FloridaCAREER:Creating materials via active self-assembly
0852791Linda S. Hirst University of California, MercedCAREER: Self-Assembly of Polyunsaturated Lipids and Cholesterol In The Cell Membrane
0602975Himanshu JainLehigh UniversityNano-macro porous glass bone-scaffold provides new insight of cell migration
0643226Xinqiao JiaUniversity of DelawareCAREER: Mechano-Responsive Biomaterials with Controlled Architectures and Improved Mechanical Properties via Biomimetic Strategies
0706209Evgeny KatzClarkson UniversitySignal-Responsive Hybrid Biomaterials with Built-in Boolean Logic
0505814Ching-Hwa KiangWilliam Marsh Rice University Nonequilibrium, Single-Molecule Studies of Protein Unfolding
0239744Kristi L. KiickUniversity of DelawareProteins Containing Non-natural Amino Acids as Building Blocks for Novel Materials
0604815Challa V. KumarUniversity of ConnecticutNovel Bioactive Enzyme-DNA-Inorganic Materials
0706170Rastislav Levicky Polytechnic University of New York Collaborative Research: Mechanisms of Hybridization Kinetics in DNA Surface Layers
0705767Sanku Mallik North Dakota State University Fargo Detection of Isozymes by Polymerized Liposomes
0748340Hai-Quan Mao Johns Hopkins UniversityNanofiber Topography Impacts Adult Neural Stem Cell Differentiation
0705948Kacey G. MarraUniversity of PittsburghSurface Modified Polymer Conduits for Peripheral Nerve Repair
0706517Liviu Movileanu Syracuse University Single-molecule Stochastic Sensing of DNA and Proteins
0746038Raghuveer Parthasarathy University of Oregon Eugene Optical measurements of microparticle interactions
0503347Cyrus R. SafinyaUniversity of California-Santa Barbara Direct Imaging of Aligned Neurofilament Networks Assembled in Microchannels
0402891Yogesh K. VohraUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamBiodegradation of Functionally Graded Tubular Scaffolds
0709938Hao Yan Arizona State University Materials World Network: Self-assembled DNA Nanotubes: Biomimetic Design, Controlled Surface Alignment and Templated Nanowire Formation
0706431aQian WangUniversity of South Carolina Research FoundationViruses Fall into Line: Synthesis of Composite Nanofibers by Controlled Self-assembly of Tobacco Mosaic Virus
0706431bQian WangUniversity of South Carolina Research FoundationBroad Impact Highlights of Bionanoparticle Technology
0706431cQian WangUniversity of South Carolina Research FoundationBroad Impact Highlights of Bionanoparticle Technology
0705716Yong Wang University of Connecticut Multivalent "Artificial Antibody" Based on RNA/Dendrimer-Like Star Polymer Hybrid Nanomaterials