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0233952Soumendra N. BasuBoston UniversityFunctionally Graded High–Al Mullite Environmental Barrier Coatings
0304169Perena GoumaSUNY–Stony BrookNano–Composite Metal Oxides for Electronic Noses
0312081Steve W. Martin Iowa State UniversityNSF–Europe: Evaluation of the Optical and Electrical Properties of Oxychalcogenide Glass Materials‚ Materials World Network: An International Collaborative Educational and Research Program in the Study of Mixed Glass Former Phenomena in Materials
0346800William G. Fahrenholtz Missouri Univervisty of Science&TechnologyReactive Processing of High Temperature Materials
0346819Xiaoli TanIowa State UniversityThe Evolution of Polar Nanoregions and Its Coupling with Cation-Ordered Domains in Pb(B’B")O3 Relaxor Ferroelectrics
0352773Minoru TomozawaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteGlasses with fictive temperature–independent volume Fictive temperature increase by indentation
0404874Ian Nettleship University of PittsburghProcessing Porous Ceramics with Ice
0404972Jonathan F. StebbinsStanford University Temperature effects on borosilicate glass structure
0407569Relva C. Buchanan University of CincinnatiNanoscale Ni/NiO films for electrode and electrochemical Devices
0408745Ravindra KaneRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteCreation and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Foams and Related Materials
0412886Gregory S. Rohrer Carnegie Mellon UniversityAnomalous Photochemical Reactivity
0448879Jian LuoClemson UniversityNanoscale Surficial Disordered Films: Multilayer Adsorbates in Oxide Ceramics
0449710Juan C. NinoUniversity of FloridaFundamental Structure–Dielectric Property Relationships of Fluorite Related compounds
0449886Edwin H. Walker, Jr.Southern UniversityHighlights in the areas of research and community outreach
0455371Laurence D. MarksNorthwestern UniversityCharge Density at Oxide Surfaces
0502051Steven A. FellerCoe CollegeA National Model in Undergraduate Research: Glass Science at Coe College
0502136T. Waldek ZerdaTexas Christian UniversityAtomic structure of nanosize crystalline grains in diamond–SiC composites
0502463Mark E. SchlesingerMissouri University of Science and TechnologyStability‚ Durability and Crystallization of Iron Phosphate Glasses
0502715 Stephen C. Rand University of Michigan Ann Arbor Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Optical Ceramics
0502765Jagannathan SankarNorth Carolina Agricultural & Technical State UniversitySelf–Organized Nanostructured Thin Films for Catalysis in Perovskite Related Membrane Reactors
0542740Scott A. BarnettNorthwestern University3D Imaging of Fuel Cell Cathodes
0552378Ian Baker Dartmouth CollegeCharacterization of Firn Using SEM and Micro CT
0602521Thomas O. MasonNorthwestern UniversitySurface Properties of Transparent Conducting Oxide Materials (TCOs)
0602770Susan E. Trolier–McKinstryPennsylvania State Univ University ParkEffects of Constraints and Thickness on Perovskite Ferroelectrics Undergoing Tilt Transitions
0602881Doreen D. EdwardsAlfred University NY State College of CeramicsTransport Phenomena in Trivalent Ion Tungstates
0603026Susanne StemmerUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraElectrically Active Defects in SrTiO3
0603933Sabyasachi SenUniversity of California at DavisDirect visualization of nanoscale structural domains in complex sulfide glasses
0603993Nan JiangArizona State UniversityCompositional and Structural Fluctuations in the Medium–Range in Glasses
0604211Rosario A. GerhardtGeorgia TechEffect of Metal Type on the Schottky Barrier Response of Electrical Contacts in SiCw–Alumina Composites
0604314Manish ChhowallaRutgers University New BrunswickSilicon doped boron carbide nanowires for better personnel armor
0604430Caroline A. RossMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMagneto–optical Materials for Integrated Optical Isolators
0605159Guozhong Z. CaoUniversity of Washington, SeattleCoherent Carbon Cryogel–Hydride Nanocomposites for Efficient Hydrogen Storage
0605270Dong–Joo KimAuburn UniversityUnderstanding Constrained Ferroelectric Films for MEMS Applications
0605292Bruce W. WesselsNorthwestern UniversityDynamic Response of Epitaxial Ferroelectric Thin Films
0605493Michael B. KrugerUniversity of Missouri–Kansas CityNanoparticle Fabrication
0605700Carlos G. LeviUniversity of California–Santa BarbaraPhase Stability of t’ Zirconia (doped)
0606063Martha L. MecartneyUniversity of California, IrvineDeformation Mechanisms in Mullite
0606246Scott MistureAlfred University NY State College of CeramicsExperimental and Computational Study of Local Cation Environments in Oxide Photocatalysts
0606352Clive A. RandallPennsylvania State University–University ParkEffect of Rough Interfaces on the Performance of Multilayer Capacitors: Using Numerical and Analytical tools
0645312Daniel GallRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteNanostructure Growth from the Vapor Phase
0652424Jennifer A. LewisUniversity of Illinois at Urbana–ChampaignGuided Fluidic Assembly of Patterned Ceramic Granules and Films
0704022Jeremy LevyUniversity of PittsburghEtch–A–Sketch Nanoelectronics
0704255Peter K. DaviesUniversity of PittsburghNanoscale Modulated Structures in Li–based Perovskites
0704312Andreas SteinUniversity of Minnesota–Twin CitiesShaping Porous Nanostructures
0704354Edmund G. SeebauerUniversity of Illinois at Urbana–ChampaignNew Methods for Defect Manipulation In Semiconducting Oxides
0705370Paul G. EvansUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonSpin–Polarization Dependence of Non–Resonant Magnetic X–ray Diffraction in Multi–Domain BiFeO3
0706147Peter X. FengUniversity of Puerto Rico Design and manufacturing of large area‚ thick cBN films
0709740Zuhair A. MunirUniversity of California–DavisUnprecedented Room–Temperature Electric Power Generation with Nanoscale Oxide Electrolytes
0709887Christopher J. KielyLehigh UniversityApplication of X–ray Ultramicroscopy to V–P–O/SiO2 Catalysts
0710564Steve W. MartinIowa State UniversityMaterials World Network: An International Collaborative Educational and Research Program in the Study of Mixed Glass Former Phenomena in Materials
0710581Nancy P. SandlerOhio UniversityMaterials Research Network Collaborative Research: Decoherence‚ Correlations and Spin Effects on Nanostructured Materials
0710630Katherine T. FaberNorthwestern UniversityMaterials World Network: Ceramic Composites from Natural and Synthetic Scaffolds
0710643Laurence D. MarksNorthwestern UniversityDirect Observation of Bonding Electrons
0745945Alexis G. ClareAlfred University NY State College of CeramicsThe Crystal Film is Copper Oxide Tenorite Phase
0746086Ivar E. ReimanisColorado School of MinesBeta–Eucryptite and the Potential for Transformation Toughening
0746264Michael J. CimaMassachusetts Institute of Technology NMR relaxation theory for colloidal aggregates of superparamagnetic nanoparticles
0746486Ashutosh TiwariUniversity of UtahCeO2 based Room Temperature Ferromagnetic Dielectrics
0746902Jacob L. JonesUniversity of FloridaTime–resolved structure–property relationships in piezoelectric ceramics