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Condensed Matter and Materials Theory Highlights

0606307Jacques G. AmarUniversity of ToledoSimulating Non-equilibrium Processes over Extended Time- and Length-Scales using Parallel Accelerated Dynamics
0502711Peter M. Anderson Ohio State University Research Foundation MWN: NANOMESO:Nano/Meso Scale Effects on Plasticity
0457440Leon M. BalentsUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraSpinons and Triplons in Frustrated Magnets
0517201Arlette R. BaljonSan Diego State University Foundation Spatial-Dynamical Order in Reversible Polymeric Gels
0506953Harold U. Baranger Duke UniversityNIRT: Localization in an Inhomogeneous Quantum Wire
0427538Kevin E. BasslerUniversity of HoustonITR: Novel Method for Optimizing the Flow of Congested Traffic
0427538Kevin E. BasslerUniversity of HoustonFinite-Size Effects and Symmetry Breaking in the Evolution of Networks of Competing Boolean Nodes
0404335Laurent BellaicheUniversity of ArkansasModelling and Designing Ferroelectrics with Defects and in Two-dimensional Forms
0701558Laurent BellaicheUniversity of ArkansasComplex phenomena in ferroelectrics and multiferroics from first principles
0304299Donald W. Brenner North Carolina State University NIRT: Reduced Degree of Freedom Predictive Methods for Control and Design of Interfaces in Nanofeatured Systems: Nanocrystalline Materials, Sensors and Composites
0706002Ralf A. Bundschuh Ohio State University Research Foundation Possible Sequence Motifs for RNA editing in slime molds
0549762Bulbul Chakraborty Brandeis University Slow Relaxations in Complex Fluids: Origin and Nature of Dynamical Heterogeneities
0551195James R. Chelikowsky University of Texas at AustinITR: Institute for the Theory of Advanced Materials in Information Technology
0639822Stefano Curtarolo Duke University CAREER: Materials Characterization and Development
0542026Vladimir E. DobrosavljevicFlorida State University The Wigner-Mott Transition
0600073David A. DraboldOhio UniversityThe origin of exponential band tails in crystalline and amorphous silicon
0413062Kenneth R. Elder Oakland UniversityMulti-scale Modelling of Epitaxial Growth
0544116Dmitri E. Feldman Brown UniversityCAREER: Spin Ratchet Effect for Spin Current Generation
0704033Herbert A. Fertig Indiana UniversityGraphene: A New Material for Electronic Devices?
0514336Kristen A. Fichthorn Pennsylvania State Univ University Park Accelerated Molecular Dynamics of Temperature-Programmed Desorption
0603710Glenn H. FredricksonUniversity of California-Santa Barbara Block Copolymer Lithography
0705048Barry A. Friedman Sam Houston State University RUI: Topological Entropy of the 5/2th Quantum Hall State
0749220Leonid I. GlazmanYale UniversityCorrelated Electron Transport in Mesoscopic Structures
0754613Leonid I. GlazmanYale UniversityQuantum Fluctuations of the Order Parameter in Superconductors
0448820Ilya A. Gruzberg University of ChicagoCAREER: Multifractal wave functions at Anderson transitions
0509808Marina G. Guenza University of Oregon EugeneCooperative Dynamics in Polymer Fluids
0702890James D. Gunton Lehigh UniversityKinetic Pathways to Phase Separation
0449521Victor V. Gurarie University of Colorado at Boulder CAREER: Collapse and revivals of the electromagnetic field interacting with an atom under changing conditions
0706017Thomas Ihle North Dakota State University FargoMesoscale Simulations of Complex Liquids
0710540Kevin Ingersent University of FloridaMWN: Decoherence, Correlations and Spin Effects on Nanostructured Materials
0706319Philippe JacquodUniversity of ArizonaProbing spin currents by electrostatic means
0706319Philippe JacquodUniversity of ArizonaMacroscopic resonant tunneling in superconductivity-based interferometers
0325939Duane D. Johnson University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ITR: Materials Computation Center
0605066Charles L. Kane University of PennsylvaniaTheory of 3D Topological Insulators
0704045Armen G KhachaturyanRutgers University New Brunswick Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Phase Transformations in Complex Non-Equilibrium Systems
0349881Dmitri KhveshchenkoUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Field-induced mass of Dirac fermion excitations in carbon-based materials
0426488Gyorgy KornissRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteLanguage Games in Large-Scale Spatially-Extended Random Networks
0705191Daniel J. Lacks Case Western Reserve UniversityMolecular simulation of disordered materials under stress
0705986Andrei G. Lebed University of Arizona Magnetic Properties of Organic Superconductors and Conductors
0701373Michael P. MarderUniversity of Texas at Austin Rippling of Graphene
0715099John F. Marko Northwestern University Analyzing dynamics of proteins along single DNAs
0605619John B. Marston Brown UniversityBrown University
0605883Sylvio E. May North Dakota State University FargoElectrostatics of Soft Biomolecular Assemblies
0705163Sumit MazumdarUniversity of ArizonaPhotophysics of Conjugated Polymer Thin Films and Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
0705626Julia E. Medvedeva Missouri University of Science and TechnologyConductivity in wide-bandgap oxides: overcoming electron localization
0606424A. Alan Middleton Syracuse University Better Ways to be Lazy: Applications to Glassy Matter
0513415Dirk K. MorrUniversity of Illinois at Chicago Nanoscale Structures and Novel Quantum Phenomena in Correlated Electron Systems
0404674Philip C. NelsonUniversity of PennsylvaniaEntropic Forces in Single-Biomolecule Mechanics
0404674aPhilip C. Nelson University of PennsylvaniaWhole Lotta Shakin´
0654191David R. Nelson Harvard UniversityTopological Emulsions in Two Dimensions
0341341Marcel den Nijs University of WashingtonScale free power spectra in the human cortex
0341341Marcel den Nijs University of WashingtonKPZ growth with conserved step density
0341341Marcel den Nijs University of WashingtonClustering induced phase transitions in driven stick-slip driven stochastic flow
0341341Marcel den NijsUniversity of WashingtonFirst quantitative observation of critical opalescence in a biological system
0444051Mark A. Novotny Mississippi State UniversityResolution-dependent magnetization-switching mechanisms in models of iron nanopillars
0448838Corey O´HernYale UniversityCAREER: Computer Simulations of Glassy and Athermal Systems
0427638Vidvuds Ozolins University of California-Los Angeles Effect of Pre-Patterning on Self-Assembly of Nanostructures
0426870Simon R. PhillpotUniversity of FloridaITR: Atomistic Simulation of Integrated Heterogeneous Systems
0421810Warren E. Pickett University of California-DavisNew Opportunities in High Temperature Superconductors
0604107Michael PustilnikGeorgia Institute of TechnologyDynamic correlations in a one-dimensional Bose liquid
0535503Sidney RednerTrustees of Boston UniversityComplex Networks and Complex Processes
0454947Mark O. Robbins Johns Hopkins UniversityStrain Hardening of Glassy Polymers
0513930Anders W. Sandvik Trustees of Boston UniversitySimulation studies of ground state phases and criticality in correlated quantum matter
0705152Beate Schmittmann Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityStatistical Mechanics of Systems far from Equilibrium
0705167James P. Sethna Cornell UniversityRobustness Explained: Sloppy Models
0606509Tigran V. ShahbazyanJackson State UniversityRUI: Spectroscopy of Many-Body Processes in Nanostructures
0354517Ramamurti ShankarYale University Quantum Phase Transitions
0547875Jairo SinovaTexas A&M Research Foundation CAREER: Spin Dependent Phenomena in Semiconductors
0605852Nicola A. SpaldinUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraAn Initio Study of Magnetoelectric Multiferroic Thin Films
0408638Alfred D. Stone Yale University First Principles Laser Theory
0413395David G. StroudOhio State UniversityTheory of Superconducting and Electromagnetic Properties of Some Nanostructured Materials
0512228Izabela Szlufarska University of Wisconsin-Madison Friction Laws for Dry Nanoscale Contacts
0757181Uwe C. Täuber Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Complexity in Materials far from Equilibrium - an International Symposium
0502737Katsuyo S. Thornton University of Michigan Ann ArborMWN: Bridging Atomistic to Continuum Scales – Multiscale Investigation of Self-Assembling Magnetic Dots
0549198David H. Vanderbilt Rutgers University New Brunswick Magnetically Induced Electric Polarization in TbMnO3
0427188Priya Vashishta University of Southern CaliforniaITR: De Novo Hierarchical Simulations of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Materials
0505270Igor VasilievNew Mexico State University Theoretical Characterization of Interfacial Bonding in Self-Assembled Carbon Nanotubes
0339147Thomas VojtaMissouri University of Science and TechnologyCAREER: Quantum Phase Transitions in Electronic Systems