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Condensed Matter Physics Research Highlights

0705959Carmen C. AlmasanKent State UniversityAnomalous paramagnetic magnetization in the mixed state of CeCoIn5 single crystals
0705171Dimitri N. Basov University of California–San DiegoMagnetic Field Probes Energy Scales in High–Temperature Superconductors
0555431Robert P. BehringerDuke UniversityWhy you can walk on the beach without sinking: Forces in Granular Materials
0705213Norman BirgeMichigan State UniversityNonequilibrium Phenomena in Mesoscopic Physics
0705361Joel D. Brock Cornell UniversityStrain Screening of Oxygen Vacancies in SrTiO3
0602859James S. Brooks Florida State UniversitySpectroscopic probes of molecular materials
0606543Leonid V. Butov University of California–San DiegoExcitonic Circuits
0552267Gang Cao University of KentuckyCa3(Ru1–xCrx)2O7: A new paradigm for spin valves
0645448Ho Bun Chan University of FloridaCAREER: Paths of fluctuation induced switching in micromechanical oscillators
0706339Moses H.W. Chan Pennsylvania State University–University Park Supersolid, a slippery new state of matter
0503323Tai C. Chiang University of Illinois at Urbana–ChampaignInterface–Induced Complex Electronic Interference Structures in Ag Films on Ge(111)
0403849Chia–Ling ChienJohns Hopkins UniversityMind the Gap of Iron Superconductors
0645408Irinel Chiorescu Florida State UniversityCAREER: Multiphoton Coherent Manipulation in Large Spin Qubits
0605818Andrew N. Cleland University of California–Santa BarbaraQuantum mechanical resonators
0606040Itai CohenCornell UniversityConstrained Shear in Crystals of Dimers
0456074John S. ColtonUniversity of Wisconsin–La CrosseRUI: Spin Lifetime Measurements in n–type GaAs
0737802Enrique del BarcoUniversity of Central FloridaSGER: Molecular magnet based single electron transistors
0747587Enrique del Barco University of Central Florida CAREER: Quantum dynamics of spin in molecular magnets
0505160Renee D. Diehl Pennsylvania State Univ University ParkStructures of C60 Monolayers
0605839Anthony D. DinsmoreUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstStatic Granular Packings: Contact Forces and Geometry by Experiment and Model
0603752Margaret DobrowolskaUniversity of Notre DameControl of Curie temperature in ferromagneticsemiconductor GaMnAs by modulation doping
0704197Mildred S. DresselhausMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyRaman Spectroscopy Study of Isolated Double Wall Carbon Nanotubes with Different Metallic and Semiconducting Configurations
0704147Douglas J. Durian University of PennsylvaniaTruly effective temperatures
0705137Pulak DuttaNorthwestern UniversityX–ray scattering shows that a liquid film becomes more solid–like as it gets thinner
0705087Ian R. Fisher Stanford UniversityFrustrated pairs: spin dimers on a triangular lattice
0710492Zachary FiskUniversity of California–IrvineMagnetism meets Superconductivity
0538350Azriel Z. GenackCUNY Queens CollegePhoton delocalization in dimensional crossover in layered media
0503882Russell W. GiannettaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana–ChampaignSuperconductivity and magnetism in organic materials
0604477Walter I. GoldburgUniversity of PittsburghHydraulic Jump in a Soap Film
0455121Allen M. Goldman University of Minnesota–Twin CitiesMultistage Insulator–Superconductor Transitions
0555238Vladimir J. GoldmanSUNY at Stony BrookQuantum–coherent transport in quantum Hall devices
0709584Allen M. Goldman University of Minnesota–Twin CitiesMWN: Electrostatic Modification of High Temperature Superconductors
0710525Michael J. Graf Boston CollegeMWN: Spin Dynamics and Onset of Magnetism in LiY1–xHoxF4
0653535Richard L. GreeneUniversity of Maryland College ParkDisorder and Oxygenation in Pr2–xCexCuO4–δ
0706013Laura H. Greene University of Illinois at Urbana–ChampaignSuperconducting Gap Structure in LuNi2B2C by Point–Contact Andreev Reflection Spectroscopy
0645451Jay A. Gupta Ohio State University Research Foundation CAREER: Self assembly of ultrathin insulators
0405472Eugene E. HallerUniversity of California–BerkeleyDiffusion in Isotopically Controlled Silicon–Germanium Alloys
0405472Eugene E. HallerUniversity of California–BerkeleyFormation of Silica–Embedded Alloy Nanocrystals
0405472Eugene E. HallerUniversity of California–BerkeleyEffect of Ge Nanocrystals on the Optical Properties of Er–Doped Silica
0650092 Robert B. HallockUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstSGER: Observation of a Mass Flux of 4He though a Sample Cell filled with hcp Solid 4He off the Melting Curve
0703656William P. HalperinNorthwestern UniversityA New Particle at Ultra–Low Temperature
0325551Siyuan HanUniversity of Kansas for Research IncITR: Quantum Flux Noise in Superconducting Flux Qubits
0704240Arthur F. Hebard University of FloridaQuantum Corrections to the Conductivity of Thin Ferromagnetic Films
0508988Russell J. Hemley Carnegie Institution of WashingtonHigh–pressure behavior of simple elements:anomalous melting of lithium
0508988Russell J. Hemley Carnegie Institution of WashingtonPolymorphism and melting of nitrogen at high pressure
0508988Russell J. Hemley Carnegie Institution of WashingtonNovel xenon–hydrogen compound forms under pressure
0508988Russell J. Hemley Carnegie Institution of WashingtonStructural Determination of Solid SiH4 at High Pressure
0239481Stephen O. HillUniversity of FloridaCAREER: Magnetic Resonance – From Materials Research to Science Education
0508812Jennifer E. Hoffman Harvard UniversityTwo Gaps in a High Temperature Superconductor
0238943Peter M. Hoffmann Wayne State University CAREER: Liquids in tight places
0602778Gary G. IhasUniversity of FloridaMWN: Creating Turbulence in a Dissipationless Fluid
0602778Gary G. IhasUniversity of FloridaMWN: Detecting Turbulence in Helium near T=0: Thermometry
0704178Yumi Ijiri Oberlin CollegeRUI: Magnetic interactions in nanoparticle systems
0701386Marc A. Kastner Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUnusual Particle Properties
0506292Veerle KeppensUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleLattice Properties of Complex Materials: Clathrates and Transition Metal Oxides
0509357John B. KettersonNorthwestern UniversityCollective Mode Spectroscopy in Unconventional Superconductors
0507866 Gita A. KhodaparastVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityCarrier and Spin Dynamics in InSb– and InMnSbBased Heterostructures
0605664Arshad A. KudrolliClark UniversityTowards a statistical description of dense granular matter
0403480Dhananjay Kumar North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University FRG NIRT: Science and Technology of Self–Assembled Magnetic and Superconducting Nano Arrays
0514592David C. LarbalestierUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonFRG: Two–gap Superconductivity in Bulk Form Magnesium Diboride and its Implications for Applications
0644823Gavin Lawes Wayne State UniversityCAREER: Electric field control of a multiferroic transition
0509666Chris Leighton University of Minnesota–Twin CitiesInterfacial Magnetic Phase Separation in Complex oxides
0422674Douglas E. MacLaughlinUniversity of California–RiversideMuon Spins and Frustrated Magnetism in NiGa2S4
0645305Zhiqiang MaoTulane UniversityCAREER: New Physical Phenomena in Ruthenate Materials
0605355Humphrey J. MarisBrown UniversityMovies and Photographs of Electrons in Superfluid Helium
0450022Thomas G. MasonUniversity of California–Los AngelesCAREER: Roughness Controlled Depletion Attractions of Lithographic Colloidal Particles
0701400Mark W. MeiselUniversity of FloridaPrussian Blue Analogs: Persistent Photoinduced Magnetism in Thin Films, Nanoparticles, and New Composites
0705077Aldo D. MigoneSouthern Illinois University at CarbondalePolyatomic Adsorbates on Carbon Nanotube Bundles
0504158Jagadeesh MooderaMassachusetts Institute of TechnologySpin transport studies in band and interface tailored materials: towards total spin polarization for spin electronics
0652269Sidney R. NagelUniversity of ChicagoEffect of surface roughness and air pressure on splashing
0347253Douglas G. NatelsonRice UniversitySimultaneous single–molecule Raman and conductance measurements
0547194Min Ouyang University of Maryland College ParkCAREER: Spin at the Nanoscale: Material Synthesis and Fundamental Physics
0352738Aron PinczukColumbia UniversityGraphene Trampolines and Vibrations
0547147Britton L. T. PlourdeSyracuse UniversityCAREER: Quantum Coherence in Vortex Systems and Superconducting Devices
0451163E. Ward PlummerUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleSurface Phases of Complex Oxides: Ca2–xSrxRuO4
0553285Ruslan ProzorovIowa Sate UniversityThe Suprafroth
0605742Daniel C. RalphCornell UniversitySpectra of Electron Energy Levels in Chemically–Synthesized Metal Nanoparticles
0705793Anant K. RamdasPurdue UniversityElectronic Raman Effect of Cr3+ in Ruby (Al203: Cr3+): Raman Electronic Paramagnetic Resonance of the ground and excited states of the R1 emission
0703896James S. SchillingWashington UniversityThe Rise and Fall of Superconductivity under Ultrahigh Pressure
0554796Zack SchlesingerUniversity of California–Santa CruzHow unusual nano–scale structure leads to negative thermal expansion
0704406George M. SchmiedeshoffOccidental CollegeRUI: A Simple Capacitive Dilatometer
0504177Paul M. ShandUniversity of Northern IowaFerromagnetic Transition in Nanostructured Gd0.946Fe0.054
0426181Donald C. ShaperoNational Academy of SciencesInspired by Biology From Molecules to Materials to Machines
0525628Donald C. ShaperoNational Academy of SciencesCondensed–Matter and Materials Physics (CMMP): The Science of the World Around Us
0703635Thomas H. SolomonBucknell UniversityRUI: Fronts and Patterns in Advection–Reaction–Diffusion Systems
0606153Gopalan SrinivasanOakland UniversityMultifunctional Materials for Useful Technologies
0606282Helmut H. StreySUNY at Stony BrookElectrostatically Self–Assembled Hybrid Liquid Crystals
0607557Matthew C. SullivanIthaca CollegeRUI: Critical Dynamics of the Electron–Doped Cuprate Superconductors
0706574Anna K. SwanBoston UniversityREU: Carbon nanotube as an ideal 2–level system
0702351P. Craig TaylorColorado School of MinesAmorphous Semiconductors for Phase–Change Memories
0705127Dmitri A. TenneBoise State UniversitySize and strain effects on phase transitions in nanoscale ferroelectrics
0746486Ashutosh TiwariUniversity of UtahCAREER: CeO2 based Room Temperature Ferromagnetic Dielectrics
0306165Milton S. TorikachviliSan Diego State UniversityPressure–induced superconductivity in CaFe2As2
0606078Oscar E. VilchesUniversity of WashingtonSingle Atomic Layer Films on Carbon Nanotubes
0502738Hailin WangUniversity of Oregon EugeneNonradiative Quantum Coherences in Semiconductors
0239109Eric R. WeeksEmory UniversityCAREER: Crystal / Liquid Interfaces Seen with Colloids
0602684David A. WeitzHarvard UniversityHigh order emulsions
0513915Yue WuUniversity of North Carolina–Chapel HillTitania nanotubes reveal some secrets and magic
0605748Zhili XiaoNorthern Illinois UniversityConfinement Effect on the Anisotropy of a Superconductor
0505048Arjun G. YodhUniversity of PennsylvaniaFluctuations and Response in Active Bacterial Suspensions
0505048Arjun G. YodhUniversity of PennsylvaniaLocal and global deformations in a strain–stiffening fibrin gel
0346826Jiandi ZhangFlorida International UniversityCAREER: Corrugated Chain Structure of In4Se3 (100) Surface
0548014Michael A. Zudov University of Minnesota–Twin CitiesCAREER: Nonlinear Transport in Quantum Hall Systems (QHS)