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Metallic Materials & Nanostructures Highlights

0508987Peter M. AndersonOhio State UniversityStrength Design Maps for Nanoscale Metallic Multilayer Thin Films
0606448 Alex O. AningVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Simultaneous Synthesis and Consolidation of Amorphous Alloys
0513751Sreeramamurthy Ankem Universiity of Maryland–College ParkDetermination of Activation Energies and Modeling of Low Temperature Creep of Alpha, Alpha–Beta, and Beta Titanium Alloys
0804765Katayun BarmakCarnegie–Mellon UniversityUltrahigh Density Magnetic Recording Media: The A1 to L10 Transformation in FePt Films with Ternary Alloying Additions
0710570Thomas R. BielerMichigan State UniversityHighly localized slip traces observed near grain boundaries on slip systems with lower (global) Schmid factors
0504781Nikhilesh ChawlaArizona State UniversityNanomechanics of Al/SiC Nanolayered Composites
0603019 Nikolay DimitrovSUNY – BinghamtonElectrochemical Processing of Nanoporous Structures for Superhydrophobic Materials and Polymer Imprinting
0513874Indranath DuttaNaval Postgraduate SchoolInterfacial Sliding In Thin Film Interconnect Structures IN Micro–Systems
0506711Frank ErnstCase Western Reserve UniversityGas–Phase Nitridation under Kinetic Control A New Concept for Surface Hardening of Ti–Base Alloys
0748267Julia R. GreerCalifornia Institute of TechnologyExperimental Investigation of Plasticity at Nano–scale
0805062Ronald GronskyUniversity of California–BerkeleyThe Wulff Shape, Interfacial Structure and Coarsening Behavior of Platinum Nanoparticles in Sapphire
0605957Kurt R. HerbertIowa State UniversityInjection of Vacancy–Type Defects and Hydrogen by Metallic Corrosion
0705517Todd HufnagelJohns Hopkins UniversityStructural basis for fracture toughness of metallic glasses
0403480Dhananjay KumarNorth Carolina Agricultural & Technical State UniversityScience and Technology of Self–Assembled Magnetic and Superconducting Nano Arrays
0801402James C. M. LiUniversity of RochesterPt Nanowires made by Electrospinning
0510180Zi–Kui LiuPennsylvania State UniversityCerium in magnesium: elastic and phonon anomalies
0606417John E. MorralThe Ohio State UniversityComputational Modeling of Interdiffusion Microstructures
0412583K. Linga MurtyNorth Carolina State UniversityEffect Of Alloying And Heat Treatment On the Biaxial Creep Behavior of Titanium Alloys
0514068Kiumars ParvinSan Jose State University FoundationSynthesis and Characterization of Colloidal FePt Nano–particles
0347095 Ainissa G. RamirezYale University
0306108Martin J. SablikSouthwest Research InstituteModeling and Testing the Effects of Texture and Plastic Deformation on Magnetic Properties
0747658Frederic SansozUniversity of VermontMicrostructure & Size Effects on Metal Plasticity at Limited Length Scale
0504983John R. ScullyUniversity of VirginiaCorrosion Mechanisms In Amorphous Alloys: Critical Compositional And Structural Defects for Corrosion
0605702Hans J. SeifertUniversity of FloridaComputer–supported Design of High Temperature Ti–Al–Nb Alloys for Gas Turbine Applications
0302470Petros SofronisUniversity of Illinois at Urbana–ChampaignHydrogen–induced Material Degradation: Brittle Decohesion Versus Plastic Flow Localization
0805100Robert M. SuterCarnegie–Mellon UniversityTests of MacPherson–Srolovitza Grain Growth in Metallic Polycrystals
0706161Vijay K. VasudevanUniversity of CincinnatiMechanisms Governing the Thermal Stability of Microstructure and Residual Stress in Surface–Treated Aero Engine Alloys
0836763T. A. VenkateshStony Brook UniversityFundamental Studies of Contact Fatigue in Metallic Materials
0706171Judith C. YangUniversity of PittsburghTransient Metal Alloy Oxidation Kinetics Visualized by In situ UHV–TEM
0645246Tongguang ZhaiUniversity of KentuckyResistance to Short Fatigue Crack Growth in High Strength Al alloys
0804833Ji Cheng ZhaoThe Ohio State UniversityHigh–Throughput Measurements for High–Fidelity Thermodynamic Databases