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Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers Highlights

0520565aHarry A. AtwaterCalifornia Institute of TechnologyHow to avoid parasitic cracks during layer transfer
0520565bHarry A. AtwaterCalifornia Institute of TechnologyEducation Directors Meet in Boston to Learn, Share, and Build a Community
0213985aWilliam H. ButlerUniversity of Alabama TuscaloosaNew Half–Metals
0213985bWilliam H. ButlerUniversity of Alabama–TuscaloosaQuantized discharging of single charged molecule observed in polymer matrix
0213985cWilliam H. ButlerUniversity of Alabama–TuscaloosaHigh School Intern Prepares Micro–Nanostructured Metals
0520491aChia–Ling ChienJohn Hopkins University400 visitors attend "Nanoday" event at Johns Hopkins on Feb. 23, 2008
0520491bChia–Ling ChienJohn Hopkins UniversityElectrically Tunable Spin Polarization in a Carbon–Nanotube Spin Diode
0520491cChia–Ling ChienJohn Hopkins UniversityDynamics of domain walls in magnetic nanowires
0520491dChia–Ling ChienJohn Hopkins UniversityMeasuring Gilbert Damping Constant
0520491eChia–Ling ChienJohn Hopkins UniversitySelective Area Growth of Half–Metallic CrO2 Nanostructures
0520651William A. CurtinBrown UniversityFlexible metallic interconnects for displays applications
0520527aJuan J. De PabloUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonOptically Responsive and Mechanically Tunable Colloid–in–Liquid Crystal Gels that Support Growth of Fibroblasts
0520527bJuan J. De PabloUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonThin Silicon Membranes
0520527cJuan J. De PabloUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonUW MRSEC Co–hosts a Workshop for Journalists: Nano Meets Bio: The Risks and Rewards
0520527dJuan J. De PabloUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonUW MRSEC has Phenomenal Showing at Engineering Expo 2007
0520527eJuan J. De PabloUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonReversible Control of Ordering Transitions at Aqueous/Liquid Crystal Interfaces Using Functional Amphiphilic Polymers
0520527fJuan J. De PabloUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonUW MRSEC Shares Education Materials at the African Materials Research Society 2007 Meeting
0520527gJuan J. De PabloUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonRemote Instrumentation Access (WiRemote)
0520527hJuan J. De PabloUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonFunctional Self–Assembled Monolayers in Field Effect Transistors
0520527iJuan J. De PabloUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonFunctionalized Inorganic/Organic Interfaces
0213618aCurtis W. FrankStanford UniversityFlow–Enhanced Single Molecule DNA Hybridization Studies
0213618bCurtis W. FrankStanford UniversitySensors OTFT Chemical
0213618cCurtis W. FrankStanford UniversityWell–defined Biomacromolecules
0213618dCurtis W. FrankStanford UniversityStudying the Dielectric–semiconductor Interface in Organic Thin Film Transistors: the Importance of Order of the SAM Dielectric Modification Layer
0213618eCurtis W. FrankStanford UniversityPatterning Organic Semiconductor Single Crystal Field–Effect Transistors
0520415aCraig J. HawkerUniversity of California–Santa BarbaraNon–traditional Processing of Polymeric Materials
0520415bCraig J. HawkerUniversity of California–Santa BarbaraBuild–your–own–Buckyball: Introducing Materials in the Eighth Grade
0520415cCraig J. HawkerUniversity of California–Santa BarbaraBreaking Moore´s Law
0520415dCraig J. HawkerUniversity of California–Santa BarbaraOrdered arrays of metal nanoparticles in semiconductor hosts
0520415eCraig J. HawkerUniversity of California–Santa BarbaraHyperpolarized water as an authentic contrast agent for perfusion MRI
0520415fCraig J. HawkerUniversity of California–Santa BarbaraA novel method for interfacial microrheology
0520415gCraig J. HawkerUniversity of California–Santa BarbaraTraveling Display Booth for Promotion of the Materials Research Facilities Network
0520415hCraig J. HawkerUniversity of California–Santa BarbaraProbing the structural hierarchy and energy landscape of an RNA T–loop hairpin
0520415iCraig J. HawkerUniversity of California–Santa BarbaraTransparent Conducting Oxides Enhance Light Extraction from Light Emitting Diodes
0520415jCraig J. HawkerUniversity of California–Santa BarbaraSquid Beaks use Novel Materials Trick to keep from Tearing Off
0213574aIrving P. HermanColumbia UniversityUsing Click Chemistry to Universally Place Ligands on the Surfaces of Nanocrystals
0213574bIrving P. HermanColumbia UniversityAssembly of Films of Janus Particles
0213574cIrving P. HermanColumbia UniversityUnderstanding the Structure of Ferroelectric Nanocrystals
0520404aMelissa A. HinesCornell UniversityMolecular Jets Smooth the Way
0520404bMelissa A. HinesCornell UniversityFaster Microscope for Atomic Imaging
0520404cMelissa A. HinesCornell UniversityNew Molecule Makes Green Plastics
0520404dMelissa A. HinesCornell UniversityCollaborating with the University of Tokyo to Understand the Growth of Perfect Materials
0520404eMelissa A. HinesCornell UniversityLending Library Lets Teachers get their "Hands–On" Science Activities
0520404fMelissa A. HinesCornell UniversityStudying a Single–Atom Magnet
0520404gMelissa A. HinesCornell UniversityGraphene Membranes: Atomically Thin Balloons
0520404hMelissa A. HinesCornell UniversityGlowing Nanoparticles Show Promise as Biological Markers
0520404iMelissa A. HinesCornell UniversityLEDs Light the Way for High School Students in Puerto Rico
0520404jMelissa A. HinesCornell UniversityShared Experimental Facilities Benefit University of Puerto Rico Students
0520550aMatthew B. JohnsonUniversity of Oklahoma Norman CampusInspiring Future Scientists SeeS: Sooner Elementary Science and Engineering Club & Science Zone
0520550bMatthew B. JohnsonUniversity of Oklahoma Norman CampusElectronic Device Applications for Narrow Gap Semiconductors
0520550cMatthew B. JohnsonUniversity of Oklahoma Norman CampusDriven Solid–state Two–level System
0520020aMichael L. KleinUniversity of PennsylvaniaHelical columnar packing of dendrimers
0520020bMichael L. KleinUniversity of PennsylvaniaFunctional artificial heme proteins
0520020cMichael L. KleinUniversity of PennsylvaniaFluctuations in active systems
0520020dMichael L. KleinUniversity of PennsylvaniaCell adhesion on nanopillar arrays
0520020eMichael L. KleinUniversity of PennsylvaniaFerritin in polymer vesicles
0520020fMichael L. KleinUniversity of PennsylvaniaMagnetic fields & optical fluorescence
0520020gMichael L. KleinUniversity of PennsylvaniaElastic instability & materials design
0520020hMichael L. KleinUniversity of PennsylvaniaDendrimer vesicles
0520020iMichael L. KleinUniversity of PennsylvaniaCdSe Nanorod Assemblies
0520020jMichael L. KleinUniversity of PennsylvaniaCarbon Nanotube Biosensors
0520020kMichael L. KleinUniversity of PennsylvaniaProteins with photoactive non–biological cofactors
0520020lMichael L. KleinUniversity of PennsylvaniaCo–assembled inorganic nanoparticles & block–copolymers
0520020mMichael L. KleinUniversity of PennsylvaniaFerroelectric domain–wall motion
0212302aTimothy P. LodgeUniversity of Minnesota–Twin CitiesBlock Copolymer Toughened Epoxy
0212302bTimothy P. LodgeUniversity of Minnesota–Twin CitiesUMN MRSEC Hosts Davidson Institute Young Scholars
0212302cTimothy P. LodgeUniversity of Minnesota–Twin CitiesUnderstanding Magnetic "Exchange Pinning" (IRG–3)
0212302dTimothy P. LodgeUniversity of Minnesota–Twin CitiesPolymer Day – You Make It, You Break It
0212302eTimothy P. LodgeUniversity of Minnesota–Twin CitiesABC Triblock Thin Films for Large–Area Nanolithography
0212302fTimothy P. LodgeUniversity of Minnesota–Twin CitiesPrinted Organic FETs on Plastic
0212302gTimothy P. LodgeUniversity of Minnesota–Twin CitiesPlasma Synthesis of Silicon Nanocrystal Inks
0212302hTimothy P. LodgeUniversity of Minnesota–Twin CitiesRobust Hydrophilic Nanoporous Membranes
0212302iTimothy P. LodgeUniversity of Minnesota–Twin CitiesZeolite Growth in Confined Spaces
0212302jTimothy P. LodgeUniversity of Minnesota–Twin CitiesBiorenewable Thermoplastic Elastomers
0212302kTimothy P. LodgeUniversity of Minnesota–Twin CitiesTwo Photon Photoemission (2PPE) of Pentacene
0213623aThomas E. MalloukPennsylvania State Univ University ParkChemotaxis
0213623bThomas E. MalloukPennsylvania State Univ ParkA smooth ride for infra–red photons
0213623cThomas E. MalloukPennsylvania State Univ ParkAbrupt heterojunctions in semiconductor nanowires
0213623dThomas E. MalloukPennsylvania State Univ ParkNew actuation mechanism for surface–bound molecular motors
0213623eThomas E. MalloukPennsylvania State Univ ParkElectromagnetic cloak
0213623fThomas E. MalloukPennsylvania State Univ ParkNeurotransmitter Capture Surfaces: Hooking Large–Molecule Fish with Small–Molecule Bait
0213623gThomas E. MalloukPennsylvania State Univ ParkSpins in conflict
0213623hThomas E. MalloukPennsylvania State Univ ParkTunable refraction
0213623iThomas E. MalloukPennsylvania State Univ ParkNew nano–structured filters
0213623jThomas E. MalloukPennsylvania State Univ ParkStrain Control of Domain Switching in Multiferroic Epitaxial BiFeO3 Films
0213745aSidney R. NagelUniversity of ChicagoChicago MRSEC Seed Project: Ultracold Fermionic Atoms
0213745bSidney R. NagelUniversity of ChicagoGuiding Flow in a Fluid Interface with Light
0520513aMonica OlveraNorthwestern UniversityDetection of Single Gold Atoms in Silicon Nanowires
0520513bMonica OlveraNorthwestern UniversityPlasmonic Properties of Aluminum Nanoparticles Fabricated by Nanosphere Lithography
0520513cMonica OlveraNorthwestern UniversityMolecular Beam Epitaxy of Ferroic and Multiferroic Thin Films
0520513dMonica OlveraNorthwestern UniversityMagnetic Tweezer System for Single–DNA Experiments: A Summer Undergraduate Project
0520513eMonica OlveraNorthwestern UniversityA Reliable Strategy for Designing Functional Polymer Nanoparticles Using Ring–Opening Metathesis Polymerization
0520513fMonica OlveraNorthwestern UniversityMoldable Supraspheres Made of Metal Nanoparticles
0520513gMonica OlveraNorthwestern UniversityMystery of Charge Asymmetry: Anionic Macroions in Periodic Lattices Held by Hydrated Cations and Not Vice–versa
0520513hMonica OlveraNorthwestern UniversityAtomic Force Photovoltaic Microscopy
0520513iMonica OlveraNorthwestern UniversitySelf–Assembled Nanodielectric Device Deployed to Space: a Partnership with NASA
0520513jMonica OlveraNorthwestern UniversityNetwork–based Design of Microbial Strains for the Production of Biomaterials
0520513kMonica OlveraNorthwestern UniversityNanodisk Codes
0520513lMonica OlveraNorthwestern UniversityMixed Metal Oxide Chalcogenides
0520513mMonica OlveraNorthwestern UniversityScience Club Expands to Second Middle School
0213706aRichard A. RegisterPrinceton UniversityDirect–Transfer Patterning on Three– Dimensional Surfaces
0213706bRichard A. RegisterPrinceton UniversitySi Nanowire Grids Polarize Down to 193 nm
0213706cRichard A. RegisterPrinceton UniversityNew Initiatives in PCCM REU Program
0213706dRichard A. RegisterPrinceton UniversityNanoscale Imaging Reveals Local Superconductivity Above Tc
0213706eRichard A. RegisterPrinceton UniversityNegative refraction in semiconductor metamaterials
0213706fRichard A. RegisterPrinceton UniversityDoping Affects Electronic Transport Through Molecular Junctions
0213706gRichard A. RegisterPrinceton UniversityJumps in Magnetization and Hall Current in a Hard Magnet
0213706hRichard A. RegisterPrinceton UniversityWriting Mesoscale Patterns in Block Copolymer Thin Films
0213706iRichard A. RegisterPrinceton UniversityAn Electronic Density–Wave Turns into a Superconductor
0213706jRichard A. RegisterPrinceton UniversitySelf–Assembly of Soft Materials: A Multiscale Computational Approach
0213706kRichard A. RegisterPrinceton UniversityFine Print: New Technique Allows Fast Printing of Microscopic Electronics
0213706lRichard A. RegisterPrinceton UniversityPCCM Helps Integrate Materials Science into NJ School Curricula
0520425aGregory S. RohrerCarnegie–Mellon UniversityAutomated Grain Boundary Analysis of Transmission Electron Micrographs
0520425bGregory S. RohrerCarnegie–Mellon UniversityTalk to the Professors at CMU MRSEC
0520425cGregory S. RohrerCarnegie–Mellon UniversitySeeing Inside Solids
0520425dGregory S. RohrerCarnegie–Mellon UniversityThe Origin of Reistivity in Nanoscale Conductors
0520425eGregory S. RohrerCarnegie–Mellon UniversitySeeing Inside Solids
0213282aMichael F. RubnerMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyInforming Students and the Public about Energy Issues
0213282bMichael F. RubnerMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyBig Meets Very Small: Light from Single Nanocrystal Quantum Dots
0213282cMichael F. RubnerMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyDynamic Surface–Emitting Fiber Lasers
0213282dMichael F. RubnerMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyBig Meets Very Small: Light from Single Nanocrystal Quantum Dots
0213282eMichael F. RubnerMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyA New Spin on Matter
0213282fMichael F. RubnerMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyA Story of Two CMSE Spin–off Companies
0213695aThomas P. RussellUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstThe Role of Bending Curvature in the Adhesion in Copolymer–Based Model Cell Membranes.
0213695bThomas P. RussellUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstBiocompatible Gels from ABA Triblock Copolymers with Crystallizable End–Blocks
0213695cThomas P. RussellUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstCharge– and Energy Transfer and Linear Polarization of Surface–Functionalized Quantum Dots
0213695dThomas P. RussellUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstChip Breakthrough Technology
0213695eThomas P. RussellUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstFe/PT Nanoparticle Assemblies
0213695fThomas P. RussellUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstInteractions between Particles at Liquid Interfaces
0213695gThomas P. RussellUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstIonic Liquid Gels via Polymer Crystallization
0213695hThomas P. RussellUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstMesoporous Silica With Nanoducts
0213695iThomas P. RussellUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstPerfectly Hydrophobic Materials
0213695jThomas P. RussellUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstPolyolefin–graft–oligopeptide Polyelectrolytes
0213695kThomas P. RussellUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstNon–covalent Supramolecular Assemblies.
0520567aMehmet SarikayaUniversity of WashingtonWorld Biomimetic Network
0520567bMehmet SarikayaUniversity of WashingtonMultifunctional Peptide–Polymer Conjugate Nanoarchitectures
0520567cMehmet SarikayaUniversity of WashingtonNue–Unique: Nanotechnology Undergraduate Eduacation – Using Nanoscience Instrumentation for Quality Undergraduate Education
0520567dMehmet SarikayaUniversity of WashingtonBionanoinformatics
0520567eMehmet SarikayaUniversity of WashingtonMolecular Biomimetics
0213808aEvgeny Y. TsymbalUniversity of Nebraska–LincolnMagnetic Break Junctions: A New Phenomenon with Roots Reaching Back 150 Years
0213808bEvgeny Y. TsymbalUniversity of Nebraska–LincolnSummer Programs Share Nanoscale Research
0213808cEvgeny Y. TsymbalUniversity of Nebraska–LincolnControlling Buckling of Periodic Soft Nanostructures
0213808dEvgeny Y. TsymbalUniversity of Nebraska–LincolnFerroelectrically Controlled Magnetism
0213808eEvgeny Y. TsymbalUniversity of Nebraska–LincolnReaching a New Level of Nanostructuring: Two–Phase Clusters
0520495aJohn C. TullyYale UniversityAlkaline earth–induced formation of periodic islands on semiconductor surfaces
0520495bJohn C. TullyYale UniversityCRISP "Exploring Materials Science" mobile kits
0520495cJohn C. TullyYale UniversitySynthesis, Simulation and Measurement of Advanced Device Interfaces
0520495dJohn C. TullyYale UniversityGrowth of epitaxial oxides on silicon(100): the role of strontium
0520495eJohn C. TullyYale UniversitySynthesis of high-k gate dielectrics for futuristic CMOS transistors and ultra-high-density flash memory chips
0520495fJohn C. TullyYale UniversityThe CRISP Teaching Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE)
0520495gJohn C. TullyYale UniversityPlasmonic Waveguides
0213805aDavid A. WeitzHarvard UniversityBiomimetic Thin Film Muscles
0213805bDavid A. WeitzHarvard UniversityBASF Advanced Research Initiative at Harvard
0213805cDavid A. WeitzHarvard UniversityBehavior of Microtubules in Cells
0213805dDavid A. WeitzHarvard UniversityDefects in Thin Nematic Shells
0213805eDavid A. WeitzHarvard UniversityBiomimetic Thin Film Muscles
0213805fDavid A. WeitzHarvard UniversityShear Transformation Zones in Colloidal Glasses
0213805gDavid A. WeitzHarvard UniversitySquishy, Gooey, Stretchy: The Science of Making Pizza Holiday Lecture for Families
0520471aEllen D. WilliamsUniversity of Maryland College ParkCoaxial Nanostructures for Energy Storage
0520471bEllen D. WilliamsUniversity of Maryland College ParkElectrons in Graphene can Travel 100 Times Faster than in Silicon
0520471cEllen D. WilliamsUniversity of Maryland College ParkGiant Magneto–Elastic Coupling in hexagonal Y(Lu)MnO3
0520471dEllen D. WilliamsUniversity of Maryland College ParkNanoscale Informal Science Education (NISE) Activities
0520471eEllen D. WilliamsUniversity of Maryland College ParkElectromagnons in multiferroics
0520471fEllen D. WilliamsUniversity of Maryland College ParkNoise at the Nanoscale