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Polymers Highlights

0602896Rigoberto C. AdvinculaUniversity of HoustonNanostructured Nanoparticle–Conjugated Polymer Assemblies in Ultrathin Films
0423914Eric BaerCase Western Reserve UniversityThe First Graduating Class of the Polymer Envoys Program
0423914aEric BaerCase Western Reserve UniversityBio–Inspired Lenses with a Gradient Refractive Index
0423914bEric BaerCase Western Reserve UniversityConfined Crystallization in Nanolayered Films
0423914cEric BaerCase Western Reserve UniversityGradient Multilayer Films by Forced Assembly Coextrusion
0423914dEric BaerCase Western Reserve UniversityAll Polymer Distributed Feedback Lasers
0706197Frank D. BlumMissouri University of Science and Technology How Surface Interactions Affect Adsorbed Polymers
0706265Michael R. Bockstaller Carnegie–Mellon University Null–Scattering Hybrid Particles
0734158Ned B. Bowden University of IowaAssembly of Comb Block Copolymers into Ordered Morphologies in the Solid State
0602473Peggy CebeTufts UniversityConstraints in Semicrystalline Polymers During the Transition from the Liquid to the Solid State
0704056Peggy CebeTufts UniversityPolymer–Based Nanocomposites: An Educational Opportunity for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
0516602Stephen Z.D. ChengUniversity of AkronSingle Crystal Engineering: A Template for Low–Dimensional Physics
0705565Claude CohenCornell UniversityBimodal Elastomers
0549307Russell J. CompostoUniversity of PennsylvaniaRegulation of Polymer Blend Morphology using Nanospheres and Nanorods
0349078Alfred J. Crosby University of Massachusetts – Amherst Wrinkle Patterns for Adhesion Control
0551020Larry R. Dalton Development of Electroactive MaterialsUniversity of Washington
0353104Jan GenzerNorth Carolina State UniversityRandom–Blocky Copolymers: Monomer Sequencing through Templated Chemical Coloring
0704076Harry W. GibsonVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Polymers with Mechanically Linked Architectures
0552399Douglas L. Gin University of Colorado – Boulder Design of Nanoporous Polymers with New Functional Capabilities Using Monomer Self–Assembly
0449688 Padma GopalanUniversity of Wisconsin – MadisonNanostructural Control of Optical Properties in Polymers with Electroactive Subunits
0605947Steve Granick University of Illinois at Urbana – ChampaignPolymer Pancakes
0747756Ryan C. HaywardUniversity of Massachusetts – Amherst CAREER: Creasing of Surface–Attached Polymer Gels
0733658Ronald C. Hedden Pennsylvania State Univ – University Park Liquid Crystalline Elastomers: New Chemistry & Physics
0602280Alan J. HeegerUniversity of California – Santa BarbaraThe Light Emitting Field Effect transistor (LEFET) as the route to injection lasers fabricated from luminescent semiconducting polymers
0605880Marc A. Hillmyer University of MinnesotaNanoporous Materials From Polylactide–Containing ABA Triblock Copolymers
0405432Benjamin S. HsiaoSUNY – Stony BrookDeformation–Induced Crystallization in Olefin Block Copolymers
0507208Zhibing HuUniversity of North TexasNovel Polymer Microgel Dispersions with an Inverse Thermoreversible Gelation
0704054Jeffrey T. KobersteinColumbia UniversityCovalent Layer by Layer Assembly (CLbL)
0704539Edward J. KramerUniversity of California – Santa BarbaraFilm Thickness Driven Phase Transition of a Diblock Copolymers with an Order–Order Transition (OOT)
0514942Thein KyuUniversity of AkronPhotopolymerization Induced Phase Transition and Evolution of Morphology Landscape in Holographic Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals and Photonic Crystals
0449462Joerg LahannUniversity of Michigan – Ann ArborProtein–resistant coatings based on CVD polymerization coupled with ATRP
0604965Ronald G. LarsonUniversity of Michigan – Ann ArborFlow Properties of Long–Chain Branched Polymers
0239415Christopher Li Drexel UniversityNano Hybrid Shish Kebab–Carbon Nanotube Induced Polymer Crystallization
0406656Timothy P. LodgeUniversity of Minnesota – Twin CitiesThe Micelle Shuttle: Automatic, Reversible Extraction
0753148Yueh–Lin (Lynn) LooPrinceton UniversityCAREER: An Integrated Research and Education Program for Engineering Functional Block Copolymers
0747489Christine K. Luscombe University of WashingtonPolymerization of P3HT from external initiators
0602528Igor LuzinovClemson UniversityMaterials World Network: Design of responsive materials via mixed polymer brush approach
0602877Evangelos Manias Pennsylvania State UniversityMaterials World Network: Temperature and Chemical Responsive Polymer Surfaces: Towards the Molecular Design of Intelligent Materials
0706402Janna K. Maranas Pennsylvania State Univ – University Park Solid polymer electrolytes for lithium ion batteries
0706210Hervé MarandVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Polymer Crystallization
0314760James E. Mark University of CincinnatiAmphiphilic Co–networks Based on Polysiloxane Hydrogels
0549353Krzysztof MatyjaszewskiCarnegie – Mellon UniversityMacromolecular Engineering by Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization
0650277James E. McGrathVirginia TechWater Purification with New Chlorine– and Fouling–Resistant Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Membranes: An alliance of Virginia Tech, the University of Texas, Hydrosize and Dow Filmtec
0513926Sanjeeva N. Murthy University of Vermont & State Agricultural CollegeMultiscale Structures in Polymers and nanocomposites
0518785Christopher K. OberCornell University Patterning Processes for Polymer Brushes to Direct Assembly
0551465Paul C. PainterPennsylvania State Univ – University Park Vibrational Relaxation in Polymers
0804158Zhonghua PengUniversity of Missouri–Kansas CityPolyoxometalate–Containing Diblock Copolymers: Synthesis, Self–Assembly, and Applications
0703544Nicholas J. Pinto University of Puerto Rico – Humacao Gas sensors using electrospun conducting polymer nanofibers
0630301Coleen PughUniversity of AkronArchitectural Effects in the Phase Formation and Miscibility of SCLCPs Prepared by ATRP: Hyperbranched Polyacrylates
0630301aColeen PughUniversity of AkronCorrelation of Free Radical Copolymerization Behavior with the Strength of pipi Stacking Interactions between Aromatic Fluorocarbons and Hydrocarbons
0509687Judit E. Puskas University of AkronPolyisobutylene–based Biomaterials
0742224Jeffrey PyunUniversity of ArizonaColloidal Polymerization of Ferromagnetic Nanoparticles into Cobalt Oxide Nanowires
0505940Richard A. RegisterPrinceton UniversityBlock Copolymers from Mechanistically Incompatible Monomers
0605627James P. RuntPennsylvania State Univ – University ParkDynamics of Polymer Mixtures: Intermolecular Coupling and Crystallizability
0606117Paul S. RussoLouisiana State UniversitySilica–polypeptide Composite Particles
0830293Shulamith Schlick University of Detroit MercyMorphological and Spatial Aspects in Polymer Degradation: From Heterophasic Polymers to Proton Exchange Membranes Used in Fuel Cells
0606086Sergei S. SheikoUniversity of North Carolina – Chapel Hill Macromolecular Spreading
0525645Kenneth R. Shull Northwestern UniversityAdsorption and Adhesion
0606500Sindee L. SimonTexas Tech UniversityPolymer Chain Length and Branching Effects on the Viscoelastic Bulk Modulus and Structural Recovery at High Pressure
0514622Dennis W. SmithClemson University Functional Polyarylene Networks
0605784Alexei P. SokolovUniversity of AkronPredicting Segmental Behavior of Polymers from their Chemical Structure
0513197Svetlana SukhishviliStevens Institute of TechnologyResponsive Films Derived from Weak Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
0710591Svetlana SukhishviliStevens Institute of TechnologyMaterials World Network: US–Russia Collaboration on Responsive Micelles at Surfaces – A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Approach
0710521Matthew V. TirrellUniversity of California–Santa BarbaraMicro–surface potential measurements: The repulsive forces between polyelectrolyte brushes in presence of multivalent counterions
0706096Ophelia K. C. Tsui Boston University Equilibrium Pathway of Polymer Nanometer Films
0756273Vladimir TsukrukGeorgia Institute of TechnologyHighly branched molecules and their assembly on one–dimensional structures
0703261Kenneth B. WagenerUniversity of FloridaPrecision Polyolefin Structures
0705520Dean A. Waldow Pacific Lutheran UniversityRUI: Studies of Copolymer Additive Effects on Polymer Blends Using Scattering and Microscopy Techniques
0603951Shi–Qing WangUniversity of AkronSGER: Re–examining the basic description of polymer entanglement in flow
0548146Qing Wang Pennsylvania State Univ – University Park CAREER: Development of Novel Electroactive Polymer Assemblies
0215342Christopher WederCase Western Reserve UniversityConjugated Polymer Networks
0751393Christopher WederCase Western Reserve UniversityACS Symposium on Stimuli–Responsive Polymers
0651888H. Henning WinterUniversity of Massachusetts – AmherstInterrelation of Linear and Non–Linear Viscoelasticity of Polymers
0451490Karen L. Wooley Washington UniversityControlling the Dimensions of Nanoscale Polymer Objects
0207560Kenneth J. WynneVirginia Commonwealth UniversityFunctional Polymer Surfaces
0736050Kenneth J. WynneVirginia Commonwealth UniversityACS Polymer Chemistry Division symposium "The Polymer Science of Everyday Things" and K–12 Long Distance Workshop August 2007 ACS Meeting
0548070Shu Yang University of PennsylvaniaNanoscale Assembly of Complex Structures via Harnessing of an Elastic Instability
0703274Luping YuUniversity of ChicagoNovel Semiconducting Polymers for High Performance Solar Cells
0605663Bin ZhaoUniversity of Tennessee–KnoxvilleDoubly Thermosensitive Block and Star Copolymers from Living Radical Polymerizations: Synthesis, Phase Transitions, and Applications
0348724Lei Zhu University of ConnecticutHydrogen–Bonding Assisted Self–Assembly of Lamello–Columnar Phases from Discotic Supermolecules