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Solid State and Materials Chemistry Highlights

0743916Svilen BobevUniversity of DelawareStructural Chemistry and Magnetic Properties of RE2[SnxGe1-x]5 (RE = Nd, Sm) and RE[SnxGe1-x]2 (RE = Gd, Tb): Four New Rare-Earth Metal Intermetallic Compounds with Germanium Zig-Zag Chains and Tin Square-Nets
0701161Stephanie L. Brock Wayne State UniversityControlling Phase in Metal Phosphide Nanoparticles
0348982Christopher L. CahillThe George Washington UniversityDesign of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Lanthanide and Actinide Materials
0705219Beatriz H. CardelinoSpelman CollegeModeling III-Nitride Epitaxy under HP-CVD
0237664Julia ChanLouisiana State UniversityNSF CAREER: Crystal–Chemical Relationships of Correlated Electronic Materials
0405532Suk-Wah Tam-Chang University of Nevada–RenoMicro– and Nano–scale Anisotropic Organic Materials via Self–Organization of Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals
0804049Shaowei ChenUniversity of California–Santa CruzJanus Nanoparticles by Interfacial Engineering
0545517Cora LindThe University of ToledoPolymorphism in Yttrium Molybdate Y2Mo3O12
0706610Bogdan Dabrowski Northern Illinois UniversityPhase Stability of New Oxygen Ordered Perovskites
0555663John B. Goodenough University of Texas at AustinIntraatomic vs Interatomic Interactions
0652150P. Shiv Halasyamani University of HoustonNew Polar Oxide Materials
0638826Ulrich HäussermannArizona State UniversityExploration of polyanionic hydrides
0605760Cheng-Cher HuangUniversity of MinnesotaUnexpected surface-induced tilt behavior
0706426Shiou-Jyh Hwu Clemson UniversityNoncentrosymmetric Ferromagnetic Insulators
0731382Jiye Fang SUNY at BinghamtonNew Approach of InP Nanocrystal Synthesis
0606317Piotr Kaszynski Vanderbilt UniversityRadiation Responsive Liquid Crystals
0600742Susan M. KauzlarichUniversity of California–DavisInvestigations of Zintl Compounds for Thermoelectric and Magnetic Applications
0446763Abdou LachgarWake Forest UniversityDesign and Self-Assembly of Cluster-based Materials
0504516Oleg D. Lavrentovich Kent State University 3D Colloidal Templating by Defects in Smectic Liquid Crystals
0706079Jing LiRutgers UniversityDeveloping Nanostructured Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Semiconductors
0449633Tonglei Li University of KentuckyTowards Fundamental Understanding of Organic Crystals
0644833Paul A. Maggard North Carolina State UniversityCAREER: Synthesis of Multifunctional Hybrids
0748140Benjamin R. Martin Texas State University–San MarcosCAREER: Chemically Modified Ternary Chalcogenide Materials
0605949Gordon J. MillerIowa State UniversityStructure-Composition-Property Relationships in Complex Intermetallic Phases
0600089Janice L. MusfeldtUniversity of TennesseeChemical Structure / Physical Property Relationships in Organic Solids
0601892Alexandra Navrotsky University of California–DavisEnergetics of spatially confined solids
0345109Charles RosenblattCase Western Reserve UniversityPolar Planar vs. Polar Vertical Reverse Tilt Domain Walls
0452579Michael J. Sailor University of California–San DiegoDigital microfluidics and delivery of molecular payloads with magnetic porous silicon chaperones
0447585Daniel K. Schwartz University of Colorado–BoulderLinactants: Surfactant Analogues in Two-Dimensions
0239837Dong-Kyun Seo Arizona State UniversityA New Visualization Tool for Chemical Bonds
0449354Ram Seshadri University of California–Santa BarbaraUnraveling the locus of atomic positions in a spinel oxide with two J-T ions
0548232Song Jin University of Wisconsin–MadisonA New Twist on Nanowire Formation
0704312Andreas Stein University of MinnesotaShaping Porous Nanostructures
0348955Edward R. Van Keuren Georgetown UniversityOrganic Nanoparticles
0705657M. Stanley WhittinghamSUNYFormation of Vanadium Oxide Nanotubes
0348239Stanislaus S. WongSUNY–Stony BrookRational Synthesis and Studies of Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes
0447555Yoke Khin YapMichigan Technological UniversityCAREER: Synthesis, Characterization and Discovery of Frontier Carbon Materials