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0705609Kimberly AndersonUniversity of Kentucky Research FoundationAdsorption of Treponema Pallidum Protein to Functionalized Alkanethiol Self-Assembled Monolayers for Improving Biocompatibility
0804506Emanuela S. AndreescuClarkson UniversityCollaborative Research: Biomagnetic Glasses: Preparation, Characterization and Biosensor Applications
0705855Zvonimir DogicBrandeis UniversityModel system of rod-like particles with tunable rigidity and chirality
0704148John EvansNew York UniversityPuncture-resistance: The mollusk shell as a model
0613972Pupa GilbertUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonThe grinding tip of the sea urchin tooth: exquisite control over calcite crystal orientation and Mg distribution
0710605Laurie B. GowerUniversity of FloridaMaterials World Network: Liquid Precursor Formation and Crystallization at Interfaces: Fundamentals Towards Applications
0645023Henry HessUniversity of FloridaCAREER: Creating Materials via Active Self-Assembly
0852791Linda S. HirstUniversity of California - MercedCAREER: Self-Assembly of Polyunsaturated Lipids and Cholesterol In The Cell Membrane
0602975Himanshu JainLehigh UniversityMaterials World Network: Nano-macro porous glass provides superior support and stimulates gene expression for bone growth
0706209Evgeny KatzClarkson UniversitySignal-Responsive Hybrid Biomaterials with Built-in Boolean Logic
0505814Ching-Hwa KiangWilliam Marsh Rice UniversityNonequilibrium, Single-Molecule Studies of Protein Unfolding
0239744Kristi L. KiickUniversity of DelawareCAREER: Collagen Like Peptides For Biomimetic Folding, assembly and biological Functions
0906770David KisailusUniversity of California-RiversideStructure-Function Analysis of an Ultra-Hard Biological Composite
0747713Seung-Wuk LeeUniversity of California-BerkeleyCAREER: Molecular Level Investigation of Apatite Dissolution
0706170Rastislav LevickyPolytechnic University of New YorkCollaborative Research: Mechanisms of Hybridization Kinetics in DNA Surface Layers
0705767Sanku MallikNorth Dakota State University FargoAmplified Detection of Enzymes without Biological Antibodies
0705948Kacey G. MarraUniversity of PittsburghSurface Modified Polymer Conduits for Peripheral Nerve Repair
0510138Marc Andre MeyersUniversity of California-San DiegoMechanical and Structural Characterization of Biological Matgerials
0746038Raghuveer ParthasarathyUniversity of Oregon EugeneCAREER: Biomembrane-mediated control of microparticle interactions
0803103Cyrus R. SafinyaUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraBiomolecular Materials: Block Liposomes from Curvature Stabilizing Lipids: Connected Nanotubes, -rods, or -spheres
0711783Gudrun SchmidtPurdue UniversityCAREER: Bio-Nanocomposites: An Approach Towards Tissue Engineering
0805298Christine E. SchmidtUniversity of Texas at AustinCrystal Templated Polysaccharide Hydrogels
0804464Lia A. StanciuPurdue UniversityCollaborative Research: Biomagnetic Glasses: Preparation, Characterization and Biosensor Applications
0705716Yong WangUniversity of ConnecticutMultivalent "Artificial Antibody" Based on RNA/Dendrimer-Like Star Polymer Hybrid Nanomaterials
0804363Gerard WongUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignWet electrostatics in hierarchical self-asembly of biological systems
0709938Hao YanArizona State UniversityMaterials World Network: Self-Assembled DNA Nanotubes: Biomimetic Design, Controlled Surface Alignment and Templated Nanowire Formation
0805197Jeffery L. YargerArizona State UniversityDynamical and Structural Studies of Spider Silk Fibers