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Condensed Matter Materials Theory

0427538Kevin E. Bassler University of HoustonImproved Community Structure Detection in Complex Networks using a Novel Fine-Tuning Strategy
0529966Dietrich BelitzUniversity of Oregon EugeneAnomalous Pinning Fields in Helimagnets
0404335Laurent BellaicheUniversity of ArkansasModelling and Designing Ferroelectrics with Defects and in Two-Dimensional Forms
0701558Laurent BellaicheUniversity of ArkansasComplex phenomena in ferroelectrics and multiferroics from first principles
0812204Stefan Boettcher Emory UniversityNew Numerical and Theoretical Methods to Analyse Disordered Materials
0705476Piet BrouwerCornell UniversityElectrostatic confinement of electrons in graphene
0812195Antonio C. Cancio Ball State UniversityRUI: Empirical Density Functional Theory Using the Laplacian of the Density
0604406Andrey V. ChubukovUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonNon-Fermi liquid behavior, superconductivity, and magnetism in strongly correlated clectron systems
0703639Eugene M. ChudnovskyCUNY Herbert H Lehman CollegeQuantum Self-Organization in Molecular Magnets
0703639Eugene M. Chudnovsky CUNY Herbert H Lehman CollegeQuantum Magneto-Mechanical Oscillations
0814377Dennis P. CloughertyUniversity of Vermont & State Agricultural CollegeInteraction of Ultracold Atoms and Molecules with Surfaces
0906951Susan N. CoppersmithUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonTheoretical studies of dynamical organization and design principles of biominerals
0707332Vincent H. CrespiPennsylvania State Univ University ParkNew bonds from old atoms
0542026Vladimir Dobrosavljevic Florida State UniversityCritical Behavior at the Mott-Anderson Transition
0704033Herbert A. FertigIndiana UniversityEffective Time Reversal Symmetry in Graphene Rings
0754613Leonid I. GlazmanYale UniversityFluxonium: A New Quantum-Coherent Device
0449521Victor V. Gurarie University of Colorado at BoulderCAREER: Quantum Computing with Chiral Spin Liquids
0605652Charles B. Hanna Boise State UniversityRUI: Interactions in Quantum and Biophysical Systems
0705239N. A. W. Holzwarth Wake Forest UniversitySimulations of materials related to LiPON electrolytes
0710540Kevin IngersentUniversity of FloridaMaterials World Network - Collaborative Research: Decoherence, Correlations and Spin Effects in Nanostructured Materials
0706379Mark S. JarrellUniversity of Cincinnati Main CampusQuantum Criticality in Model Cuprate Simulations
0706354Yongmei M. JinTexas Engineering Experiment StationInteraction of Magnetic Domain Walls and Twin Boundaries
0704045Armen G. KhachaturyanRutgers University New BrunswickThermodynamics and Kinetics of Phase Transformations in Complex Non-Equilibrium Systems: Pseudo-spinodal decomposition: origin of 3D tweed and chessboard structure
0906943Gabriel KotliarRutgers University New BrunswickLDA+DMFT Theoretical Scanning Tunnelling Spectrocopy of URu2Si2
0653135Anatoly Kuklov CUNY College of Staten IslandCollaborative Research: Supersolidity of stuctural defects in solid He4
0705191Daniel J. LacksCase Western Reserve UniversityMolecular Simulation of Disordered Materials under Stress
0803200Karyn Le Hur Yale UniversityEntanglement in the Quantum Many-Body World
0804900Tom C. LubenskyUniversity of PennsylvaniaElasticity and Response in Periodic, Nearly Isostatic Systems
0705105M. Cristina MarchettiSyracuse UniversitySoft Active Matter
0701373Michael P. MarderUniversity of Texas at AustinFlow and Diffusion of High-Stakes Test Scores
0605619John B. MarstonBrown UniversitySolar Power From Optical Rectification?
0710529George B. MartinsOakland UniversityMaterials World Network: The interplay of orbital and spin degrees of freedom in nanosystems
0705847Andrew J. MillisColumbia UniversityCT-QMC: New methods for correlated electrons
0804413Joel E. MooreUniversity of California-BerkeleyBerry-phase theory of orbital magnetoelectric effects
0706020Adriana MoreoUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleITR: The Odd Couple: Interband Pairing
0654191David R. Nelson Harvard UniversityStatistical Dynamics of Bacterial Range Expansions
0604869Charles M. Newman New York UniversityGeometric Nature of Spin Glass Phase Transitions
0448838Corey S. O’HernYale UniversityCAREER: Computer Simulations of Glassy and Athermal Systems
0705914Eugene A. OlevskySan Diego State University FoundationMulti-Scale Modeling of Co-Fired Ceramics' Fabrication
0804665Kyungwha ParkVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversitySpin Transfer in Spin-Orbit Coupled Nanostructures
0906617Juan E. Peralta Central Michigan UniversityMagnetic Properties from First-principles
0854769John P. PerdewTulane UniversityA Workhorse Semi-local Density Functional For Condensed Matter Physics And Quantum Chemistry
0605801Carlo PiermarocchiMichigan State UniversityOptical Processing of Information in Doped Semiconductors
0535503Sidney Redner Trustees of Boston UniversityFinal Fate of the Kinetic Ising Model
0802288Per Arne RikvoldFlorida State UniversityDFT calculations for Halide Adsorption on Silver
0802288Per Arne Rikvold Florida State UniversityEffects of Elastic Interactions in a Model Spin-Crossover Material
0710581Nancy P. SandlerOhio UniversityMaterials World Network: Collaborative Research: Decoherence, Correlations and Spin Effects in Nanostructured Materials
0803510Anders W. SandvikTrustees of Boston UniversityProperties of near-critical valence-bond solids
0805277James A. Sauls Northwestern UniversityHeat Transport by Liquid Helium through Aerogel
0606498Sergey SavrasovUniversity of California-DavisComputing Phase Diagram for Heavy Fermion Materials
0907793Alexander SeidelWashington UniversityResonating valence bond quantum spin liquids
0705167James P. Sethna Cornell UniversityDifferential Geometry of Fitting Models to Data
0606509Tigran V. ShahbazyanJackson State UniversityRUI: Spectroscopy of Many-Body Processes in Nanostructures
0605852Nicola A. SpaldinUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraThe origin of the Universe: First-Principles Design of a Multiferroic to Measure the Electron Dipole Moment
0606028Frank C. Spano Temple UniversityUsing Absorption Spectroscopy to Probe Microstucture in Conjugated Polymer Films
0808842Oleg A. StarykhUniversity of UtahMagnetization plateaus in frustrated magnets
0804370Mark P. TaylorHiram CollegeRUI: Reducing Computational Complexity in Polymer Modeling
0748475Alex TravessetIowa State UniversityCAREER: Understanding how PIP2 regulates its charge
0553485Carsten A. UllrichUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaCAREER: Time-dependent density-functional approach for ultrafast nonlinear excitations in semiconductors
0549198David H. VanderbiltRutgers University New BrunswickTheory of Orbital Magnetoelectric Coupling
0705460Giovanni VignaleUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaSpin Hall Drag
0644022Smitha VishveshwaraUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignCAREER: Probing anyon statistics in quantum Hall systems
0339147Thomas Vojta Missouri University of Science and TechnologyCAREER: Grüneisen ratio at disordered quantum phase transitions
0705947Yu U. WangVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityGrain Size Effect of Phase Coexistence in Ferroic Polycrystal
0804775Congjun WuUniversity of California-San DiegoNovel Orbital Physics with Cold Atoms in Optical Lattices
0704133Kun YangFlorida State UniversityDetecting non-Abelian Quasiparticle Statistics in the Bulk and at the Edge of Fractional Quantum Hall Liquids
0547769Emil YuzbashyanRutgers University New BrunswickCAREER: Coreless vorticity in multicomponent Bose and Fermi superfluids
0535592Shiwei ZhangCollege of William and MaryQuantum many-body calculations in real materials
0704182Shufeng ZhangUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaNew Equation for magnetization dynamics