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Condensed Matter Physics

0702111Guenter AhlersUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraTurbulent Convection
0704480James W. AllenUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborInsulator to metal transition on the surface of Sr2IrO4
0705959Carmen Almasan Kent State UniversityInteraction Between Ferromagnetism and Superconductivity in Ferromagnet/Superconductor Multilayers
0907695Stephen A. AltobelliNew Mexico ResonanceInvestigating Internal Granular Structure Using Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE)
0456473Eva Y. AndreiRutgers University New BrunswickInteraction of relativistic charge carriers in graphene
0801388David D. AwschalomUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraCollaborative Research: Observation of persistent spin helix in heterostructures
0705171Dimitri N. BasovUniversity of California-San DiegoInvestigating electronic interactions in the iron pnictides
0705171Dimitri N. BasovUniversity of California-San DiegoInvestigating electronic interactions in the iron pnictides
0555431Robert P. BehringerDuke UniversityUsing Shear to Jam
0906908Robert P. BehringerDuke UniversityForce Chains in a heap of elliptical particles
0705213Norman O. BirgeMichigan State UniversityNonequilibrium Phenomena in Mesoscopic Physics
0804452Amlan BiswasUniversity of FloridaMagnetoelectric coupling in manganites
0456472Punit BoolchandUniversity of Cincinnati Main CampusSelf-Organization in Network Glasses
0801764Joseph W. BrillUniversity of Kentucky Research FoundationPosition-Dependent Properties of Novel Electronic Materials: Tunneling, Infrared, and Electromechanical Measurements
0907349Leonid V. Butov University of California-San DiegoIndirect Excitons
0808937Hui CaoYale UniversityCollaborative Research: Light Transport in Chaotic Open Cavities
0814025Hui CaoYale UniversityCAREER: The Smallest Semiconductor Disk Laser
0449899John CerneSUNY at BuffaloCAREER: A New Look At Magnetic Semiconductors
0645448Ho Bun ChanUniversity of FloridaCAREER: Work fluctuations in nonlinear micromechanical oscillators
0706339Moses H. ChanPennsylvania State Univ University ParkSupersolid, a slippery new state of matter
0701948Albert M. ChangDuke University1-Dimensional Aluminum Superconducting Nanowires
0906444Tai C. ChiangUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignCoherent Electronic Structure of Silver Films on Silicon
0645408Irinel ChiorescuFlorida State UniversityCAREER: Probe of pairing symmetries by the resonant mode of an on-chip superconducting cavity
0605818Andrew N. ClelandUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraQuantum mechanical resonators
0804244Paul A. CrowellUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesSpinning out of Equilibrium
0756568Pengcheng DaiUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleElectronic phase diagram of CeFeAsO1-xFx
0756568Pengcheng DaiUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleSpin waves and magnetic exchange interactions in CaFe2As2
0747587Enrique del BarcoUniversity of Central FloridaCAREER: Quantum dynamics of spin in molecular magnets
0653377David DeMilleYale UniversityFRG: Demonstration of Quantum Algorithms with a Solid-State Device
0706407Susan L. Dexheimer Washington State UniversityDynamics of Localized Photoexcitations in Condensed Matter Systems
0505160Renee D. Diehl Pennsylvania State Univ University ParkComplex Structure Determination using LEED
0804376John F. DiTusaLouisiana State University & Agricultural and Mechanical CollegeUnderscreened Kondo Effect leads to Non-Fermi liquid Behavior
0704197Mildred S. DresselhausMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyConference Summary Talks on the Science and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes for 10 years
0449553Marija DrndicUniversity of PennsylvaniaCAREER: Blinking properties of nanoparticles and their ensembles
0706634Rui-Rui DuWilliam Marsh Rice UniversityQuantum Transport in Non-Equilibrium Two-Dimensional Electron Systems
0704147Douglas J. Durian University of PennsylvaniaDynamics of Gas-Fluidized Granular Rods
0705137Pulak DuttaNorthwestern UniversityStructural signal of a glass transition
0552270James P. EisensteinCalifornia Institute of TechnologyFrom Excitons to Composite Fermions in a Spin
0747704Axel EndersUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnCAREER: Order must be! Cluster layers on nanotemplates
0705087Ian R. FisherStanford UniversityQuantum magnetism: asymmetric quintuplet condensate in the spin dimer compound Ba3Mn2O8
0706353Scott V. FranklinRochester Institute of TechRUI: "Robust-jamming" of Rod-like Granular Materials
0602870Yongli GaoUniversity of RochesterMaterials World Network Collaboration: Spin Injection into Organic Semiconductors
0605716Francis M. Gasparini SUNY at BuffaloWeak Links and Proximity Effects in Microstructures of He-4
0805073Lev GasparovUniversity of North FloridaRUI: Electronic Raman Scattering in Magnetite
0907285Azriel Z. GenackCUNY Queens CollegeUniversal Intensity Statistics and the Localization of Light
0455121Allen M. GoldmanUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesZero Resistance at Discrete Values of Applied Field in Josephson Junction Arrays
0455121Allen M. GoldmanUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesIndirect Superconductor-Insulator Transitions
0555238Vladimir J. GoldmanSUNY at Stony BrookQuantum-Coherent Transport in Quantum Hall Devices
0710525Michael J. GrafBoston CollegeMaterials World Network: Spin Dynamics and Correlations in Single Ion Magnets
0748856Matthew A. GraysonNorthwestern UniversityCAREER: Bose-Einstein Condensation Using Different Flavors of Electrons
0653535Richard L. GreeneUniversity of Maryland College ParkObservation of the Josephson Effect in Iron-based Superconductors
0706013Laura H. GreeneUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignPoint-Contact Andreev Reflection Spectroscopy of Ferro-Pnictide Superconductors
0705086Martin GrevenStanford UniversityNovel Magnetic Order and Excitations in the Pseudogap Phase of a Copper-Oxide Superconductor
0645451Jay A. Gupta Ohio State University Research FoundationCAREER: The emergence of band structure in nanoscale insulators
0645451Jay A. Gupta Ohio State University Research FoundationCAREER: Switching the states of single molecules
0706268Philippe Guyot-SionnestUniversity of ChicagoSlow electron cooling in Colloidal quantum dots
0650092Robert B. HallockUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstSGER: Study of the Growth of Solid of 4He from the Superfluid Phase of Liquid 4He.
0757701Robert B. HallockUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstStudy of the Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition of 4He on Smooth and Patterened Disordered Surfaces
0706380Jack HarrisYale UniversityPersistent Currents in Normal Metal Rings
0704240Arthur F. HebardUniversity of FloridaAsymmetric critical scaling behavior across the metal-insulator transition in disordered ferromagnetic films
0505524Frances HellmanUniversity of California-BerkeleyInvestigations of Spin-Glass Barrier Dynamics in Amorphous Gd-Si
0805056Russell J. HemleyCarnegie Institution of WashingtonNovel Pressure-Induced Interactions in Silane-Hydrogen
0239481Stephen O. HillUniversity of FloridaCAREER: Revealing Intrinsic Quantum Properties of Molecular Nanomagnets
0804408Stephen HillFlorida State UniversityConsequences of inversion symmetry in molecular magnets
0704178Yumi IjiriOberlin CollegeRUI: Magnetic interactions in nanoparticle systems
0606090Nathan E. IsraeloffNortheastern UniversityNanoscale Fluctuations in Disordered Materials
0757707Galina KhitrovaUniversity of ArizonaFibonacci-Quasicrystal Quantum-Well Structure Emits More Efficiently
0507866Giti A. KhodaparastVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityTime Resolved Differential Transmission Spectroscopy of InSb Quantum Wells and InMnAs Films in Mid-Infrared
0704120Haruo KojimaRutgers University New BrunswickProbing Supersolid 4He with Compound Oscillator
0805204Jacqueline KrimNorth Carolina State UniversityQuartz Crystal Microbalance Studies of Atomic-Scale Friction
0605664Arshad A. KudrolliClark UniversityDiffusion of flexible polar rods and chains
0403480Dhananjay KumarNorth Carolina Agricultural & Technical State UniversityFRG NIRT: Science and Technology of Self-Assembled Magnetic and Superconducting Nano Arrays
0710485Walter R. LambrechtCase Western Reserve UniversityMaterials World Network on Rare-Earth and Transition-Metal Nitride Spectroscopic Studies
0748910Chun Ning LauUniversity of California-RiversideCAREER: Ripples in Suspended Atomic Membranes
0603144Bruce M. LawKansas State UniversityMaterials World Network: Liquid behavior within micro-channels and on surfaces
0644823Gavin LawesWayne State UniversityCAREER: Multiferroic order in FeVO4
0449426Yun-Shik Lee Oregon State UniversityCAREER: Terahertz Driven Quantum Control in Semiconductors
0803516Yoonseok LeeUniversity of FloridaTunable Aerogel Waveplates
0804432Christopher LeightonUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesMagnetism at Complex Oxide Interfaces
0747822Xiaoqin LiUniversity of Texas at AustinCAREER: Adding A New Dimension to Optical Spectroscopy
0706369Laurence B. LurioNorthern Illinois UniversityCollaborative Research: Thermal Fluctuations are Frozen for Thin Supported Membranes
0804779Sara A. MajetichCarnegie-Mellon UniversityScanning Probe Electrical Measurements on Single Nanoparticles
0805175Galina Malovichko Montana State UniversityMultifrequency Spectroscopy of Er3+ in LiNbO3
0804902Norman MannellaUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleThree-Dimensional Layered Fe-based Superconductors
0645305Zhiqiang MaoTulane UniversityCAREER: Superconductivity and magnetism of Iron chalcogenides
0802478M. Brian MapleUniversity of California-San DiegoAnomalous correlated electron phenomena in Yb2Fe12P7
0605355Humphrey J. MarisBrown UniversityStudy of Electrons in Liquid Helium
0303642Eric MazurHavard UniversitySmart, Composite Materials for Consumer Electronics, Homeland Security and the National Defense
0805051Robert F. McDermottUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonInvestigations of Quantum Coherence in Josephson Junctions and Superconducting Circuits
0701400Mark W. MeiselUniversity of FloridaMagnetism of Mixed Prussian Blue Analogs and Low Dimensional Frustated Systems
0804243Tim MewesUniversity of Alabama TuscaloosaSpin-Diffusion in Magnetic Multilayer Structures
0705077Aldo D. MigoneSouthern Illinois University at CarbondalePolyatomic Adsorbates on Carbon Nanotube Bundles
0803974Kathryn A. MolerStanford UniversityNanomagnetic Sensors
0504158Jagadeesh S. MooderaMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyDouble Spin Filter Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
0652269Sidney R. NagelUniversity of ChicagoMemory-encoding vibrations in disconnecting air bubble
0855607Douglas NatelsonWilliam Marsh Rice UniversityRoom Temperature Shot Noise at the Atomic Scale
0547194Min OuyangUniversity of Maryland College ParkCAREER: Controlled Synthesis of Nanostructures for Fundamental Spin Physics and Undergraduate Education
0822671William D. PhillipsUniversity of Maryland College ParkJoint Quantum Institute: Topological Insulators Revealed
0803691Aron PinczukColumbia University"Seeing" Fluids of Electrons in Quantum Structures
0547147Britton PlourdeSyracuse UniversityCAREER: Quantum Coherence in Vortex Systems and Superconducting Devices
0403491Dragana Popovic Florida State UniversityReal-Time Charge Dynamics in the Non-Superconducting Cuprate La1.97Sr0.03CuO4: Evidence for Glassy Freezing
0804126William P. PrattMichigan State UniversityElectron-Spin Flipping at a Co/Cu Interface
0605742Daniel C. Ralph Cornell UniversityQuantized Energy Levels in Ultra-Small Electronic Devices
0705793Anant K. RamdasPurdue UniversityElectronic Raman Effect in Metal Oxides with substitutional 3d-transition metal ions: Cr3+ in MgO and the nature of the red emission line.
0748880B. C. ReganUniversity of California-Los AngelesCAREER: Blackbody radiation in the nanothermodynamic limit
0804488Alexander J. RimbergDartmouth CollegeAn Amplifier Near the Quantum Limit
0534296Thomas F. RosenbaumUniversity of ChicagoThe Origins of Magnetism
0703896James S. SchillingWashington UniversityPressure-Induced Superconductivity in Europium Metal
0554796Zack SchlesingerUniversity of California-Santa CruzLow-energy dynamics and negative thermal expansion in ZrW2O8
0800207Ivan K. SchullerUniversity of California-San DiegoA Purely Magnetic Ratchet
0804378Isaac F. SilveraHarvard UniversityHydrogen at Ultra-High Pressure
0706665Sunil K. SinhaUniversity of California-San DiegoCollaborative Research: X-ray Scattering Evidence for Raft Formation in Mixed Lipid Bilayers
0706331David W. Snoke University of PittsburghMeasuring the interactions of "excitons"
0703635Thomas H. SolomonBucknell UniversityRUI: Fronts and Patterns in Advection-Reaction-Diffusion Systems
0706557Matthew C. SullivanIthaca CollegeRUI: Critical Dynamics of Cuprate Superconductors
0705974Haskell TaubUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaThe Dynamics of Organic Films on Different Time Scales
0702351P. Craig TaylorColorado School of MinesUnderstanding the Phase-Change in Phase-Change Memories
0705127Dmitri A. Tenne Boise State UniversityFerroelectricity in ultrathin BaTiO3 films
0746486Ashutosh TiwariUniversity of UtahCAREER: Observation of Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in High-k Rare Earth Oxides
0805335Milton TorikachviliSan Diego State University FoundationSuperconductivity in CaFe2As2 under pressure
0604549Ctirad UherUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborApproaching Room Temperature Ferromagnetic Semiconductors in Sb2Te3 Doped with Transition Metals
0605797James M. VallesBrown UniversitySuperconductor makes a great insulator
0606078Oscar E. VilchesUniversity of WashingtonA Yocto-kilogram (10-24 kg) balance
0349049Sergey A. VitkalovCUNY City CollegeCAREER: Nonlinear Transport Of 2d Electrons In Crossed Electric And Quantizing Magnetic Fields
0757112Jelena VuckovicStanford UniversityRabi oscillation of a strongly coupled quantum dot-nanocavity system
0804559Hailin WangUniversity of Oregon EugeneUltrafast Coherent Spin Flip in a 2D Electron Gas
0451163Plummer E. WardUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleElectronic Coherence in Highly Correlated Electron Materials
0804174Eric R. WeeksEmory UniversityCAREER: Static Properties and Dynamical Behavior of Jammed Systems
0605726Michael B. Weissman University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignAnomalous Pseudogap Noise in YBCO
0602684David A. WeitzHarvard UniversityCrystal nuclei are not spheres
0907197Barrett O. WellsUniversity of ConnecticutPhase Separation and Magnetism in Strained Films of Transition Metal Oxides
0548521Gary A. WilliamsUniversity of California-Los AngelesObservation of a New Luminescence Pulse from Collapsing Bubbles in Salt Solutions
0606529Wenhao WuTexas A&M Research FoundationSuperconducting/Semiconducting Nanowires, Nanotubes, and Ultrathin Films
0605748Zhili XiaoNorthern Illinois UniversitySample Geometry Dependent Evolution of Superconducting States
0936886Jiandi ZhangLouisiana State University & Agricultural and Mechanical CollegeCAREER: Anomalously large anisotropic magnetoresistance in a perovskite manganite
0548014Michael ZudovUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesCAREER: Nonlinear Magnetotransport in Quantum Hall Systems