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0602896Rigoberto C. AdvinculaUniversity of HoustonMaterials World Network: Nanostructured Nanoparticle–Conjugated Polymer Assemblies in Ultrathin Films
0747667Chulsung BaeUniversity of Nevada Las VegasCAREER: Development of Novel Polymer Electrolytes – Synthesis and Applications in Fuel Cells
0553334Shenda M. BakerHarvey Mudd CollegeTuning Self–Assembly of Diblock Copolymers on a Liquid–Air Interface
0704192Frank S. BatesUniversity of Minnesota–Twin CitiesO52 Network by Molecular Design: CECD Tetrablocks
0706197 Frank D. BlumMissouri University of Science and TechnologyGlass Transitions by NMR and Calorimetry
0706265Michael R. BockstallerCarnegie–Mellon UniversityEffect of Chain Architecture on the Compatibility of Block Copolymer/Nanoparticle Blends
0734158Ned B. BowdenUniversity of IowaAssembly of Comb Block Copolymers into Ordered Morphologies in the Solid State
0602473Peggy CebeTufts UniversityConstraints in Semicrystalline Polymers During the Transition from the Liquid to the Solid State
0906455Peggy CebeTufts UniversityAn Internship Opportunity for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in Polymer Blends
0604899Wei ChenMount Holyoke CollegeRUI: Impregnation of Nanoparticles in a Biocompatible Hydrogel Matrix
0516602Stephen Z. D. ChengUniversity of AkronParticle Physics on the Nanometer Scale: C60 and POSS Based Hybrid Molecules
0549307Russell J. CompostoUniversity of PennsylvaniaRegulation of Polymer Blend Morphology using Nanospheres and Nanorods
0349078Alfred J. CrosbyUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstCAREER: Wrinkle Patterns for Adhesion Control
0706323Mark D. DanmunUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleImproving Dispersion and Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites
0905686Larry R. DaltonUniversity of WashingtonMulti–Scale Theory Guided Development of Transformative Polymeric and Dendritic Electroactive Materials
0923604Joseph M. DeSimoneUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillEAGER: Meso–Polymers
0512156Ali N. DhinojwalaUniversity of AkronSpider Silk as Novel Biomimetic Muscles
0907607Mark D. Ediger University of Wisconsin–MadisonHow Polymer Glasses Flow
0645586Thomas H. Epps, IIIUniversity of DelawareCAREER: Intellectual Merit
0353102Jan GenzerNorth Carolina State UniversityRandom–Blocky Copolymers: Monomer Sequencing through Templated Chemical Coloring
0704076Harry W. GibsonVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityPolymers with Mechanically Linked Architectures
0802968Theodore Gore GoodsonUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborNew Macromolecular Optical Limiting Material
0449688 Padma GopalanUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonCAREER: Nanostructural Control of Optical Properties in Polymers with Electroactive Subunits
0907018Steve Granick University of Illinois at Urbana–ChampaignPolymers in Tight Spots
0804792Robert B. GrubbsDartmouth CollegeFunctional Block Copolymers as Guides for Nanoparticle Self–Assembly
0747756Ryan A. HaywardUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstCAREER: Creasing of Surface–Attached Polymer Gels
0733658Ronald C. HeddenPennsylvania State Univ University ParkSGER: Yielding in Main–Chain Smectic Elastomers
0602280Alan J. HeegerUniversity of California–Santa BarbaraSemiconducting Polymers at High Carrier Densities: Nonlinear Transport in Agreement with Luttinger Liquid Theory
0605880Marc A. HillmyerUniversity of Minnesota–Twin CitiesBlock Copolymer Templated Nanoporous High Density Polyethylene
0423914 Anne HiltnerCase Western Reserve UniversityConfined Crystallization in Nanolayered Films
0906512Benjamin S. HsiaoSUNY at Stony BrookStructure, Property and Process Relationship of Thermoplastic Polyolefin Elastomers
0805089Zhibing HuUniversity of North TexasMonodisperse, Thermoresponsive Microgels Based on Poly(ethylene Glycol) Derivative Polymers
0513010 Alexander M. JamiesonCase Western Reserve UniversityTuning the Optical And Rheological Properties of a Class of Stimuli–Responsive Metallo–Supramolecular Polymers which Exhibit a Novel Gel–Forming Mechanism
0805259Samson A. JenekheUniversity of WashingtonAmbipolar Polymer Transistors and Electronic Circuits
0710520Gregory B. KharasDePaul UniversityMaterials World Network: Novel Fluorinated Polymers
0704054Jeffrey T. KobersteinColumbia UniversitySolid Phase Synthesis of Block Copolymers
0704539Edward J. KramerUniversity of California–Santa BarbaraThickness–induced Phase Transition of Block Copolymer/Homopolymer Blends
0449462Joerg LahannUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborCAREER: Multifuntional coatings based on Chemical Vapor Deposition Co–polymerization
0804838Christopher LiDrexel UniversityAlternating Patterning on Individual Carbon Nanotubes
0804197Timothy P. LodgeUniversity of Minnesota–Twin CitiesThe Micelle Shuttle
0519489Mark C. LonerganUniversity of Oregon EugeneFundamentals of Conjugated Ionomer Electronics
0706432Timothy E. LongVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityCollaborative Research: Connecting the Wetting and Rheological Behaviors of Compatibilized Polymer Droplets in Immiscible Polymer Melts
0606224Karen LozanoUniversity of Texas – Pan AmericanNano–Micro Morphological Understanding of Nanofiber–Nanotube Reinforced Polymer Composites
0804784Karl F. LudwigTrustees of Boston UniversityPhase Transition Kinetics and Dynamics of Block Copolymers in Selective Solvents
0747489Christine K. LuscombeUniversity of WashingtonCAREER: Externally initiated regioregular P3HT with controlled molecular weight and narrow polydispersity
0602528Igor LuzinovClemson UniversityMaterials World Network: Design of Responsive Materials via Mixed Polymer Brush Approach
0706402Janna K. MaranasPennsylvania State Univ University ParkMolecular motion in solid polymer electrolytes
0803454James E. MarkUniversity of Cincinnati Main CampusNovel Biodegradable Nanocomposites Based on Alkyd Resin and In–Situ Produced Silica
0549353 Krzysztof MatyjaszewskiCarnegie–Mellon UniversityMacromolecular Engineering by Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization
0705015George R. NewkomeUniversity of AkronThe Molecular Equivalent of a Russian Doll
0551465 Paul C. PainterPennsylvania State Univ University ParkSelf–Contacts and Self–Concentration in Polymer Blends
0804158Zhonghua PengUniversity of Missouri–Kansas CityPolyoxometalate–Containing Diblock Copolymers: Synthesis, Self–Assembly and Applications
0703544Nicholas J. PintoUniversity of Puerto Rico at HumacaoRUI: p–n diodes fabricated from crossed tin oxide–poly(3–hexylthiophene) nanofibers
0804878Judit E. PuskasUniversity of AkronSurface Modification of Polyisobutylene–based Biomaterials
0645618Jeffrey PyunUniversity of ArizonaCAREER: Colloidal Polymerization of Ferromagnetic Nanoparticles into Cobalt Oxide Nanowires
0704970John F. RaboltUniversity of DelawareGOALI: Electrospinning Polymer Fibers Using an AFM Tip
0505940 Richard A. RegisterPrinceton UniversityRubbers that Melt but Don´t Dissolve
0602932Judy S. RiffleVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityMaterials World Network: MWN for the Study of Macromolecular Ferrofluids
0805179Judy S. RiffleVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityPolyphosphonates and their Complexes with Metal Oxides and Multi–Functional Cations
0602869Stuart J. RowanCase Western Reserve UniversityMaterials World Network: Re–healable Supramolecular Polymers
0605627James P. RuntPennsylvania State Univ University ParkDynamics of Polymer Mixtures: Intermolecular Coupling and Crystallizability
0606117 Paul S. RussoLouisiana State University & Agricultural and Mechanical CollegeMagnetic, Fluorescent Hybrid Particles
0706582Jay D. SchieberIllinois Institute of TechnologyAnisotropic heat conduction in polymers is dominated by chain orientation, not stress
0309441Joseph B. SchlenoffFlorida State UniversitySaloplastic Biomaterials
0412582Shulamith SchlickUniversity of Detroit MercyMorphological and Spatial Aspects in Polymer Degradation: From Heterophasic Polymers to Proton Exchange Membranes Used in Fuel Cells
0546560Rachel A. SegalmanUniversity of California–BerkeleyCAREER: Self–Assembly of Rod–Coil Block Copolymers
0525645Kenneth R. ShullNorthwestern UniversityInterfacial Properties of Gradient Copolymers
0606500Sindee L. SimonTexas Tech UniversityPolymer Chain Length and Branching Effects on the Viscoelastic Bulk Modulus and Structural Recovery at High Pressure
0804571Alexei P. SokolovUniversity of AkronResolving the Mystery of the Chain Friction Mechanism
0710591Svetlana A. SukhishviliStevens Institute of TechnologyMaterials World Network: US–Russia Collaboration on Responsive Micelles at Surfaces –– A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Approach
0846792Brent S. SumerlinSouthern Methodist UniversityCAREER: Triply–Responsive Boronic Acid Block Copolymers
0804449Edwin L. ThomasMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyBio–Inspired, Electrochemically Tunable Photonic Gels
0804449Edwin L. ThomasMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyCombining Pattern Instability & Shape Memory Hysteresis for Phononic Switching
0645574Ryan ToomeyUniversity of South FloridaCAREER: Tunable Polymer Cushions
0706096OpheliaTsuiTrustees of Boston UniversityNon–Liquidlike Behaviors in Molten Polymer Films
0756273Vladimir TsukrukGA Tech Research Corporation – GA Institute of TechnologyHighly Branched Rigid/Flexible Molecules and their Assembly on One–Dimensional Nanostructures
0703261Kenneth B. WagenerUniversity of FloridaWell Defined Polyolefin Structures
0705520Dean A. WaldowPacific Lutheran UniversityRUI: Studies of Copolymer Additive Effects on Polymer Blends Using Scattering and Microscopy Techniques
0548146 Qing WangPennsylvania State Univ University ParkCAREER: Development of Novel Electroactive Polymer Assemblies
0804726WangUniversity of AkronExploring universal picture of yielding in entangled polymeric liquids under large deformation
0804874ChristophWederCase Western Reserve UniversityConjugated Polymer Nanocomposites
0756291Jeffery L. WhiteOklahoma State UniversityUsing Novel Chain–Level Experiments to Create Miscible Polymer Blends
0605856Ulrich B. WiesnerCornell UniversitySelf–Assembled Bicontinuous Double Gyroid Solar Cell
0549116Karen I. WineyUniversity of PennsylvaniaDiverse Local Environment in Ion–Containing Polymers
0451490Karen L. WooleyWashington UniversityFunctional Polymers via Selective Polymerization of Bifunctional Monomers
0802452Kenneth J. Wynne Virginia Commonwealth UniversityFunctional Polymer Surfaces
0805301Ting XuUniversity of California–BerkeleySelf–assembly of Diblock Copolymer–Based Supramolecule in Thin Films
0548070Shu YangUniversity of PennsylvaniaCAREER: Selective Grafting of Responsive Polymer Brushes on Topographically Structured Surfaces: A New Route for Surface and Interface Manipulation
0703274Luping YuUniversity of ChicagoHigh Efficient Solar Cell Polymers Developed via Fine–tuning Structural and Electronic Properties
0746499Lei ZhaiUniversity of Central FloridaCAREER: Poly(3–hexylthiophene) Supramolecular Structures on Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene
0605663Bin ZhaoUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleDoubly Thermosensitive Block and Star Copolymers from Living Radical Polymerizations: Synthesis, Phase Transitions, and Applications
0906913Bin ZhaoUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleActive Control of Sol–Gel–Sol Transitions of Aqueous Solutions of Doubly Responsive Hydrophilic Block Copolymers
0348724Lei ZhuUniversity of ConnecticutCAREER: Supramolecular Self–Assembly of Discotic Supermolecules
0907580Lei ZhuCase Western Reserve UniversityNanoconfined Polymer Ferroelectricity