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Solid State and Materials Chemistry

0645304Jennifer A. Aitken Duquesne UniversityCAREER: Diamond-Like Semiconductors
0705687Zhenan BaoStanford UniversityAlignment of Organic Nano/Microwires for High Performance Electronic Devices
0705687Zhenan Bao Stanford UniversityDirect Patterning of Organic Thin Film Transistor Arrays and Single Crystals via a "Dry" Taping Method
0701161Stephanie L. Brock Wayne State UniversityUnderstanding Phase Stability on the Nanoscale in MnAs
0605159Guozhong CaoUniversity of WashingtonCoherent Carbon Cryogel - Hydride Nanocomposites for Efficient Hydrogen Storage
0703095Robert J. CavaPrinceton UniversityA Chiral, Frustrated, Manganese Sulfate
0756281Julia Y. ChanLouisiana State University & Agricultural and Mechanical CollegeCrystal Growth, Structure and Property Relationships of Yb Intermetallics
0804049Shaowei ChenUniversity of California–Santa CruzFunctional Nanostructures Based on Janus Nanoparticles
0903155Peter J. CollingsGordon Research ConferencesGordon Research Conference on Liquid Crystals
0606054Reuben T. CollinsColorado School of MinesInterface Engineering in Polymer Solar Cells
0706610Bogdan DabrowskiNorthern Illinois UniversityPhase Stability and Properties by Design
0652232Michael D. Fayer Stanford UniversityGeometry, Nanolength Scales, and Interface Interactions in Water Dynamics
0509104Dan V. GoiaClarkson UniversityNanosize Particles as Building Blocks for Uniform Colloids of Different Morphologies
0645451Jay A. GuptaOhio State University Research FoundationCAREER: The emergence of band structure in nanoscale insulators
0645451Jay A. GuptaOhio State University Research FoundationCAREER: Switching the states of single molecules
0652150P. Shiv Halasyamani University of HoustonDesign of New Polar Oxide Materials
0605760Cheng–Cher, HuangUniversity of Minnesota–Twin CitiesA novel mesophase with a six–layer structure
0706426Shiou–Jyh HwuClemson UniversityHigh Nuclearity Cluster–Based Salt–Inclusion Compounds
0804648David C. Johnson University of Oregon EugeneBuilding a Pathway to Solid State Chemistry
0801855Mercouri G. KanatzidisNorthwestern UniversityNew Polar Chalcophosphates with Strong SHG Response
0805357Richard B. KanerUniversity of California–Los AngelesSynthesis and Characterization of Ultra–Incompressible, Superhard Rhenium Diboride Crystals
0606317Piotr KaszynskiVanderbilt UniversityNew Liquid Crystalline Materials for Electrooptical and Nuclear Radiation Sensory Applications
0600742Susan M. KauzlarichUniversity of California–DavisInvestigation of Zintl Compounds for Thermoelectric and Magnetic Applications
0547791Susan E. Latturner Florida State UniversityCAREER: Synthesis of Intermetallics in Molten Metal Mixtures
0804223Stephen LeeCornell UniversityComplex Intermetallics, New Dimensions: A Synthetic, Structural and Theoretical Approach
0449633Tonglei LiUniversity of Kentucky Research FoundationCAREER: Towards Fundamental Understanding and Rational Control of Crystal Growth
0605923Wenbin Lin University of North Carolina at Chapel HillCrystal Engineering of Functional Materials
0545517Cora LindUniversity of ToledoCAREER:Controlled Thermal Expansion Polymer Nanocomposites
0748140Benjamin R. MartinTexas State University – San MarcosCAREER: Chemically Modified Ternary Chalcogenide Materials
0600089Janice L. MusfeldtUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleChemical Structure / Physical Property Relationships in Organic Solids
0506279Scott R. OliverUniversity of California–Santa CruzCAREER: Cationic Inorganic Materials for Trapping Heavy Metal Anions
0800415John B. PariseSUNY at Stony BrookUltra–Lights: Lithium Based Metal–Organic Frameworks
0604454Kenneth R. PoeppelmeierNorthwestern UniversitySolid State Oxides and Oxyfluorides
0804111Charles RosenblattCase Western Reserve UniversityFull Control of Nematic Pretilt Angle at a Surface
0748943Raymond E. SchaakPennsylvania State Univ University ParkUnderstanding Zincblende vs. Wurtzite in ZnS Nanocrystals
0905175Moonsub ShimUniversity of Illinois at Urbana–ChampaignNon–Uniform Compressive Strain in Aligned CNTs
0847782Ivan I. Smalyukh University of Colorado at BoulderCAREER: Electrically– and Optically–Controlled Self–Assembly in Liquid Crystals. Intellectual merit
0704312Andreas SteinUniversity of Minnesota–Twin CitiesShaping Porous Nanostructures
0804167Mas A. SubramanianOregon State UniversityMixed–Valent Transition Metal Oxides
0706408Timothy M. SwagerMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyWater Soluble N–Type Conducting Polymers
0348955Edward R. Van KeurenGeorgetown UniversityCAREER: Organic Nanoparticles
0705657M. Stanley WhittinghamSUNY at BinghamtonMagnetic studies enable better battery materials
0605671Angus P. Wilkinson GA Tech Research Corporation – GA Institute of TechnologySolid State Chemistry of Low and Negative Thermal Expansion Materials
0348239Stanislaus WongSUNY at Stony BrookCAREER: Rational Synthesis and Studies of Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes
0804088Younan XiaWashington UniversityShape–Controlled Synthesis of Noble–Metal Nanostructures and Applications
0449849Hong Yang University of RochesterCAREER: Structure and Property of Multifunctional Alloy Heterogeneous Nanostructures
0447555Yoke Khin YapMichigan Technological UniversityCAREER: Synthesis, Characterization and Discovery of Frontier Carbon Materials
0804786Lian YuUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonPolymorphism of Organic Materials
0804209Hans–Conrad zur LoyeUniversity South Carolina Research FoundationSynthesis of Complex Metal Oxides