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0304169Pelagia GoumaSUNY at Stony BrookNIRT: Nano-Composite Metal Oxides for Electronic Noses
0305202Richard K. BrowMissouri University of Science and TechnologyCollaborative Research: Structure and Properties of Phosphate Glasses
0449639Alex PunnooseBoise State UniversityCAREER: RUI: Magnetic properties of Zn1-xMxO nanoparticles
0449710Juan C. NinoUniversity of FloridaCAREER: Fundamental Structure-Dielectric Property Relationships of Pyrochlore Ceramics
0455371Laurence D. MarksNorthwestern UniversityCharge Density at Oxide Surfaces
0502728Rüdiger DieckmannCornell UniversityDefects and Orientation-Dependent Transport in Orthosilicates Orthosilicates
0542740Scott A. BarnettNorthwestern UniversityCollaborative Research: Understanding Fuel Cell Durability
0601892Alexandra NavrotskyUniversity of California-DavisFirst ever heat of formation measurement for a metal organic framework (MOF) shows energetics on same trend as zeolites and mesoporous silicas
0602986Volkmar DierolfLehigh UniversityMaterials World Network: Controlling Domain Growth with Light and Temperature
0604430Caroline A. RossMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyGOALI: Magnetooptical Materials for Integrated Optical Isolators
0605493Michael B. KrugerUniversity of Missouri-Kansas CityAblation of TiO2 and Al2O3
0605700Carlos G. LeviUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraGOALI: Phase Evolution of Metastable Tetragonal Zirconia upon HT Aging
0606246Scott MistureAlfred University NY State College of CeramicsSunlight capture linked to local structure
0645312Daniel GallRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteCAREER: Nanostructure Growth from the Vapor Phase
0652424Jennifer A. LewisUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignGuided Fluidic Assembly of Patterned Ceramic Granules and Films
0704255Peter K. DaviesUniversity of PennsylvaniaNanoscale Modulated Structures in Li-based Perovskites
0706147Peter X. FengUniversity of Puerto RicoDesign and manufacturing of large area, thick cBN films
0709831Haiyan WangTexas Engineering Experiment StationMaterials World Network: Novel Strain Control in Thick Epitaxial Nancomposite Films
0710523David R. ClarkeUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraMaterials World Network: Comparison of Cation and Anion Vacancies on Thermal Conductivity of Rare-Earth Apatites
0710564Steve W. MartinIowa State UniversityMaterials World Network: New Mixed Glass Former Ion Conducting Glasses May Enable Stronger Longer Lasting Lithium Batteries
0710630Katherine T. FaberNorthwestern UniversityMaterials World Network: Ceramic Composites from Natural and Synthetic Scaffolds
0710643Laurence D. MarksNorthwestern UniversityMaterials World Network: Nanostructures on SrTiO3 (100)
0746902Jacob L. JonesUniversity of FloridaCAREER: Time-Resolved Structure-Property Relationships in Piezoelectric Ceramics
0746902Jacob L. JonesUniversity of FloridaCAREER: Ceramics Supplement for Undergraduate National Laboratory Summer Research
0747896Yayoi TakamuraUniversity of California-DavisCAREER: Multifunctional Heterostructures of Perovskite Structured Materials
0801786Denise M. KrolUniversity of California-DavisDynamics of femtosecond laser processing in glass
0803663Jagdish NarayanNorth Carolina State UniversityGOALI: Novel Electrical and Ferromagnetic Properties of Vanadium Dioxide Thin Films
0803663Jagdish NarayanNorth Carolina State UniversityGOALI: Integration of VO2 with Si (100)
0804043Minoru TomozawaRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteGlasses with cooling rate-independent properties
0804770Gregory S. RohrerCarnegie-Mellon UniversitySunlight Activates Ceramic Catalysts (or titania gets turned on in the sun)
0805127Relva C. BuchananUniversity of Cincinnati Main CampusBarrier Layer Effect in Core Shell Nd/Zr Doped BaTiO3
0805172Brian W. SheldonBrown UniversityGrain Boundary Induced Stresses During Early Stage Constrained Sintering
0805174Dawn Bonnell University of PennsylvaniaSAAST Propels Students to Engineering Fields
0806333Pierre LucasUniversity of ArizonaMaterials World Network: Single Mode Infrared Optical Fiber
0806521Andrei V. StanishevskyUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamMaterials World Network in NanoStructured Carbons
0806610Sheryl H. EhrmanUniversity of Maryland College ParkMaterials World Network: Nanoparticle building blocks for photoactive porous films
0806906Igor I. TsukrovUniversity of New HampshireMaterials World Network: Multi-Scale Study of Chemical Vapor Infiltrated Carbon/Carbon Composites
0807016Kathleen RichardsonClemson University Research FoundationMaterials World Network Advanced Optical Glasses for Novel Optical Fibers
0846504Haiyan WangTexas Engineering Experiment StationCAREER: Novel Ceramic Nanocomposites with Smart Interface Design
0906349Jie LianRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteCollaborative Research: Nano-Scale Materials Engineering for Enhanced Radiation Tolerance
0906584William FahrenholtzMissouri University of Science and TechnologyRaman Characterization of Boron Carbide
0906608Laura H. LewisNortheastern UniversityFRG: Magnetic and Optical Properties of Fe-Doped Titania Nanotubes
0906763Himanshu JainLehigh UniversityFocal depth: an unexpected challenge for 3D laser fabrication
0906825Gang ChenOhio UniversityUnusual Atomic Structure of Periodic Mesoporous Silica
0906874Shen DillonUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignCollaborative Research: Mechanism for Film Enhanced Power in Li-Ion Electrodes
0906957Eric E. FullertonUniversity of California-San DiegoMechanism of epitaxy-free oriented nanowire growth
0907030Katsuyo S. ThorntonUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborToward Coarsening-Resistant Fuel Cell Anode
0907076Liping HuangRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTuning the structure and properties of glasses using a pressure quenching route
0907430Michel W. BarsoumDrexel UniversityThe Great Pyramids of Egypt: Cast, Carved or Both?
0907523I-Wei ChenUniversity of PennsylvaniaIon Wind Effect on Electrical Failures
0907639Scott A. BarnettNorthwestern UniversityCollaborative Research: Understanding Fuel Cell Durability
0907792Alexandra NavrotskyUniversity of California-DavisMaterials World Network: Nanostructure and Thermodynamics of Polymer Derived Ceramics
0909091Bryan D. HueyUniversity of ConnecticutMaterials World Network--Nanosecond and Nanometer Dynamics of Switching in Data Storage Materials
0909203James S. SpeckUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraMaterials World Network: Focused Workshop on Semiconducting Oxides
0943971Victoria SoghomonianVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityEAGER: Electrically Conducting Zeoate Frameworks
0945230Yury GogotsiDrexel UniversityEAGER: Designer Carbon Sponge for Cytokines May Save People Dying from Sepsis
0954110Erica L. CorralUniversity of ArizonaCAREER: Discovering New Oxidation Mechanisms at the Interfaces of Multilayered Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics for Application at High-Temperature
0968937Tewodros AsefaRutgers University New BrunswickNew Methods for Making Ceramics that Enable Production of Synthetic Materials
1002627Amer S. LahamerBerea CollegeRUI: Laser ablation of solids in liquids
1002751Hans ConradNorth Carolina State UniversityEnhanced Sintering Rate and Reduction of Grain Size by Application of a Small AC Electric Field
1003030Ivar E. ReimanisColorado School of MinesGOALI/FRG: Nanoscale Magnetic Measurements in Doped Oxides
1005720Edmund G. SeebauerUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSurface- and Photo-Based Methods for Defect Manipulation in Semiconducting Oxides
1008102Leslie J. StrubleUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignMaterials World Network: Effects of Precursor Nanostructure on Geopolymer Structure and Properties
1046599Pelagia GoumaSUNY at Stony BrookRAPID: Effective Cleaning of the Mexican Gulf Oil Spill by Ceramic Nano-catalysts


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