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Condensed Matter Materials Theory

0321848Leo RadzihovskyUniversity of Colorado at BoulderLiquid Crystal Order In Condensed Matter Physics
0325939David M. CeperleyUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignITR: Materials Computation Center
0339147Thomas VojtaMissouri University of Science and TechnologyCAREER: Finding exotic quantum critical phenomena in classical systems
0547230Randall D. KamienUniversity of PennsylvaniaSelf-Assembled Nanoporous Materials
0547875Jairo SinovaTexas A&M Research FoundationCAREER: Spin Caloritronics: large thermoelectric efficiency through dislocation engineering in topological insulators
0549198David H. VanderbiltRutgers University New BrunswickDielectric tensors of high-K Pbnm perovskites
0605619John B. MarstonBrown UniversityAstrophysical Fluids via Direct Statistical Simulation
0606509Tigran V. ShahbazyanJackson State UniversityRUI: Spectroscopy of Many-Body Processes in Nanostructures
0654191David R. NelsonHarvard UniversityLife at High Reynolds Number
0701373Michael P. MarderUniversity of Texas at AustinOscillating Cracks in Rubber
0704033Herbert A. FertigIndiana UniversityPseudo-Magnetic Fields in Graphene
0704133Kun YangFlorida State UniversityInteraction Driven Novel Physics in Neutral Bilayer Graphene
0705105M. Cristina MarchettiSyracuse UniversitySoft Active Matter
0705152Beate SchmittmannVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityStatistical Mechanics of Systems far from Equilibrium
0705191Daniel J. LacksCase Western Reserve UniversityMolecular simulation of systems under stress
0705266James K. FreericksGeorgetown UniversityNew Applications of Strongly Correlated Materials
0705460Giovanni VignaleUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaDrude weight and optical conductivity of doped graphene
0705584Aditi MitraNew York UniversityNon-equilibrium dynamics of interacting systems
0705847Andrew J. MillisColumbia UniversityNew insights into correlated electron materials from new computational methods
0705914Eugene A. OlevskySan Diego State University FoundationMulti-Scale Modeling of Co-Fired Ceramics' Fabrication
0706002Ralf A. BundschuhOhio State University Research Foundation -DO NOT USEThe complete editome of a slime mold
0706454Murugappan MuthukumarUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstGigantic Chirality in Crystals of Achiral Polymers
0710529George B. MartinsOakland UniversityMaterials World Network: The stuff clouds are made off and dark states in nanotunes
0710581Nancy P. SandlerOhio UniversityMaterials World Network: Collaborative Research: Decoherence, Correlations and Spin Effects in Nanostructured Materials
0746424Katsuyo S. ThorntonUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborCAREER: Integrated Research and Education Program in Three-Dimensional Materials Science and Visualization
0748475Alex TravessetIowa State UniversityCAREER: Coarse grained models for signaling phospholipids
0748516Anton Van der VenUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborCAREER: First-Principles Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Multi-Component Solids
0757145Subir SachdevHarvard UniversityA universal phase diagram for the new superconductors
0802120Joel L. LebowitzRutgers University New BrunswickStudies in Statistical Mechanics
0802288Per Arne RikvoldFlorida State UniversityMD Simulations of Fast Li-ion Battery Charging
0802830Massimiliano Di VentraUniversity of California-San DiegoDynamical Properties of Nanoscale Systems
0804370Mark P. TaylorHiram CollegeRUI: Reducing Computational Complexity in Polymer Modeling
0804593Jane E. G. LipsonDartmouth CollegeStudies on Polymer Glasses, Melts, and Solutions
0804665Kyungwha ParkVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversitySpin Transfer in Spin-Orbit Coupled Nanostructures
0804748Erica W. CarlsonPurdue UniversityDetecting Spatial Correlations from Local Probe Noise
0804775Congjun WuUniversity of California-San DiegoNovel Orbital Physics with Cold Atoms in Optical Lattices
0804900Tom C. LubenskyUniversity of PennsylvaniaTopics in the Theories of Elasticity and of Liquid Crystals
0805330Francisco J. SolisArizona State UniversityDomain Evolution in Spherical Vesicles
0808665Sohrab Ismail-BeigiYale UniversityBoron sheets and nanotubes: buckling and bonding
0808704Michael L. FalkJohns Hopkins UniversityTheory and Simulation of the Transition from Amorphous to Nanocrystalline Mechanical Response
0808812Mark BowickSyracuse UniversitySmectic Polymer Vesicles
0812204Stefan BoettcherEmory UniversityNew Numerical and Theoretical Methods to Analyse Disordered Materials
0814377Dennis P. CloughertyUniversity of Vermont & State Agricultural CollegeInteraction of Ultracold Atoms with Surfaces
0840965Yaroslav TserkovnyakUniversity of California-Los AngelesCAREER: Dissipative Dynamics of Magnetic Solitons
0844899Andrew N. JordanUniversity of RochesterCAREER: Continuous Quantum Measurement and the Solid State
0845264Zhi-Feng HuangWayne State UniversityCAREER: Modeling Nanostructured Systems Outside of Equilibrium
0846426Angelo CacciutoColumbia UniversityCAREER: Crystallization of hard aspherical nano-particles
0846582Christian D. SantangeloUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstCAREER: Geometry of Directed Folding and Soft Packing
0901903Ramamurti ShankarYale UniversityPhysics for the Masses
0901907Theodore R. KirkpatrickUniversity of Maryland College ParkNon-Fermi-Liquid Behavior in Helical Magnets
0901952Dietrich BelitzUniversity of Oregon EugeneCollaborative Research: Non-Fermi-Liquid Behavior in Helical Magnets
0904499Glenn H. FredricksonUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraImproving on Directed Self-Assembly
0904999Michel PleimlingVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityRelaxation Processes During Non-equilibrium Growth
0905880Bulbul ChakrabortyBrandeis UniversityEvidence for a Diverging Length Scale in Granular packings at the Onset of Unjamming
0906366Allan Peter YoungUniversity of California-Santa CruzAlmeida-Thouless line in Spin Glasses
0906464Frank C. SpanoTemple UniversityExtreme Sensitivity of Circular Dichroism to Long-Range Intermolecular Couplings
0906475Bertrand I. HalperinHarvard UniversityNuclear Spins in Double Quantum Dots
0906498Leonid I. GlazmanYale UniversityKondo Effect in Optical Absorption
0906504Sidney RednerTrustees of Boston UniversityApplications of Statistical Physics to Complex Processes
0906566Thomas VojtaMissouri University of Science and TechnologySuperconductor-metal quantum phase transition in nanowires
0906617Juan E. PeraltaCentral Michigan UniversityMagnetic Properties from First-Principles
0906618Charles B. HannaBoise State UniversityRUI: Nanoscale Physics in Quantum and Biophysical Systems
0906676Kenneth R. ElderOakland UniversityPattern formation induced during strained growth
0906951Susan N. CoppersmithUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonIncommensurate phases of a supported nanoparticle film subjected to uniaxial compression
0907126Andrei SergeyevSUNY at BuffaloElectron-Phonon Interaction and Disorder: Nanoscale Interference in Transport Phenomena
0907399Jacques G. AmarUniversity of ToledoSimulating Nonequilibrium Processes over Extended Time- and Length-scales using Parallel Accelerated Dynamics
0907515Michael Rubinstein, University of North Carolina at Chapel HillPolymerization of Nanorods
0907669Axel van de WalleCalifornia Institute of TechnologyAb Initio Construction of Structure-Property Relationships
0907781Monica OlveraNorthwestern UniversityA GPU Implementation of Coulomb Interaction in Molecular Dynamics
0907793Alexander SeidelWashington UniversityMomentum-resolved tunneling into the Pfaffian edge
0908286Kevin E. BasslerUniversity of HoustonEfficient and Exact Sampling of Simple Graphs with Given Arbitrary Degree Sequence
0909212Feng LiuUniversity of UtahMaterials World Network: Interplay of Quantum Size Effect and Classical Strain Effect on Growth of Nanoscale Metal Thin Films
0955500Maxim G. VavilovUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonCAREER: Nonlinear Transport in Quantum Electron Systems
0955760Gregory M. GrasonUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstCAREER: Topological Defects and Twist in Filament Bundles
0956064Lin TianUniversity of California - MercedCAREER: Quantum Phase Transition in Solid-State Nonlinear Circuits
0965081Yongmei M. JinMichigan Technological UniversityDomain Structures of Magnetic Nanoparticles
0968792Yu U. WangMichigan Technological UniversityPhase Field Modeling of Magnetic and Dielectric Composites