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Condensed Matter Physics

0242284Xiao-Lun WuUniversity of PittsburghTunneling of Water Droplets Through a Liquid Thin Film
0405961Meigan C. AronsonUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborNew Magnetic States from Geometrical Frustration
0449022David P. YoungLouisiana State University & Agricultural and Mechanical CollegeCAREER: Carbon-based Materials - Nanowires to Exotic Superconductors
0449516Jonathan R. FriedmanAmherst CollegeCAREER: Collective Coupling of ~1016 Single-Molecule Magnets to a Resonant Microwave Cavity
0449899John CerneSUNY at BuffaloCAREER: Origin and Applications of the Infrared Anomalous Hall Effect in Strongly Correlated Materials
0450037Roland K. KawakamiUniversity of California-RiversideCAREER: Graphene for Spin-Based Computing
0451605Myriam P. SarachikCUNY City CollegeRandom Fields in a Molecular Magnet
0504158Jagadeesh S. MooderaMassachusetts Institute of TechnologySpin Transport Studies In Band And Interface Tailord Materials: Towards Total Spin Polarization For Spin Electronics
0505524Frances HellmanUniversity of California-BerkeleyMagnetic Moments in Amorphous Semiconductors
0547147Britton L.T. PlourdeSyracuse UniversityCAREER: Quantum Coherence in Vortex Systems and Superconducting Devices
0547194Min OuyangUniversity of Maryland College ParkCAREER: Ultrafast Coherent Spin Manipulation Through Plasmon-Exciton Resonant Coupling at the Nanoscale
0548014Michael A. ZudovUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesCAREER: Zero differential resistance in quantum Hall systems
0552270James P. EisensteinCalifornia Institute of TechnologyElectronic Compressibility of Bilayer Graphene
0602859James S. BrooksFlorida State UniversityExploring the interaction between two molecular chains
0603144Bruce M. LawKansas State UniversityMaterials World Network: Liquid behavior within micro-channels and on surfaces
0603752Margaret DobrowolskaUniversity of Notre DameCoherent magnetization precession in ferromagnetic (Ga,Mn)As induced by picosecond acoustic pulses
0604435Gustavo GioiaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUnderstanding frictional drag in turbulent flows
0604477Walter I. GoldburgUniversity of PittsburghCollaborative Research: Understanding frictional drag in turbulent flows
0605355Humphrey J. MarisBrown UniversityElectrons and Vortices in Liquid Helium
0605734 Patricia A. StampeFlorida Agricultural and Mechanical UniversityMagnetic Semiconductor, doped SnO2
0605742Daniel C. RalphCornell UniversityDeveloping Magnetic Spin-Torque Devices as Microwave Sensors and Amplifiers
0605818Andrew N. ClelandUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraQuantum mechanical resonators
0644743Karen E. DanielsNorth Carolina State UniversityCAREER: Local Dynamics in Granular Materials
0644823Gavin LawesWayne State UniversityCAREER: Magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroic FeVO4
0645305Zhiqiang MaoTulane UniversityCAREER: From (π,0) magnetic order to superconductivity with (π,π) magnetic resonance in Fe1.02(Te1-xSex)
0645408Irinel ChiorescuFlorida State UniversityCAREER: Quantum Optics with Magnetic Spins
0645448Ho Bun ChanUniversity of FloridaCAREER: Activated Escape in Nonequilibrium Micromechanical Oscillators - Research and Education Program
0645596Mohammad F. IslamCarnegie-Mellon UniversityCAREER: Normal Modes and Density of States of Disordered Solids
0652269Sidney R. NagelUniversity of ChicagoSplashing of high-viscosity liquids
0653377David P. DeMilleYale UniversityFRG: Laser cooling of a diatomic molecule
0701386Marc A. KastnerMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyQuantum Hall Effect in a Quantum Point Contact
0701400Mark W. MeiselUniversity of FloridaControl of Magnetism in Prussian Blue Analogue Films
0701582Peter SchifferPennsylvania State Univ University ParkFrustration in Magnetic Materials
0701948Albert M. ChangDuke University1-Dimensional Aluminum Nanowires and Possible Wigner Crystals
0702111Guenter AhlersUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraSharp transitions between different turbulent states
0703896James S. SchillingWashington UniversityHow to Raise Tc Further in High-Tc Superconductors
0704120Haruo KojimaRutgers University New BrunswickProbing Supersolid 4He with Compound Torsional Oscillator
0704147Douglas J. DurianUniversity of PennsylvaniaDynamical Heterogeneity in Granular Heap Flow
0704178Yumi IjiriOberlin CollegeRUI: Magnetic Interactions in Nanoparticle Systems
0704240Arthur F. HebardUniversity of FloridaCompeting "soft" dielectric phases and detailed balance in thin film manganites
0704314Ali YazdaniPrinceton UniversityElectrons on the brink: Fractal patterns may be key to semiconductor magnetism
0705077Aldo D. MigoneSouthern Illinois University at CarbondalePolyatomic Adsorbates on Carbon Nanotube Bundles
0705127Dmitri A. TenneBoise State UniversityFerroelectricity in non-stoichiometric SrTiO3 films
0705137Pulak DuttaNorthwestern UniversitySurface order in "cold" liquids
0705145Franz J. HimpselUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonSilicon Templates for Single-Spin Magnetoelectronics
0705361Joel D. BrockCornell UniversityStrain Screening by Oxygen Vacancies in SrTiO
0705793Anant K. RamdasPurdue UniversityIsotopic Effects of the Electronic Transitions of Cr3+ in Ruby (Al2O3: Cr3+)
0705959Carmen C. AlmasanKent State UniversitySuperconducting Surface Spin Valve Effect at the Ferromagnet/Superconductor Interface
0706013Laura H. GreeneUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignZero-Bias Conductance Anomaly in Fe-Based Superconductors
0706339Moses H.W. ChanPennsylvania State Univ University ParkLooking at a supersolid
0706353Scott V. FranklinRochester Institute of TechRUI: Geometrically Cohesive Granular Materials
0706380Jack G. E. HarrisYale UniversityPersistent currents in normal metal rings: Higher-order statistical properties
0706557Matthew C. SullivanIthaca CollegeRUI: Critical Dynamics of the Electron-Doped Cuprate Superconductors
0710485Walter R. L. LambrechtCase Western Reserve UniversityMaterials World Network on First-principles calculation of RXES
0710525Michael J. GrafBoston CollegeMaterials World Network: Spin Dynamics and Magnetic Order in Yb4LiGe4
0747609Sergei UrazhdinWest Virginia University Research CorporationCAREER: Nonlinear Effects in Spin Torque Nano-Oscillators
0747704Axel EndersUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnCAREER: A Muffin Tin for Magnetic Nanostructures
0747822Xiaoqin LiUniversity of Texas at AustinCAREER: A New Method of Nanomanipulation
0748810Ilya N. KrivorotovUniversity of California-IrvineCAREER: Ultrasensitive Spintronic Microwave Detector
0748856Matthew GraysonNorthwestern UniversityCAREER: Bose-Einstein Condensation Using Different Flavors of Electrons
0800207Ivan K. SchullerUniversity of California-San DiegoOrder-disorder transition in superconductors
0801253Zachary FiskUniversity of California-IrvineElectronic Heterogeneity in Highly Correlated Electron Materials
0801271Philip G. CollinsUniversity of California-IrvineElectronic Fluctuation and Localization at Point Defects
0801764Joseph W. BrillUniversity of Kentucky Research FoundationPosition-Dependent Properties of Novel Electronic Materials: Tunneling, Infrared, and Electromechanical Measurements
0802278Michael StavolaLehigh UniversityHydrogen in Crystalline Semiconductors
0802478M. Brian MapleUniversity of California-San DiegoT-H phase diagram for the noncentrosymmetric compound Yb2Fe12P7 : an unusual route to non-Fermi liquid behavior
0803516Yoonseok LeeUniversity of FloridaAnisotropic Disorder in Superfluid 3He: Effects of High Porosity Aerogel on the Superfluid Phases of 3He
0803691Aron PinczukColumbia UniversityObservation of High Energy Composite Fermions
0804109Sang-W. CheongRutgers University New BrunswickMultiferroic Vortices: new topological defects
0804174Eric R. WeeksEmory UniversityPacking particles in small containers
0804232Stephen W. TeitsworthDuke UniversityDynamics of electric field domains in superlattices
0804243Tim MewesUniversity of Alabama TuscaloosaSpin-Diffusion in Magnetic Multilayer Structures
0804244Paul A. CrowellUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesSteering spin with charge
0804283Peter M. HoffmannWayne State UniversityNanoscale water turns springy
0804376John F. DiTusaLouisiana State University & Agricultural and Mechanical CollegeUnderscreened Kondo Effect leads to Non-Fermi liquid Behavior
0804378Isaac F. SilveraHarvard UniversityHydrogen at Ultra-High Pressure
0804408Stephen O. HillFlorida State UniversityBroadband EPR Studies of Quantum Magnets
0804432Chris LeightonUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesComplex Oxide Interfaces
0804452Amlan BiswasUniversity of FloridaDomain transition in mixed phase manganites
0804488Alexander J. RimbergDartmouth CollegeA Macroscopic Resonator Driven by Microscopic Backaction
0804559Hailin WangUniversity of Oregon EugeneOptical Control of Carrier Tunneling in Semiconductors
0804719Veerle M. KeppensUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleResonant Ultrasound Studies of spin-liquid Tb2Ti2O7
0804779Sara A. MajetichCarnegie-Mellon UniversityMagnetic Nanoparticle Interactions: From Magnetostatics to Exchange
0804902Norman MannellaUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleThree-Dimensional Layered Fe-based Superconductors
0805051Robert F. McDermottUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonInvestigations of Quantum Coherence in Josephson Junctions and Superconducting Circuits
0805056Russell J. HemleyCarnegie Institution of WashingtonNew hydrogen-rich molecular materials under pressure
0805073Lev GasparovUniversity of North FloridaRUI: Magnetite under high pressure: An insight into physics of magnetite
0805175Galina MalovichkoMontana State UniversityMagnetic resonance of Fe3+ in LiNbO3:Mg
0805204Jacqueline KrimNorth Carolina State UniversityQuartz Crystal Microbalance Studies of Atomic-Scale Friction
0806629Jeevak M. ParpiaCornell UniversityMaterials World Network: Flow of 3He in 640 nm thick slabs
0807093P. Chris HammelOhio State University Research Foundation -DO NOT USEMaterials World Network: Individual Fe-CNT Magnetometry
0808937Hui CaoYale UniversityCollaborative Research: Mesoscopic Transport and Localization in Active Random Media
0844747Matthew F. DotyUniversity of DelawareCAREER: Controlling the charge state and interactions of laterally-coupled quantum dots
0844807Weida WuRutgers University New BrunswickCAREER: Mutliferroic vortex and polarization modulated conduction at ferroelectric surfaces
0845287Pablo Jarillo-HerreroMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyCAREER: Quantum Transport in High Mobility Graphene Nanoelectronic Devices
0846648Feng WangUniversity of California-BerkeleyCAREER: Emerging Photoluminescence in Monolayer MoS2
0846834Giti KhodaparastVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityCAREER: Integrated Research and Education to Probe Coherent and Quantum States in the Presence of Strong Spin-Orbit Coupling
0847652Norman P. ArmitageJohns Hopkins UniversityCAREER: Terahertz and microwave investigations of complex quantum matter
0854752Allen M. GoldmanUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesHard Gap in the Insulating Regime of the Disorder-Induced Superconductor Insulator Transition
0855607Douglas NatelsonWilliam Marsh Rice UniversityNonlinear shot noise in atomic-scale junctions
0855741David G. GrierNew York UniversityPrismatic Optical Fractionation Precision Continuous Sorting with Sieves Made of Light
0855954Robert B. HallockUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstObservation of a Fountain Effect and a Mass Flux of 4He though a Sample Cell filled with hcp Solid 4He
0856321S. Lance CooperUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignField-tuning magnetic frustration in the magneto-dielectric spinel Mn3O4
0902147Richard E. PackardUniversity of California-BerkeleySuperfluid interferometers
0902179Eugene E. HallerUniversity of California-BerkeleyDiffusion in Germanium and Silicon-Germanium Alloys
0902701Gopalan SrinivasanOakland UniversityNovel Magneto-Electric Composites for Useful Technologies
0903812James L. ErskineUniversity of Texas at AustinMeasurement of the "Ferro-Josephson Voltage"" in Permalloy Nanowires
0904157Vladimir KozhevnikovTulsa Community CollegeMagnetic Field Profile in a Classical Superconductor
0905843Dragana PopovicFlorida State UniversityLarge Positive Magnetoresistance of the Lightly Doped La2CuO4 Mott Insulator
0906027Zhi-Xun ShenStanford UniversityMicrowave Impedance Imaging of Complex materials
0906245Nicholas T. OuelletteYale UniversityNonlinear Deformation in Chaotic Mixing
0906444Tai C. ChiangUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSpectral Function Gaps of Graphene Layers
0906467Gary A. WilliamsUniversity of California-Los AngelesVortex Loops and the Superfluid Transition
0906491Albert J. SieversCornell UniversityARCS measurement of intrinsic localized modes in sodium iodide at elevated temperatures
0906539Michael F. CrommieUniversity of California-BerkeleyElectronically Gating an Individual Atom
0906711Eva Y. AndreiRutgers University New BrunswickProbing interactions between relativistic charge carriers in graphene
0906753Brian DalyVassar CollegeRUI: Lifetime of high frequency ultrasound in silicon wafers
0906908Robert P. BehringerDuke UniversityJamming and Glassy Dynamics for Granular Matter
0906939Stuart H. TessmerMichigan State UniversityCharge Imaging Electrons in Nanoscale Systems
0907025Thomas F. RosenbaumUniversity of ChicagoQuantum Criticality, Up Close
0907082Daniel E. ProberYale UniversityProperties of One-Dimensional Conductors
0907195Anthony D. DinsmoreUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstProperties of One-Dimensional Conductors
0907251Nai-Chang YehCalifornia Institute of TechnologyHow Crystals Nucleate: imaging colloidal particles with high precision
0907266James KikkawaUniversity of PennsylvaniaQuantum mechanical forces in low dimensions
0907285Azriel Z. GenackCUNY Queens CollegeModes in Random Media
0907349Leonid V. ButovUniversity of California-San DiegoIndirect Excitons
0907357James M. VallesBrown UniversityForming Nano-Islands for Cooper Pairs
0907375Serhii E. ShafraniukNorthwestern UniversityCollaborative Research: Coherent transport in one-dimensional limit
0907495Peter TaborekUniversity of California-IrvineTransition from Inviscid to Non-Newtonian Pinch-off
0907614Anatoliy O. PinchukUniversity of Colorado at Colorado SpringsSize and Morphology Dependence of the Hamaker Constant for Noble Metal Nanoparticles
0907679Alex H. WeissUniversity of Texas at ArlingtonPositron Spectroscopy of Surfaces
0907690Oscar E. VilchesUniversity of WashingtonMeasuring masses with a few atoms sensitivity
0907706Kristen BuchananColorado State UniversityDynamics in Patterned Magnetic Nanostructures: Spin-Wave Excitations and Propagation
0907724Frances HellmanUniversity of California-BerkeleyThermodynamics of Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Si and Si:H Thin Films
0908625Stephan von MolnárFlorida State UniversityMaterials World Network: Optimizing spin lifetimes in Al0.3Ga0.7As
0908634Harold G. CraigheadCornell UniversityMaterials World Network: Progress towards Graphene NEMS
0952716Johnpierre PaglioneUniversity of Maryland College ParkCAREER: MilliKelvin Probe of Quantum Materials
0954486Hui ZhaoUniversity of Kansas Center for Research IncCAREER: New Light from Spin Currents
0955484Andrey RogachevUniversity of UtahCAREER: Effect of magnetic impurities on 2D superconductors
0955625Masahiro IshigamiUniversity of Central FloridaCAREER: Revealing Intrinsic Transport Properties of Graphene
0956131Oleg G. ShpyrkoUniversity of California-San DiegoCAREER: Time-resolved X-ray Studies of Morphological Instabilities in Nanoimprinted Polymer Patterns
1005705Xinsheng LingBrown UniversityStatics and Dynamics of 1D and 2D Colloidal Lattices with Random Pinning
1006546David A. WeitzHarvard UniversityBacteria in biofilms feel their physical environment
1007940Dennis KlugGordon Research ConferencesGordon Research Conference on Research at High Pressure, June 27 - July 2, Holderness School, New Hampshire