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Metals & Metallic Nanostructures

0412583K. Linga MurtyNorth Carolina State UniversityEffect Of Alloying And Heat Treatment On The Biaxial Creep Behavior Of Titanium Alloys
0449651Katharine M. FloresOhio State University Research FoundationCAREER: Development of a Structurally-Based Plastic Flow Model for Bulk Metallic Glasses
0449684Christopher L. MuhlsteinPennsylvania State Univ University ParkCAREER: Growing Cracks in Nanomaterials
0449790Jian-Min ZuoUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignCAREER: Interfacial Energy of Supported Nanocrystals
0504566Ying ZhangTennessee Technological UniversityGOALI: Pt-Enriched g+g Bond Coats for Next-Generation Single-Crystal Ni-Base Superalloys
0547445Gregory B. ThompsonUniversity of Alabama TuscaloosaCAREER: Determining Chemical Order Parameter from Small Volumes
0548259Brian D. WirthUniversity of California-BerkeleyCAREER: Design and Development of Nanoscale Strengthened Materials for High Temperature Applications
0551896Jeffrey W. FergusAuburn UniversityLow-Cost Alloy for SOFC Interconnects
0605731Eric M. TaleffUniversity of Texas at AustinMobility of Abnormal Grain Boundaries
0605911Michael AtzmonUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborA quantized hierarchy of shear transformation zones in a metallic glass
0606417John E. MorralOhio State University Research Foundation Computational Modeling of Interdiffusion Microstructures
0642363Megan Frary Boise State UniversityCAREER: Role of Grain Boundary Character on Dynamic Recrystallization
0644835Xinghang ZhangTexas Engineering Experiment StationCAREER: Synthesis, Microstructure, and Mechanical Behavior of Metallic Thin Films with Nanoscale Growth Twins
0702978Farghalli A. MohamedUniversity of California-IrvineMeasurement of Boundary Sliding in Nanograined Materials
0702978Farghalli A. MohamedUniversity of California-IrvineGrain size measurement in ultra-fine grained material using AFM
0702978Farghalli A. MohamedUniversity of California-IrvineMeasurement of Boundary Sliding in Nanograined Materials
0704717Carl V. ThompsonMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyStress and Structure Evolution During Film Growth
0705517Todd C. HufnagelJohns Hopkins UniversityX-ray strain measurement in metallic glasses
0706058Jeffrey W. KysarColumbia UniversityBatch-Compatible Integration of Gold Nano-Wires with MEMS Devices
0706100Jiangyu LiUniversity of WashingtonMagnetostrictive-Piezoelectric Nanocomposites with Unusual Magnetoelectric Properties
0706554Daryl C. ChrzanUniversity of California-BerkeleyDislocation Cores in Gum Metal
0710484Ke Gang WangFlorida Institute of TechnologyMaterials World Network: Kinetics of Coarsening at Ultrahigh Volume Fraction
0710570Thomas R. BielerMichigan State UniversityMaterials World Network: Kinetics of zirconium hydride precipitation and reorientation studied by synchrotron radiation
0710616Arthur T. Motta Pennsylvania State Univ University ParkMaterials World Network: Kinetics of Hydride Precipitation near a Crack Tip in Zirconium
0747658Frederic Sansoz, University of Vermont & State Agricultural CollegeCAREER: Microstructure and Size Effects on Metal Plasticity at Limited Length Scale
0747704Axel EndersUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnCAREER: A Muffin Tin for Magnetic Nanostructures
0748267Julia R. GreerCalifornia Institute of TechnologyCAREER: Experimental Investigation of Plasticity at Nano-scale
0757502Shashank PriyaVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityMetal - Ceramic Core-Shell Nanostructures
0804088Younan XiaWashington UniversityShape-Controlled Synthesis of Noble-Metal Nanostructures
0804528Richard P. VinciLehigh UniversityFracture at the Microscale
0804615Pascal BellonUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignControl of Kinetic Processes in Irradiated Alloys through Compositional Patterning
0804744Jeffrey E. ShieldUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnNovel Nanostructures for High-Energy Nanocomposite Permanent Magnets
0804765Katayun BarmakCarnegie-Mellon UniversityUltrahigh Density Magnetic Recording Media: The A1 to L10 Phase Transformation in FePt Films
0804779Sara A. MajetichCarnegie-Mellon UniversityMagnetic Nanoparticle Interactions: From Magnetostatics to Exchange
0804833Ji-Cheng ZhaoOhio State University Research FoundationHigh-Throughput Measurements for High-Fidelity Thermodynamic Databases
0805293Raymundo ArroyaveTexas Engineering Experiment StationComputational and Experimental Design of Novel CoNiGa High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys (HTSMAs)
0806753Kevin J. HemkerJohns Hopkins UniversityMaterials World Network: LIGA Ni-base Superalloys for MEMS Applications
0806924Holger SchmidtUniversity of California-Santa CruzMaterials World Network: Magnetization dynamics of single curved nanomagnets
0807065Brian A. KorgelUniversity of Texas at AustinMaterials World Network: Melting and Diffusion in a Nano Test Tube
0807240Lori BassmanHarvey Mudd CollegeMaterials World Network/Research in Undergraduate Institutions: The True Three-Dimensional Nature of Microband Boundaries in Deformed Metals
0827249John Q. XiaoUniversity of DelawareSGER: Magnetic tunnel junction based microwave detector
0832958 Alexander RoytburdUniversity of Maryland College ParkSGER: New Compound Materials for Fuel Cells
0836068Henry J. RackClemson UniversitySGER: Surface Reactivity of Nanostructured Light Weight Metals
0845645Dong SonTexas A&M Research FoundationCAREER: Spin-Lattice Relaxation Dynamics in Magnetic Nanocrystals Dong Son, Texas A&M University Foundation, DMR 0845645
0849278Caroline A. RossMassachusetts Institute of TechnologySGER: Spin-Transfer-Torque Devices Based on Magnetostatically-Coupled Sub-50nm Structures
0852862Jinke TangUniversity of WyomingSGER: Investigation of Half-Metallic Magnetic Oxides
0854166Sivaraman GuruswamyUniversity of UtahStructure-Composition-Magnetostriction Correlations in Strong and Ductile Fe-Based Alloys with large Low-Field Magnetostriction
0855009Terence G. LangdonUniversity of Southern CaliforniaHigh-Pressure Torsion and Nanostructured Materials
0855402Christopher A. SchuhMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyQuantifying Material Microstructures with Quaternions
0855969Karl SieradzkiArizona State UniversityElectrochemical Stability of Nanoparticles
0856009Steven BaldelliUniversity of HoustonMaterials World Network: Imaging of Corrosion Inhibitor on Metals Alloy Surface
0856199Kenneth F. KeltonWashington UniversityIcosahedral Short Range order and Bulk Glass Formation
0856229Eric ChasonBrown UniversityWhiskers grow out of tin coatings and cause system failures
0905793Paul M. VoylesUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonInsight into Glass Crystallization from Nanodiffraction
0906663John R. ScullyUniversity of Virginia Main CampusCorrosion Mechanisms in Amorphous Solid Solution Alloys: Role(s) of Minor Alloying Elements
0906703Pascal BellonUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignCrystallographic Textures Induced by Dry Sliding Wear in Metals
0906744Wojciech DmowskiUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleCollaborative Research: Probing Atomic Structure Changes in Deformation of Metallic Glasses
0906892Joost J. VlassakHarvard UniversityA study of the work-hardening behavior of metallic thin films
0906994Sreeramamurthy AnkemUniversity of Maryland College ParkUnexpected Dependency of Deformation Twin Growth with Strain-Rate in an a-Ti Alloy
0907024Peter M. AndersonOhio State University Research Foundation Strength and Deformation in Nanostructured Metals
0907024Peter M. AndersonOhio State University Research Foundation Strength and Deformation in Nanostructured Metals
0907090Ainissa G. RamirezYale UniversityMicrostructural Engineering of Shape Memory Thin Films and Nanowires
0907122Hugh A. Bruck University of Maryland College ParkPrinciples for Formation of Transversely Modulated Heterophase Nanostructures
0907378David F. BahrWashington State UniversityThe Effect of Point Defects on Plasticity Nucleation
0907614Anatoliy O. PinchukUniversity of Colorado at Colorado SpringsSize and Morphology Dependence of the Hamaker Constant for Noble Metal Nanoparticles
0907616Matthew N. CavalliUniversity of North Dakota Main CampusDiffusion Bonding of Titanium
0908767Laura H. LewisNortheastern UniversityMaterials World Network: Mixed Magnetic Correlations in FeRh Films
0909037Peter K. LiawUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleMaterials World Network: Structures and Mechanical Behavior of Metallic-Glass Thin Films
0909170Ibrahim KaramanTexas Engineering Experiment StationMaterials World Network: U.S.-Japan Research Collaboration in Meta-Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys with Enhanced Ductility and Controlled Porosity
0934920David E. NiklesUniversity of AlabamaManganese Nanoparticles
0955338Andrea M HodgeUniversity of Southern CaliforniaCAREER: Controlling twin spacing in growth nanotwins
0955638Klaus van BenthemUniversity of California-DavisCAREER: Reactive Dewetting Transitions of Ultrathin Nickel Films
1005334John H. PerepezkoUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonEAGER: Kinetic modeling in aluminum based metallic glasses
1006656Thomas R. BielerMichigan State UniversityGOALI: Crack development in lead-free solder in PGBA package due to recrystallization that forms "red" orientations
1006876Yashashree KulkarniUniversity of HoustonHigh Temperature Stability of Twin Boundaries
1035188Burton R. PattersonUniversity of FloridaTopological Grain Growth