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Nanoscale Science & Engineering Centers

0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaHigh School research: Project SEED
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaSoft Nanostructures for Patterning Biomolecule Tracks for Molecular Motors
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaSelf-Assembled Hybrid Structures of DNA Block-copolymers and Nanoparticles with Enhanced DNA Binding and High Selectivity
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaPlasmon Induced Electrical Conduction in Molecular Devices
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaPhotoactivation Localization Microscopy (PALM) in Biological Samples
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaPhaseless 3D Optical Nanoimaging
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaNovel Approach to Achieve Orientational Ordering of a Dipolar NLO Chromophore for Optical Communications
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaNBIC Science in the News
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaNBIC Research is disseminated through a diverse network of professional development programs and collaborations
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaMultiscale Mechanics of Fibrin Polymer: Gel Stretching with Protein Unfolding and Loss of Water
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaMoving phase boundaries in DNA and coiled-coils control mechanical response
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaHigh-Speed Fluorescence Polarization Measurements of Single Myosin V Molecules
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaHigh Throughput Zero Mode Waveguides via Natural Lithography
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaGraphene Nanopore Devices for DNA Detection
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaFunctionalized Nanocrystalline Diamond-Coated AFM Tips
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaDesign of a Selective, Photo-Activatable de Novo Protein
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaA Nanofluidic Platform for In-situ Electron Microscopy of Processes in Liquid Media
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaPlasmon Induced Electrical Conduction in Molecular Devices
0832802Dawn A. BonnellUniversity of PennsylvaniaArticle: Plasmon Induced Electrical Conduction in Molecular Devices
0832760Paul F. NealeyUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonToxicity of Oxidatively Degraded Quantum Dots
0832760Paul F. NealeyUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonReversible Particle Assembly at Liquid Crystal Interfaces
0832760Paul F. NealeyUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonMolecular Propulsion: Chemical Sensing and Chemotaxis of DNA Driven by RNA Polymerase
0832760Paul F. NealeyUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonBiological Activity of Nylon-3 Copolymers: Toward Directed Assembly of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
0832760Paul F. NealeyUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonInteractions of Single b-Peptides
0832760Paul F. NealeyUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonMolecular Transfer Printing Using Block Copolymers
0832760Paul F. NealeyUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonDirect Patternable Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Block Copolymer Template
0832760Paul F. NealeyUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonSocietal Implications: Narrowing the Nano Discourse? The Web Changes How And What Citizens Learn About Emerging Technologies
0832760Paul F. NealeyUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonShared Facilities: Aberration Corrected (S)Tem
0832760Paul F. NealeyUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonAdvanced Materials Industrial Consortium “Collaborative Membership”
0832760Paul F. NealeyUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonWiPREM: A University of Wisconsin-Madison University of Puerto Rico Partnership in Research and Education in Materials
0832760Paul F. NealeyUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonResearch Experience for Undergraduates in Nanotechnology
0832760Paul F. NealeyUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonDensity Multiplication and Improved Lithography by Directed Block Copolymer Assembly
0642573 Richard SiegelRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteUltrafast hydration structures
0642573 Richard SiegelRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteThe Paper Battery Company, Inc. Formed to Capitalize on Technology Developed at RPI’s NSEC
0642573Richard SiegelRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteNanoparticle-Mediated Protein Delivery to Cells
0642573Richard SiegelRensselaer Polytechnic Institute“Molecules to the MAX!” Released in 3D English, Japanese and Mandarin
0642573Richard SiegelRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteMicrocapsules Containing Suspensions of Carbon Nanotubes
0642573Richard SiegelRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteColloidal Superdispersants