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0643226Xinqiao JiaUniversity of DelawareCAREER: Mechano-Responsive Biomaterials
0706647Suzie H. PunUniversity of WashingtonPolymer-coated adenovirus are protected against neutralizing antibodies
0710605Laurie B. GowerUniversity of FloridaMaterials World Network: Liquid Precursor Formation and Crystallization at Interfaces: Fundamentals Towards Applications
0803103Cyrus R. SafinyaUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraNanostructured Gyroid Cubic Lipid Phases Containing Functional RNA Molecules: Pore Forming Lipids Facilitate Release of RNA Through Cellular Membranes
0804464Lia A. StanciuPurdue UniversityCollaborative Research: Biomagnetic Glasses: Preparation, Characterization and Biosensor Applications
0804786Lian YuUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonSurface Crystallization and Diffusion of Organic Glasses
0805197Jeffery L. YargerArizona State UniversityMolecular Structure of Spider Dragline Silk
0805298Christine E. SchmidtUniversity of Texas at AustinCrystal Templated Polysaccharide Hydrogels
0805313Derk JoesterNorthwestern UniversityChemical Nanotomography of Ultrahard Tooth Mineral
0845592Kenichi KurodaUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborCAREER: Polymeric Frameworks for Membrane-active Antimicrobial Agents
0847253Hyunjoon KongUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignCAREER: Decoupled Control of Stiffness and Permeability of a Cell-Encapsulating Hydrogel
0900238Sergei N. SmirnovNew Mexico State UniversityHydrophobicity Switching on Nanoscale and its Applications
0901260Neer R. AsherieYeshiva UniversityRUI: Precipitant Chirality and Protein Crystallization
0906709Megan C. FrostMichigan Technological UniversityNovel Photoinitiated Controlled NO Release Materials
0907067Elizabeth M. Cosgriff-HernandezTexas Engineering Experiment StationCell-Responsive Biomaterials as Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
0907085Christopher T. NomuraSUNY College of Environmental Science and ForestryProtein and Metabolic Engineering for the Production of Biodegradable Plastics
0907167Olin T. MeffordClemson UniversitySize effects of polymer-nanoparticles systems in magnetic hyperthermia
0907273Vikas NandaRobert Wood Johnson Medical SchoolProgramming Assembly of Synthetic Collagen Biomaterials
0907291Wei YinOklahoma State UniversityCrosslinked Aerogels Show Potential in Many Biomedical Applications
0907368Alessandro GomezYale UniversityElectrospray Synthesis of Biodegradable PLGA Particles for Controlled Drug Delivery
0907428Seth FradenBrandeis UniversityTowards self-assembly of viruses using DNA
0907470Michael B. DenninUniversity of California-IrvineCollaborative Research: Impact of Interfaces on Rheological Measurements
0907478Kristi L. KiickUniversity of DelawareMultifunctional Biomaterials from Collagen-Containing Multiblock Polymers
0907593Jincheng DuUniversity of North TexasStructure of SrO/CaO Substituted Bioglasses
0907676Ching-Hwa KiangWilliam Marsh Rice UniversityShear-Activated Molecular Glue
0909002Andrés J. GarcíaGeorgia Tech Research CorporationMaterials World Network: Dynamic Materials with Triggerable Adhesion Motifs
0954380Nathaniel RosiUniversity of PittsburghCAREER: Size-Tunable Hollow Nanoparticle Spheres
0954919Emanuela S. AndreescuClarkson UniversityCAREER: Inorganic Nanoparticles with Biological Properties: Preparation, Characterization and Sensing Applications
0955358Yong WangUniversity of ConnecticutCAREER: Creation of Complex Biomimetic Materials via Molecular Recognition
0955776Zvonimir DogicBrandeis UniversityCAREER: Self-assembly of non-amphiphilic colloidal membranes
0956091Young Jik KwonUniversity of California-IrvineMolecularly balanced endosomal escape and DNA complexation by stimuli-transforming polypeptides
1004523Peter MichaelyUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at DallasGeneration of Protein Nanosprings
1005382Michael H. BartlUniversity of UtahLessons from Iridescent Beetles and other Insects
1005442Daryl K. EggersSan Jose State University FoundationRUI: Silica-Based Materials with Improved Biocompatibility
1005515Yan ZhaoIowa State UniversityNew Strategies for Controlled Release of Liposomes
1005766Yadong WangUniversity of PittsburghBuild stable blood supply for a healthier body
1005902Woo Young LeeStevens Institute of TechnologyInkjet-Printed Drug-Eluting Micropatterns
1006162Giovanni ZocchiUniversity of California-Los AngelesNon-linear elasticity - with molecules
1006931Joanna McKittrickUniversity of California-San DiegoFRG: Bioinspired Synthesis of Tough Laminates
1015486Henry HessColumbia UniversityCAREER: From Nano to Macro using Molecular Shuttles
1032187Shaoqin "Sarah" GongUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonMultifunctional Unimolecular Micelles for Targeted Cancer Therapy
1145175Marc R. KnechtUniversity of MiamiBiomimetic Fabrication and Catalytic Application of Pd Nanoparticle Networks