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Condensed Matter and Materials Theory

0544116Dmitri E. FeldmanBrown UniversityCAREER: Non-Equilibrium Transport and Disorder Effects in Quantum Wires and Related Systems
0547875Jairo SinovaTexas A&M Research FoundationCAREER: Spin Hall Effect Transistor
0548182Alex DemkovUniversity of Texas at AustinCAREER: Integration of ferromagnetism with Si (001)
0605619John B. MarstonBrown UniversityStrong Correlations in Environmental Condensed Matter
0639822Stefano CurtaroloDuke UniversityCAREER: On-Line Distributed Materials Development the Consortium
0701558Laurent BellaicheUniversity of ArkansasComplex Phenomena in Ferroelectrics and Multiferroics from First Principles
0702890James D. GuntonLehigh UniversitySelf-assembly of models of proteins and Janus particles
0704045Armen G. KhachaturyanRutgers University New BrunswickSuper-responsive Two-phase Nanodispersions
0705048Barry A. FriedmanSam Houston State UniversityRUI: Entanglement Entropy of Random Hall Systems
0705152Beate SchmittmannVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityStatistical Mechanics of Systems far from Equilibrium
0705163Sumit MazumdarUniversity of ArizonaPhotophysics of Conjugated Polymer Thin Films and Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
0705191Daniel J. LacksCase Western Reserve UniversityMolecular Simulation of Disordered Materials under Stress
0705239N. A. W. HolzwarthWake Forest UniversityComputer modeling of Li (thio)phosphate electrolytes
0705914Eugene OlevskySan Diego State University FoundationMulti-Scale Modeling of Co-Fired Ceramics' Fabrication
0705986Andrei G. LebedUniversity of ArizonaSuperconductivity survives at very high magnetic fields
0706002Ralf A. BundschuhOhio State University Research FoundationStatistical Physics Approaches to RNA Editing
0710529George B. MartinsOakland UniversityMaterials World Network: Collaborative Research: Heating-up a very low temperature phenomenon
0710581Nancy P. SandlerOhio UniversityMaterials World Network: Collaborative Research: Spin polarization with a twist
0715099John F. MarkoNorthwestern UniversityDynamics of Nucleosome Positioning Along DNA
0746424Katsuyo S. ThorntonUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborCAREER: Integrated Research and Education Program in Three-Dimensional Materials Science and Visualization
0748475Alex TravessetIowa State UniversityCAREER: Coarse graining electrostatic in phospholipids: Some exact results
0748516Anton Van der VenUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborCAREER: First-Principles Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Multi-Component Solids
0748925Kirill ShtengelUniversity of California-RiversideCAREER: Implementing Phase Gates with Ising Anyons
0757145Subir SachdevHarvard UniversityA universal phase diagram for the new superconductors
0802288Per Arne RikvoldFlorida State UniversityKinetic Monte Carlo Simulations of Heat-assisted Magnetization Reversal in Ultrathin Films
0802830Massimiliano Di VentraUniversity of California-San DiegoDynamical Properties of Nanoscale Systems
0803315Mehran KardarMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyConstrained Fluctuations
0804370Mark P. TaylorHiram CollegeRUI: Reducing Computational Complexity in Polymer Modeling
0804407Hai-Ping ChengUniversity of FloridaInterfacial Water
0804413Joel E. MooreUniversity of California-BerkeleyTopological Effects in Matter: Intellectual Merit
0804568Orion CiftjaPrairie View A & M UniversityRUI - Anisotropy in Quantum Hall Systems
0804593Jane E.G. LipsonDartmouth CollegeTravels Between Micro and Macro: Bridging the gap between molecular level descriptions and bulk material behavior
0804665Kyungwha ParkVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversitySpin Transfer in Spin-Orbit Coupled Nanostructures
0804775Congjun WuUniversity of California-San DiegoNovel orbital and large spin physics with ultra-cold fermions
0804914Paolo ZanardiUniversity of Southern CaliforniaEquilibration Dynamics and Quantum PhaseTransitions
0805330Francisco J. SolisArizona State UniversityElectrostatic-driven pattern formation in pores
0806511M. Cristina MarchettiSyracuse UniversityMaterials World Network: Microscopic Models of Cross-Linked Active Gels
0808665Sohrab Ismail-BeigiYale UniversitySurprises due to curvature in nanostructures
0808704Michael L. FalkJohns Hopkins UniversitySimulating Nanocrystal-Glass Composites
0808842Oleg A. StarykhUniversity of UtahSpin-orbital effects in frustrated antiferromagnets
0812204Stefan BoettcherEmory UniversityNew Numerical and Theoretical Methods to Analyse Disordered Materials
0812470Mohamed LaradjiUniversity of MemphisCytoskeleton-Induced Blebbing in Lipid Membranes
0814377Dennis P. CloughertyUniversity of Vermont & State Agricultural CollegeInteraction of Ultracold Atoms with Surfaces
0840965Yaroslav TserkovnyakUniversity of California-Los AngelesCAREER: Macrospin Tunneling with Nanomechanical Interference
0846426Angelo CacciutoColumbia UniversityCAREER: Self-assembly on elastic surfaces
0846582Christian D. SantangeloUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstCAREER: Engineering 3D structures by 2D patterning
0846788Austen LamacraftUniversity of Virginia Main CampusCAREER: Dynamics of Spinor Bose Condensates
0854769John P. PerdewTulane UniversityBetter Density Functionals for Solids, Surfaces, and Molecules on Surfaces
0901903Ramamurti ShankarYale UniversityA holographic superconductor
0901952Dietrich BelitzUniversity of Oregon EugeneStrange Magnets and Quantum LCDs
0903225James P. LewisWest Virginia University Research CorporationHigh-throughput Structural Inferencing
0904499Glenn H. FredricksonUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraSoft Materials Nanoscience
0905880Bulbul ChakrabortyBrandeis UniversityJamming by Shear
0906464Frank C. SpanoTemple UniversityNovel Means of Determining Exciton Coherence from the Photoluminescence Spectrum
0906475Bertrand I. HalperinHarvard UniversityQuantum Hall Interferometry
0906498Leonid I. GlazmanYale UniversityA Quantum Quench towards Kondo Correlations
0906566Thomas VojtaMissouri University of Science and TechnologyElectrical resistivity due to rare magnetic clusters
0906617Juan E. PeraltaCentral Michigan UniversityMagnetic Properties from First-Principles
0906676Kenneth R. ElderOakland UniversityMonolayer Ordering of Nano-scale Superstructures
0906921Anthony J. LeggettUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignTopics in Ultracold Fermi Gases and Topological Quantum Computing
0906945Tigran V. ShahbazyanJackson State UniversityRUI: Spectroscopy of Many-Body Processes in Nanostructures
0906951Susan N. CoppersmithUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonThe effects of particle aggregation on the biological pump
0906953Andrey V. ChubukovUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonNon-Fermi Liquid Behavior, Superconductivity, and Magnetism in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems.
0907126Andrei SergeyevSUNY at BuffaloElectron-Phonon Interaction and Disorder: Nanoscale Interference in Transport Phenomena
0907145Olexei I. MotrunichCalifornia Institute of TechnologyNew looks at old and new spin liquids
0907179Piers ColemanRutgers University New BrunswickLocal Moment and Heavy Fermion Physics
0907235Jon MachtaUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstComputational Studies of Complex and Disordered Systems
0907247Leonid V. ZhigileiUniversity of Virginia Main CampusGeneration of metastable phases and 3D interfacial structures in laser processing of multi-layer targets
0907399Jacques G. AmarUniversity of ToledoUnderstanding the effects of strain on island-shape
0907500Steven R. WhiteUniversity of California-IrvineSpin Liquid in a realistic system
0907515Michael RubinsteinUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillChains are More Flexible Under Tension
0908286Kevin E. BasslerUniversity of HoustonExistence of Large Scale-free Networks and their Sparseness
0910563Emily A. Carter Princeton UniversityAdvances in Embedded Correlated Wavefunction Theory
0940992Philip W. PhillipsUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignMottness and Holography
0953002Sachin A. ShanbhagFlorida State UniversityCAREER: Percolation in Blends of Cyclic-Linear Polymers
0955071Hendrik HeinzUniversity of AkronCAREER: Peptide Recognition on Metal Nanoparticle Surfaces
0955500Maxim G. VavilovUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonCAREER: Thermodynamics and Dynamics of Superconducting Devices
0955561Oskar VafekFlorida State UniversityCAREER: Symmetry Breaking in Bilayer Graphene
0955714Vadim OganesyanCUNY College of Staten IslandCAREER: Pre-thermalization in quantum nonlinear chains
0955760Gregory M. GrasonUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstCAREER: Complex Order in Dense Packings of Confined Chains
0955902Egor BabaevUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstCAREER: Type-1.5 superconductivity
0955959Aleksei AksimentievUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignCAREER: Microscopic Perspective on the Adsorption at a Heterogeneous Surface
0956064Lin TianUniversity of California - MercedCAREER: Entangled Photon Generation in Jaynes-Cummings Molecule
0965081Yongmei M. JinMichigan Technological UniversityAltering Magnetic Properties via Aligned Domains
0968792Yu U. WangMichigan Technological UniversityPhase Field Modeling of Magnetic and Dielectric Composites
1002428Michael .P. MarderUniversity of Texas at AustinFracture Mechanics of Graphene
1004231Rajiv R. SinghUniversity of California-DavisQuantum Phases of Matter and Entanglement
1004545Kun Yang Florida State UniversityDetecting non-Abelian Anyons via Adiabatic Cooling
1004576Andrey DobryninUniversity of ConnecticutCompression of Bottle-Brush Layers
1004789M. Cristina MarchettSyracuse UniversityActive Jamming
1005035Herbert A. FertigIndiana UniversityMicrowave-Induced Topological Protection in Graphene
1005209Karin A. DahmenUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignDislocations Jam at any Density
1005289David R. NelsonHarvard UniversityCompetition and Cooperation in Microorganisms
1005413Eva ZurekSUNY at BuffaloHydrogen Rich Solids Under Pressure
1005417Beate SchmittmannVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityStatistical Mechanics of Systems far from Equilibrium
1005466Christopher L. HenleyCornell UniversityQuantum s=1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the Bethe lattice at percolation
1005479James P. SethnaCornell UniversityWatching Avalanches through Windows
1005527Anatoly KuklovCUNY College of Staten IslandCollaborative Research: Stress induced roughening of superclimbing dislocations
1005543Boris V. SvistunovUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstCollaborative Research: Stress induced roughening of superclimbing dislocations
1005642Kirill D. BelashchenkoUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnMagnetism of ferropnictide superconductors
1005739Venkat GanesanUniversity of Texas at AustinComputational Tools For Phase Behavior of Mixtures of Particles and Polyelectrolytes
1005751Vladimir DobrosavljevicFlorida State UniversityQuantum Critical Transport Near the Mott Transition
1005779Simon R. PhillpotUniversity of FloridaCharge-optimized Many Body Potentials for Heterogeneous Interfaces: Metal/Metal Oxides/Organic Molecules
1005834Karl F. SaundersCalifornia Polytechnic State University FoundationRUI: Novel Surface Effect Near a First Order Liquid Crystal Phase Transition
1005838David H. VanderbiltRutgers University New BrunswickTube Test for Topological Insulators
1005932Natalia B. PerkinsUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonQuantum phase transitions in a strongly entangled spin-orbital chain
1006217Shiwei ZhangCollege of William and MaryQuantum simulations in real materials
1006282Andrew J. MillisColumbia UniversityNew methods for Quantum Chemistry
1006430Erik LuijtenNorthwestern UniversitySelf-Assembly of Anisotropic Building Blocks
1006537Corey S. O´HernYale UniversityJamming and Glassy Behavior in Systems with Nonspherical Particles and Constrained by Chain Connectivity
1006752Alexander M. FinkelsteinTexas A&M Research FoundationFluctuation Hall conductivity in superconducting films
1006805Mark O. RobbinsJohns Hopkins UniversityPolymer Welding: Strength from Entanglements
1006980Arlette R.C BaljonSan Diego State University FoundationKinetics in Reversible Polymeric Gels
1007908Anna VainchteinUniversity of PittsburghPhase transitions in shape memory wires
1015175Andrei N. SlavinOakland UniversityMaterials World Network: Dynamic Artificial Magnonic Materials: Intellectual Merit
1057930Michael GalperinUniversity of California-San DiegoDynamical Effects in Molecular Junctions
1058314Katsuyo ThorntonUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborSummer School for Integrated Computational Materials Education