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Electronic & Photonic Materials

0547639Thuc-Quyen NguyenUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraCAREER: Improving Polymer LED Turn-on Time via Molecular Design and Processing
0548061Wenzhi LiFlorida International UniversityCAREER: Study of Radial Modulus of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes by Atomic Force Microscopy
0705675James KakaliosUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesDual-Plasma Co-Deposition of Mixed Phase Thin Film Materials
0709669Miguel LevyMichigan Technological UniversityMaterials World Network: Nonlinear Magneto-Photonic Crystals
0710641Fumio S. OhuchiUniversity of WashingtonPhase Change Materials for Nanoelectronics: A Combinatorial Approach to Mechanistic Understanding
0748671Oksana OstroverkhovaOregon State UniversityCAREER: Organic semiconductors: exciton and charge carrier dynamics on macroscopic and microscopic levels
0803276Leonard J. BrillsonOhio State University Research Foundation Dynamics of Lithium Incorporation into ZnO
0804479Bruce W. WesselsNorthwestern UniversityStructural, electronic and magnetic properties of In1-xMnxSb semiconductor films
0804631Susanne StemmerUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraA Scale for Atoms
0804646Roya MaboudianUniversity of California-BerkeleyCollaborative Research: Single Nanowire Thermal Conductivity Measurements by Raman Thermography
0804679Alison A. BakiVirginia Commonwealth UniversityRole of the Surface in the Electrical and Optical Properties of GaN and ZnO
0804960Lewis RothbergUniversity of RochesterPhotophysical studies of conjugated chromophores
0805155Cherie KaganUniversity of PennsylvaniaFlexible, Low Voltage and Low Hysteresis Ambipolar and Unipolar PbSe Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors
0806682Richard M. OsgoodColumbia UniversityLow-Voltage Nanodomain Writing in He-Implanted Lithium Niobate Crystals
0807232 Jianlin LiuUniversity of California-RiversideMaterials World Network: Aligned Si nanocrystal memory on carbon nanotubes
0845007Yi GuWashington State UniversityCAREER: Quantitative heat dissipation in GaN nanowire devices
0846445Theodosia GougousiUniversity of Maryland Baltimore CountyCAREER: Deposition and Interface Properties of Metal Oxide Films on GaAs
0847319Jung-Kun LeeUniversity of PittsburghCAREER: Localized Surface Plasmons and Photon-Electron Conversion in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
0847523Chen YangPurdue UniversityCAREER: Planar InAs Nanowires and InAs/GaSb Nanowire Heterostructures
0855081Gunter LuepkeCollege of William and MaryVibrational Dynamics of Hydrogen in Transparent Conducting Oxides
0855358Paul M. ThibadoUniversity of ArkansasIndustry Collaboration: New Magnetic Wobble Stick
0856240Randall Feenstra Carnegie-Mellon UniversityInterface Structure for Graphene on SiC(000-1)
0902277Terry L. AlfordArizona State UniversityIntegration of Compound Semiconductors on Flexible Substrates
0905861Michael S. ArnoldUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonEnhanced Exciton Diffusion in Semiconducting Carbon Nanotube Films
0905914Xudong WangUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonCoupling between Piezoelectricity and Charge Transport Property in ZnO Nanowires
0906564Marcus D. LayUniversity of Georgia Research Foundation IncElectronic Properties of Networks of Purified SWNTs
0906992Anthony L. DiazCentral Washington UniversityRUI: Electron Transport and Trapping in Luminescent Materials
0907007Donald HeimanNortheastern UniversityUniversal Properties of Linear Magnetoresistance
0907007Donald HeimanNortheastern UniversityGiant Magnetic Coercivity in Rare-Earth-Free MnxGa
0907043Seth C. RasmussenNorth Dakota State University FargoTunable Organic Semiconducting Materials
0907096Hadis MorkoçVirginia Commonwealth UniversityGrowth and Optical Properties of Nonpolar m-Plane GaN on Patterned Si and Sapphire Substrates
0907112Sang M. HanUniversity of New MexicoCollaborative Proposal: Improving the Quality of Virtual Ge-on-Si Substrates
0907296Roberto PaiellaTrustees of Boston UniversityCollaborative Research: Direct-Bandgap Light-Emitting Germanium Pumped Above Transparency in Tensilely Strained Nanomembranes
0907381Jonathan E. SpanierDrexel UniversityGOALI: Hot Electron ‘Coolness’ through Tunable Energy Transfer in Nanowires
0907409Reuben T. CollinsColorado School of MinesTuning ZnO´s workfunction with molecular monolayers
0907483Eric A. StachPurdue UniversityGOALI: Zooming in on nanowire growth interfaces
0907558Patrick KungUniversity of Alabama TuscaloosaAtom Probe Tomography Analysis
0907652Charles W. Tu University of California-San DiegoGaNAsP Intermediate Band Solar Cell
0908629Wayne L. GladfelterUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesMaterials World Network: Aluminum-Doped Cadmium Selenide Nanocrystals
0908656Ana L. MooreArizona State UniversityMaterials World Network: Study at the Nanoscale of Photovoltaic Materials
0908718Venkatraman GopalanPennsylvania State Univ University ParkMaterials World Network: Hidden "Roto" Symmetries and Properties in Nature
0955908Zhengwei PanUniversity of Georgia Research Foundation IncCAREER: New Eu2+-Activated Yellow Phosphor for Warm-White LEDs through Single-Phosphor-Conversion
0956081Yadong YinUniversity of California-RiversideCAREER: Magnetically Responsive Photonic Nanorods
1004147Mildred S. DresselhausMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhotophysical Studies of Nanocarbons
1004804Mattew D. McCluskeyWashington State UniversityDefects in oxide semiconductors
1005504David S. GingerUniversity of WashingtonImaging Damage in Plastic Solar Cell Materials on the Nanoscale
1005793Bin YuSUNY at AlbanyCollaborative Research: Multi-Level Behavior, Material Scalability and Energy Efficiency of 1-D Phase-Change Nanostructures
1005929Stephen G. BishopUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignQuantifying Nanoscale Order in Phase Change Material Using Scattering Covariance
1006069Lincoln J. LauhonNorthwestern UniversitySize and Composition Tunable Nanowire Catalysts
1006154Jamie D. PhillipsUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborMaterials World Network: ZnTeO for Intermediate Band Solar Cells
1006163Mary Ellen ZvanutUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamEPR detected passivation of the Mg acceptor
1006253Serge OktyabrskySUNY at AlbanyIII-Sb Interfaces with High-k Oxides: Science and Technology of Novel MOSFET Gate Stack
1006256Charles AhnYale UniversityChanging electronic properties at oxide interfaces
1006380Teri W. OdomNorthwestern UniversityFabrication of Quasi-crystalline Substrates
1006386Aaron MassariUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesMolecular Structure at Organic Transistor Interfaces
1006391Mark C. HersamNorthwestern UniversitySingle-Chirality Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
1006538Karl F. LudwigTrustees of Boston UniversitySelf-Organized Pattern Formation during Ion Bombardment
1006747John L. StickneyUniversity of Georgia Research Foundation IncPd deposition by Electrochemical ALD
1006763Joan M. RedwingPennsylvania State Univ University ParkInfluence of Surfactants on the Growth of N-polar GaN
1006772Farida SelimWashington State UniversityStudy of Exciton Dynamics in YAG Single Crystals by Thermo-luminescence
1006835Rachel GoldmanUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborInfluence of Point Defects on the Properties of Highly Mismatched Alloys
1006835Rachel GoldmanUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborTailoring the Properties of Dilute Nitride-Bismide Semiconductor Alloys
1006956John P. PrineasUniversity of IowaGOALI: Defects and Phase Transitions in GaInAsSb Alloys and InAs/GaSb Superlattices
1008107Gregory J. SalamoUniversity of ArkansasMaterials World Network: Understanding and Controlling Optical Excitations in Individual Hybrid Nanostructures
1008125Ulrich B. WiesnerCornell UniversityMaterials World Network: Plasmonic Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
1008242Paola BarbaraGeorgetown UniversityMaterial World Network: Gas Detection Mechanism of Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Networks
1008302Michael A. ScarpullaUniversity of UtahMaterials World Network: Optoelectronic Effects of Pulsed Laser Annealing of Electrochemically Deposited CuInSe2
1104530I-Wei ChenUniversity of PennsylvaniaA Si-Based Amorphous Thin Film Resistance Memory
1104676Vera N. SmolyaninovaTowson UniversityMetamaterial Lenses Emulated by Microdroplets
1106131Phillip N. FirstGeorgia Tech Research CorporationGrain Boundary Loops in Graphene