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Metals & Metallic Nanostructures

0412583K. Linga MurtyNorth Carolina State UniversityEffect Of Alloying And Heat Treatment On The Biaxial Creep Behavior Of Titanium Alloys
0547445Gregory B. ThompsonUniversity of Alabama TuscaloosaCAREER: Atomic Scale Analysis of Nanostructures
0642363Megan E. FraryBoise State UniversityCAREER: Role of Grain Boundary Character on Dynamic Recrystallization
0644835Xinghang ZhangTexas Engineering Experiment StationCAREER: Synthesis, Microstructure, and Mechanical Behavior of Metallic Thin Films with Nanoscale Growth Twins
0645246Tongguang ZhaiUniversity of Kentucky Research FoundationCAREER: Modeling Short Fatigue Crack Growth in 3 Dimensions
0704717Carl V. ThompsonMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyStress and Structure Evolution During Film Growth
0706171Judith C. YangUniversity of PittsburghCu and Cu-Ni Early Stage Oxidation
0742016Nikolay DimitrovSUNY at BinghamtonCAREER: Development and Application of a New Method for Epitaxial Growth of Metals, Alloys and Multilayer Structures by Surface Limited Redox Replacement
0747658Frederic SansozUniversity of Vermont & State Agricultural CollegeCAREER: Microstructure and Size Effects on Metal Plasticity at Limited Length Scale
0748267Julia R. GreerCalifornia Institute of TechnologyCAREER: Experimental Investigation of Plasticity at Nano-scale
0757502Shashank PriyaVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityMetal - Ceramic Nanocomposites
0803270Huseyin SehitogluUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignTwinning Studies via Experiments and DFT-Mesoscale Formulation
0804020Michael E. McHenryCarnegie-Mellon UniversityThe Development of a CoCrPt Thin Film Sensor
0804528Richard P. VinciLehigh UniversityFracture at the Microscale
0804615Pascal BellonUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignControl of Kinetic Processes in Irradiated Alloys through Compositional Patterning
0804744Jeffrey E. ShieldUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnNovel Nanostructures for High-Energy Nanocomposite Permanent Magnets
0804765Katayun BarmakCarnegie-Mellon UniversityThe A1 to L1_0 Transformation in FePt Films with Ternary Alloying Additions: The Heats of Formation of Fe3Pt, FePt and FePt3
0804779Sara A. MajetichCarnegie-Mellon UniversityMagnetic Nanoparticle Interactions: From Magnetostatics to Exchange
0804801Despina LoucaUniversity of Virginia Main CampusLattice irreversibility and fragility under fatigue
0804833Ji-Cheng ZhaoOhio State University Research Foundation -DO NOT USEHigh-Throughput Measurements for High-Fidelity Thermodynamic Databases
0805100Robert M. SuterCarnegie-Mellon UniversityThermal Response of Nickel in Three Dimensions
0805144Nikhilesh ChawlaArizona State University3D Microstructure Characterization of Pb-free Solders by X-ray Synchrotron Tomography
0805293Raymundo ArroyaveTexas Engineering Experiment StationComputational and Experimental Design of Novel CoNiGa High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys (HTSMAs)
0805295James E. WittigVanderbilt UniversityStacking Fault Energy Measurements of an Fe-Mn-Al-Si TWIP Steel
0806323Carl C. KochNorth Carolina State UniversityMaterials World Network: Stacking Faults and Twins in Nanostructured Cu Alloy with High Strength and Ductility
0806753Kevin J. HemkerJohns Hopkins UniversityMaterials World Network: Sputtered Ni-base Superalloys for MEMS
0807240Lori BassmanHarvey Mudd CollegeMaterials World Network/Research in Undergraduate Institutions: The True 3D Nature of Microband Boundaries in Deformed Metals
0845645Dong SonTexas A&M Research FoundationCAREER: Solvent Effect on Spin-Lattice Relaxation in Magnetic Nanocrystals
0845868Michele ManuelUniversity of FloridaCAREER: Towards Room Temperature Formability in Magnesium Alloys
0845868Michele ManuelUniversity of FloridaCAREER: Towards Room Temperature Formability in Magnesium Alloys
0854166Sivaraman GuruswamyUniversity of UtahStructure-Composition-Magnetostriction Correlations in Strong and Ductile Fe-Based Alloys with large Low-Field Magnetostriction
0855009Terence G. LangdonUniversity of Southern CaliforniaHigh-Pressure Torsion and Nanostructured Materials
0855402Christopher A. SchuhMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyQuantifying Material Microstructures with Quaternions
0856009Steven BaldelliUniversity of HoustonMaterials World Network: Sum Frequency Generation Imaging of Monolayers on Alloy Metals Surfaces
0856199Kenneth F. KeltonWashington UniversityRelations between Structure, Phase Formation and Phase Transitions in Supercooled Metallic Liquids and Glasses
0856229Eric ChasonBrown UniversityUnderstanding the origins of Sn whisker growth
0856622Michele ManuelUniversity of FloridaUltrafine-Grained TiAl-Based Alloys for High Temperature Applications
0905229Ian BakerDartmouth CollegeMechanical properties of eutectic Fe30Ni20Mn35Al15
0905793Paul M. VoylesUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonSeeing Crystal Nuclei with Nanodiffraction
0905979T.G. NiehUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleDuctile amorphous-crystalline nanolaminates
0906025Chih-Kang ShihUniversity of Texas at AustinFRG: Quantum Tuning of Superconducting, Plasmonic, and Chemical Properties of Metallic Nanostructures
0906663John R. ScullyUniversity of Virginia Main CampusCorrosion Mechanisms in Amorphous Solid Solution Alloys: Role(s) of Minor Alloying Elements
0906703Pascal BellonUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignCrystallographic Textures Induced by Dry Sliding Wear in Metals
0906744Wojciech DmowskiUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleCollaborative Research: Probing Atomic Structure Changes in Deformation of Metallic Glasses
0906892Joost J. VlassakHarvard UniversityA study of the work-hardening behavior of metallic thin films
0906994Sreeramamurthy AnkemUniversity of Maryland College ParkModeling Interstitial Diffusion Controlled Twinning in Alpha- Titanium
0907024Peter M. AndersonOhio State University Research FoundationUsing Nanoindentation to Probe Substructure
0907075Heinrich JaegerUniversity of ChicagoWorlds Thinnest Nanofiltration Membrane Fabricated from Sheets of Self-Assembled Gold Nanoparticles
0907122Hugh A. BruckUniversity of Maryland College ParkPrinciples for Formation of Transversely Modulated Heterophase Nanostructures
0907167Olin T. MeffordClemson UniversitySize effects of polymer-nanoparticles systems in magnetic hyperthermia
0907196Horacio D. EspinosaNorthwestern UniversityDeformation and Fracture of Metallic Nanostructures - In-situ TEM Experiments and Atomistic Models
0907561Michael J. MillsOhio State University Research FoundationGOALI: Mechanisms of Defect Generation During Martensitic Transformation in NiTi-based Shape Memory Alloys
0907614 Anatoliy O. PinchukUniversity of Colorado at Colorado SpringsSize and Morphology Dependence of the Hamaker Constant for Noble Metal Nanoparticles
0907616Matthew N. CavalliUniversity of North Dakota Main CampusIntegrated Research and Educational Activities in Diffusion Bonding of Metal Alloys
0908767Laura H. LewisNortheastern UniversityMaterials World Network: Tailoring the FeRh Magnetostructural Transition
0909037Peter K. LiawUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleMaterials World Network: Structures and Mechanical Behavior of Metallic-Glass Thin Films
0909170Ibrahim KaramanTexas Engineering Experiment StationMaterials World Network: U.S.-Japan Research Collaboration in Meta-Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys (MMSMAs) with Enhanced Ductility and Controlled Porosity
0934920David E. NiklesUniversity of Alabama TuscaloosaAlMn Nanoparticles
0953733Casey W. MillerUniversity of South FloridaCAREER: Importance of Cation Disorder in Magnetocalorics
0955236Kip O. FindleyColorado School of MinesCAREER: The Stability and Influence of Metastable Retained Austenite During Fatigue of Advanced Steel Alloys
0955338Andrea M HodgeUniversity of Southern CaliforniaCAREER: Ductility in highly nanotwinned Cu
0955638Klaus van BenthemUniversity of California-DavisCAREER: Direct Imaging of Point Defects in Silicon
0964812Philip G. NashIllinois Institute of TechnologyThermodynamics of Shape Memory and Heusler Alloys
1003004David P. FieldWashington State UniversityA Triple Junction Distribution Function
1005330Marc De GraefCarnegie-Mellon UniversityIn-situ Lorentz magnetization study on a Fe-Pd-Co martensitic alloy
1005334John H. PerepezkoUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonEAGER: Kinetic modeling in aluminum based metallic glasses
1005677Ronald O. ScattergoodNorth Carolina State UniversityThermal Stabilization and Mechanical Properties of nc Fe-Ni-Cr Alloys
1005813Robert AverbackUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSelf-organization during severe plastic deformation
1006077Jian-Min ZuoUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignInterfacial Reconstruction of Supported Gold Nanocrystals
1006160John W. MorrisUniversity of California-BerkeleyCrystallography of crack propagation in steel
1006194Jiangyu LiUniversity of WashingtonGOALI: Nanoscale Characterization and Manipulation of Magnetoelastic Coupling and Magnetic Domains by Novel Quantitative Scanning Probe Microscopy
1006656Thomas R. BielerMichigan State UniversityGOALI: Strain monitored in-situ with synchrotron x-rays from solidification to 220 thermal cycles in lead free solder joint
1006784Surya R. KalidindiDrexel UniversityGOALI: Improved Magnesium Alloys for Automotive Applications
1006894Desiderio KovarUniversity of Texas at AustinDirect Measurements of Fundamental Sintering Parameters in Nanoparticles
1006953Sammy TinIllinois Institute of TechnologyGOALI: Fundamentals of High Temperature Deformation in Polycrystalline Ni-Al-Nb Eutectic Alloys
1008144Kaliat T. RameshJohns Hopkins UniversityMaterials World Network: Deformation Twinning at High Strain Rates
1008222Daniel S. GianolaUniversity of PennsylvaniaMaterials World Network: Collaborative Research: Quantifying the Role of Impurities that Control Stress-Driven Grain Growth in Nanocrystalline Metals
1008659Tresa PollockUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraNew Intermetallic Strengthened Cobalt Alloys
1035188Burton R. PattersonUniversity of FloridaTopological Grain Growth
1042734Wendelin J. WrightBucknell UniversityCAREER: Shear Banding in Bulk Metallic Glasses
1105468Desiderio KovarUniversity of Texas at AustinDynamic Abnormal Grain Growth