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Major Research Instrumentation

0619215Yanzhang MaTexas Tech UniversityMRI: Raman Spectroscopy for High P-T by laser-heated Diamond Anvil Cell
0619458Rafael TadmorLamar University BeaumontMRI: Resolving the drop-surface adhesion problem
0821132Steven M. GirvinYale UniversityMRI: Impact of interfacial bonding on oxide functionality
0821313Chrys WesdemiotisUniversity of AkronMRI: Acquisition of Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization and Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometers for the Analysis of New Synthetic Polymers and Materials
0821799Travis S. BaileyColorado State UniversityMRI: Rocky Mountain Materials Researchers Find Nanoscale Order in Scattering X-rays Small and Wide
0922929Jason B. BaxterDrexel UniversityUltrafast Spectroscopy User Facility
0922937Mathias M. SchubertUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnMRI: THz Optical Hall-effect in Epitaxial Graphene
0922994Agnes M. PadovaniUniversity of Puerto Rico MayaguezMRI: Acquisition of Nanoindentation System for the Enhancement of Interdisciplinary Research in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
0922994Agnes M. PadovaniUniversity of Puerto Rico MayaguezMRI: New Aluminum-Based Composite Materials Developed for Advanced Microdevices
0922994Agnes M. PadovaniUniversity of Puerto Rico MayaguezMRI: First Stand-Alone Dedicated Nanoindentation System Becomes Available in Puerto Rico
0923021Luis G. RosaUniversity of Puerto RicoMRI: Acquisition of an Atomic Force Microscope Nanolithography DPN 5000 System
0923070William D. MarkiewiczFlorida State UniversityMRI: Test Coil Demonstrates the Future of Very High Field Magnet Technology
0923215Ezekiel Johnston-HalperinOhio State University Research FoundationMRI: Diamond synthesis using newly installed diamond CVD system
0923369Loren N. PfeifferPrinceton UniversityMRI: Development of Molecular Beam Expitaxy Apparatus for Growth of Two Dimensional Electron Gas Systems with Mobility of 100,000,000 cm2/Vs
0958349Lev GasparovUniversity of North FloridaMRI-R2: Acquisition of the Optical Cryostat for Research and Teaching
0958596Gang LuThe University Corporation, NorthridgeMRI-R2: MRI-R2: Acquisition of a Beowulf Cluster for Computational Materials Research and Education
0958772Azriel Z. GenackCUNY Queens CollegeMRI-R2: Transmission channels in disordered systems
0958772Azriel Z. GenackCUNY Queens CollegeMRI-R2: Modes and transmission channels in disordered systems
0958786Karen A. TrentelmanThe Getty Conservation InstitutionMRI-R2: Artistry in miniature: micro-XRF mapping reveals techniques used to create illuminated manuscripts
0958950Dereje SeifuMorgan State UniversityMRI-R2: Development of Magneto-Optics Kerr Effect for in-situ dynamic studies of film growth
0960003Samuel E. LoflandRowan UniversityMRI R2: Acquisition of a Four Circle X-Ray Diffractometer for Use in Undergraduate Materials Research and Education
0960232Yan WuUniversity of Wisconsin-PlattevilleMRI-R2: Acquisition of an Advanced Atomic Force Microscope at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville
1040166Christopher LiDrexel UniversityMRI: X-ray Scattering Suite at Drexel University
1040229Masashi WatanabeLehigh UniversityMRI: Acquisition of a State-of-the-Art Aberration-Corrected Analytical Electron Microscope with Enhanced Atomic-Level Spectrometry and Low-Voltage Performance
1041808Karen A. TrentelmanThe Getty Conservation InstitutionSCIART: Assessing TechnologicalChange: XRF Elemental Mapping of Athenian (Attic) Pottery