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Office of Special Programs

0649280Jun JiaoPortland State UniversityREU Site: Sustainability Across Disciplines
0706439R. P. H. ChangNorthwestern UniversityGlobal School for Advanced Studies: Session on Graphene Grenoble, France - June 20-26, 2011
0754256Ian BakerDartmouth CollegeREU Site: Research Experience for Undergraduates in Nanomaterials
0755256Dmitry KopelevichUniversity of FloridaREU Site: Designing Materials in a Virtual Laboratory
0843934Tresa M. PollockUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraInternational Center for Materials Research
0843962R. P. H. ChangNorthwestern UniversityThird US-China Workshop on Nanostructured Materials for Global Energy and Environmental Challenges
0844014Himanshu JainLehigh UniversityWomen researchers form the first trans-Atlantic team to sense radiation and gas with novel glasses
0844081Amar S. BhallaUniversity of Texas at San AntonioLead-Free Multiferroics and Remote Measurement Laboratories
0844082Dimitris C. LagoudasTexas Engineering Experiment StationNanoscale Ferroelectrics for Energy Conversion
0844082Dimitris C. LagoudasTexas Engineering Experiment StationIIMEC Computational Materials Computer Cluster
0844082Dimitris C. LagoudasTexas Engineering Experiment StationSummer School on Composite & Smart Materials: Theory and Applications July 18-22, Ioannina, Greece
0844082Dimitris C. LagoudasTexas Engineering Experiment StationIIMEC 2011 2nd Annual Meeting, February 20-21, 2011
0844115Daniel L CoxUniversity of California-DavisInternational Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter
0850934Gwo-Ching WangRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteREU: Co spirals grown by oblique angle vapor deposition
0851367William C. HughesJames Madison UniversityREU: Improving the Adhesion of Gold to PMMA Surfaces
0851620David A. SchiraldiCase Western Reserve UniversityResearch Experience in Polymer Science & Engineering at Case Western Reserve University
0851662Judy S. RiffleVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityREU Site: Design and Delivery of Polymer-Drug Complexes
0851703Jeffrey E. ShieldUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnREU Site: Nanomaterials and Nanoscience at UNL
0851707Selman HershfieldUniversity of FloridaREU Student Advance Materials Research
1004268Jeffrey S. UrbachGeorgetown UniversityGeorgetown REU Site in Materials Physics
1004431Michelle Richards-BabbWest Virginia University Research CorporationREU Site: Multifunctional Nanomaterials
1004747Gustavo CarriUniversity of AkronREU: Site for Polymer Science and Engineering
1004926Paul CharlesDepartment of Navy Naval Research LaboratoryMinority Research Opportunities in Science and Engineering at the Naval Research Laboratory
1005022Eric MazurHarvard UniversityREU Site: Robust anti-frost surface coatings for Aluminum
1005022Eric MazurHarvard UniversityREU Site: Peptide Assisted Growth of Silver Nanoparticles on a Semiconductor Substrate for use in Plasmonic Nanosensing
1005022Eric MazurHarvard UniversityREU Site: Opportunities for Military Veterans in Biomaterials Research
1005022Eric MazurHarvard UniversityREU Site: 3D scaffolds with various pore sizes for co-culturing of endothelial and smooth muscle cells
1005076Gregory S. RohrerCarnegie-Mellon UniversityREU Site: CMU REU: Materials Research - Summer 2011
1005217Abhaya K. DatyeUniversity of New MexicoREU Site: REU program in Nanoscience and Microsystems
1005247John W. FarleyUniversity of Nevada Las VegasREU site: Physics of Materials
1058974Yogesh K. VohraUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamREU-Site: REU-Site: Superconductivity in FeSe Systems under Pressure
1062797Kip O. FindleyColorado School of MinesREU Site: Advanced Metallurgical Design for Transportation, Infrastructure, and Energy
1062873Marian S. KennedyClemson UniversityInterfaces and Surfaces REU Site: Broadening Participation for Underrepresented Groups
1062966Dennis P. CloughertyUniversity of Vermont & State Agricultural CollegeREU SITE: Undergraduate Research on Complex Materials
1063150Charles A. Stone, IVColorado School of MinesREU Site: Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Renewable Energy