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Solid State and Materials Chemistry

0447555Yoke Khin YapMichigan Technological UniversityCAREER: Synthesis, Characterization and Discovery of Frontier Carbon Materials
0600742Susan M. KauzlarichUniversity of California-DavisInvestigation of Zintl Compounds for Thermoelectric Applications
0602526Francis J. DiSalvoCornell UniversityPillared Layered Compounds: Synthesis, Structure and Properties
0652166Abraham ClearfieldTexas A&M Research FoundationPillared Layered Compounds: Their Synthesis, Structure and Properties
0701161Stephanie L. BrockWayne State UniversityNanoscale Effects on Structural Stability
0701462Geoffrey F. StrouseFlorida State UniversityInfluence of Strain on the Properties of QDs.
0705657M. Stanley WhittinghamSUNY at BinghamtonMagnetic characterization helps to improve battery materials
0731382Jiye FangSUNY at BinghamtonCAREER: Low Packing Density Superstructure
0743916Svilen BobevUniversity of DelawareCAREER: New Rare-Earth/Alkaline-Earth Metal Germanides
0748140Benjamin R. MartinTexas State University - San MarcosCAREER: Chemically Modified Ternary Chalcogenide Materials
0800415John B. PariseSUNY at Stony BrookNano-structure of ferritin-core is related to ferrihydrite
0801329Leonard R. MacGillivrayUniversity of IowaSupramolecular Catalysis in the Organic Solid State
0804049Shaowei ChenUniversity of California-Santa CruzEnhanced Stability of Janus Nanoparticles by Covalent Crosslinking of Surface Ligands
0804111Charles RosenblattCase Western Reserve UniversityCarbon Nanotube-Induced Chirality in an Achiral Liquid Crystal
0804167Mas A. SubramanianOregon State UniversityMixed-Valent Transition Metal Oxides
0805096Michael D. RafteryPurdue UniversityPhotocatalytic Water Splitting by Platinum Loaded Carbon Doped Cadmium Indate Nanoparticles
0805357Richard B. KanerUniversity of California-Los AngelesThe Synthesis and Characterization of Ultra-Incompressible, Superhard Borides
0806893Udo D. SchwarzYale UniversityMaterials World Network: Atomic-Scale Mapping of Oxide Surface Reactivity
0845212Lara A. EstroffCornell UniversityCAREER: Insight into Structure of Mollusk Shell Components: Swiss-Cheese-like Single Crystals
0846479Dong-Chan LeeUniversity of Nevada Las VegasCAREER: Smart Molecular Design for One-Dimensional n-Type Nanostructures: Controlling Electronic Properties and Morphologies
0846958Xianhui BuCalifornia State University-Long Beach FoundationCAREER: Multi-Component Assembly of A Nested Metal-Organic Framework
0847535Dmitri V. TalapinUniversity of ChicagoCAREER: Functional Nano-Composit Materials: Synthetic Methodology and Applications
0853732John D CorbettIowa State UniversityGold-Rich Complex Intermetallic Phases
0854618Choong-Shik YooWashington State UniversityHigh Density Amorphous Ice Formed in No Man´s Land
0855259Dana D. DlottUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignNitrobenzene, a vibrational diode
0904034Lai-Sheng WangBrown UniversityObservation of Metal-Centered Monocyclic Boron Rings: A New Class of Aromatic Compounds
0904282John B. GoodenoughUniversity of Texas at AustinHigh-pressure synthesis of new oxide Dy2Ge2O7 and high-pressure study on crystal and magnetic structures of the perovskite LaCrO3
0905322Fivos R. DrymiotisClemson UniversityLow Thermal Conductivity And High thermoelectric efficiency in Chalcogenide based composites
0906433Luz J. Martínez-MirandaUniversity of Maryland College ParkStudy of the interactions of nanorods with liquid crystals
0906543Sossina M. HaileCalifornia Institute of TechnologyColossal Negative Thermal Expansion in a Cubic Material
0906564Marcus D. LayUniversity of Georgia Research Foundation IncMacroscopic Electronic and Electrochemical Properties of Networks of Purified SWNTs
0906576Michael D. WardNew York UniversityAn all-organic hydrogen-bonded zeolite-like framework from molecular tiles
0906735Daniel K. SchwartzUniversity of Colorado at BoulderCollaborative Research: Line-Active Amphiphiles for Nanostructure Stability
0906745Richard L. BrutcheyUniversity of Southern CaliforniaNew Low-Temperature Synthetic Route to Complex Oxide Nanocrystals
0906822Mostafa A. El-SayedGeorgia Tech Research CorporationHollow Gold Nanoparticles Are Very Sensitive Sensors
0907055Elizabeth K. MannKent State UniversityCollaborative Research: Self-assembly in ultrathin films of bent-core molecules
0907175Pingyun FengUniversity of California-RiversideA New Heteropolyoxoniobate as Solar Energy Conversion Photocatalyst
0907204Yuping BaoUniversity of Alabama TuscaloosaMagnetic-Fluorescent Bifunctional Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications
0907310Christopher J. BardeenUniversity of California-RiversidePhoto-controlled Twisting Crystals
0907310Christopher J. BardeenUniversity of California-RiversidePhoto-controlled Twisting Crystals
0907409Reuben T. CollinsColorado School of MinesTuning ZnO´s workfunction with molecular monolayers
0907542Piotr KaszynskiVanderbilt UniversityPolar, Ionic and Reactive Liquid Crystalline Materials for Electrooptical, Battery, and Sensor Applications
0954380Nathaniel RosiUniversity of PittsburghCAREER: Size-Tunable Hollow Nanoparticle Spheres
0955353Michael ShatrukFlorida State UniversityCAREER: Changing Magnetic Behavior via Chemical Compression
0955471Yiying WuOhio State University Research Foundation -DO NOT USECAREER: Cobalt Oxide (Co3O4) Nanowire Arrays: Synthesis, Properties and Energy Applications
0955612Jiaxing HuangNorthwestern UniversityCAREER: Graphene Based Sticky Interconnect for Solution-Processed Multijunction Solar Cells
0964765Antal L. JakliKent State UniversityStructured Fluis from reduced symmetry molecules
1004459Thomas E. Albrecht-SchmittUniversity of Notre DameTemperature Induced Magnetization Reversal in Rare Earth Materials
1005568Frank BridgesUniversity of California-Santa CruzThermoelectric Materials
1005810Timothy M. SwagerMassachusetts Institute of TechnologySynthesis of Extended Acene-Phenylenes
1005861Oliver SteinbockFlorida State UniversityControlling the Wall Thickness of Hollow Tubes
1005911Cora LindUniversity of ToledoExploring Low Temperature Routes to Metal Sulfides
1006385Leslie H. AllenUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSingle Layer Silver Alkanethiolate Lamellar Crystals
1006566Russell J. HolmesUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesEnergy Transport in Organic Solar Cells
1007793Brain L. WardleMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMaterials World Network: New Possibilities for Carbon: Carbon Nanostructure Growth with Oxide Nanoparticle Seeds
1007885Jeffrey J. DerbyUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesMaterials World Network: Detached Bridgman Crystal Growth
1054303Stephen MaldonadoUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborCAREER: Intellectual Merit: Synthesis of Ternary Phosphide Nanowires
1055594Daeyeon LeeUniversity of PennsylvaniaCAREER: Enabling the Formation of All-in-One Coatings
1055705Wei ZhangUniversity of Colorado at BoulderCAREER: Development of a Novel Class of Organic Cage Framework (OCF) Materials
1055762Dunwei WangBoston CollegeCAREER: Nanonet-Based Materials Improve Solar Water Splitting Performance
1063735Julia Y. ChanLouisiana State University & Agricultural and Mechanical CollegeCrystal Growth of Intermetallics with Competing Magnetic Interactions
1100313Susan M. KauzlarichUniversity of California-DavisSynthesis of Zintl Phases for Thermoelectric Applications
1103606Liang-Chy ChienKent State UniversityGordon Research Conference on Liquid Crystals
1104965Mercouri KanatzidisNorthwestern UniversityMixing light efficiently with new materials
1105256Kurt N. WiegelUniversity of Wisconsin-Eau ClaireRUI: Hydrogen-bonding as a Probe of Mesophase Stability