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0748834Jianjun ChengUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignCAREER: Polymeric Nanoconjugate Drug Delivery System
0805298Christine E. SchmidtUniversity of Texas at AustinCrystal Templated Polysaccharide Hydrogels
0805313Derk JoesterNorthwestern UniversityChemical Nanotomography of Ultrahard Tooth Mineral
0845592Kenichi KurodaUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborCAREER: Polymeric Frameworks for Membrane-active Antimicrobial Agents
0847287Ali KhademhosseiniBrigham & Women's Hospital IncCAREER: Strong Cell-laden Double-network Hydrogels
0900238Sergei N. SmirnovNew Mexico State UniversityHydrophobicity Switching on Nanoscale and its Applications
0901260Neer R. AsherieYeshiva UniversityRUI: Precipitant Chirality and Protein Crystallization
0906752David C. BakerUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleGlycoarrays: Sugar-Protein Conjugates Displayed on a Solid Surface
0907067Elizabeth M. Cosgriff-HernandezTexas Engineering Experiment StationCell-Responsive Biomaterials as Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
0907085Christopher NomuraSUNY College of Environmental Science and ForestryProtein and Metabolic Engineering for the Production of Biodegradable Plastics
0907291Wei YinOklahoma State UniversityBiomedical Applications of Crosslinked Aerogels
0907619David E. CliffelVanderbilt UniversityBiohybrid Electrodes based on Photosystem I for Solar Energy Conversion
0907676Ching-Hwa KiangWilliam Marsh Rice UniversityShear-Activated Molecular Glue
0909002Andrés J. GarcíaGeorgia Tech Research CorporationMaterials World Network: Dynamic Materials with Triggerable Adhesion Motifs
0954109Jian YangUniversity of Texas at ArlingtonCAREER: Methodology of Aliphatic Biodegradable Photoluminescent Polymer Development
0954380Nathaniel L. RosiUniversity of PittsburghCAREER: Expanding the Compositional Scope of Peptide-Based Nanoparticle Superstructures
0954919Emanuela S. AndreescuClarkson UniversityCAREER: Inorganic Nanoparticles with Biological Properties: Preparation, Characterization and Sensing Applications
0955259Mariah S. HahnTexas Engineering Experiment StationCAREER: Programming Mesenchymal Stem Cell Fate
0955358Yong WangUniversity of ConnecticutCAREER: Creation of Complex Biomimetic Materials via Molecular Recognition
0955873Padmavathy RajagopalanVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityCAREER: Engineering Biomimetic Interfaces with Dual Chemical-Mechanical Gradients to Study Cell Migration
0956091Young Jik KwonUniversity of California-IrvineCAREER: Optimized peptide synthesis and formation of polyplexes with nucleic acids
1005011Sanku MallikNorth Dakota State University FargoCollaborative Research: Ultrasound-enhanced triggered release from echogenic liposomes
1005515Yan ZhaoIowa State UniversityNew Strategy for Controlled Release of Liposomal Contents
1005609Challa V. KumarUniversity of ConnecticutChemical Control of Stability of Enzyme/DNA/Inorganics
1005766Yadong WangUniversity of PittsburghBuild stable blood supply for a healthier body
1005902Woo Young LeeStevens Institute of TechnologyChitosan Micropattern for Enhanced Bacteria Scavenge
1006162Giovanni ZocchiUniversity of California-Los AngelesThe Inside Rheology of Enzymes
1006332Liviu MovileanuSyracuse UniversitySingle-Molecule Detection of Proteins
1006558Scott A. GuelcherVanderbilt UniversityTuning Biomaterial Design to Medicate Cell Attachment without Excessive Inflammation-Intellectual Merit
1006601Mark W. GrinstaffTrustees of Boston UniversityExpansile Nanoparticles (eNPs) Deliver Paclitaxel Intracellularly Using a pH-Trigger
1006931Joanna McKittrickUniversity of California-San DiegoFRG: Bioinspired Synthesis of Tough Laminates
1015486Henry HessColumbia UniversityCAREER: Kinetics of Self-Assembly in the Presence of Interactions
1032187Shaoqin "Sarah" GongUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonMultifunctional Unimolecular Micelles for Targeted Cancer Therapy
1041535Peter KofinasUniversity of Maryland College ParkEAGER: Blood Coagulation Inducing Synthetic Polymer Hydrogel
1055208Wei (Lydia) HeUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleCAREER: Immunologically Responsive Therapeutic Biomateirals to Modulate Wound Healing in the Nervous Systems
1100806Reza Shahbazian-YassarMichigan Technological UniversityCollaborative Research: Stronger than Glass Fibers, Stiffer than Steel Wires: A New Perspective into the Mechanics of Cellulose Nanocrystals
1101900Cyrus R. SafinyaUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraStacking of Short DNA Controls Membrane Shape Evolution: The Gyroid Cubic-to-Inverted Hexagonal Transition in Lipid-Short DNA Assemblies
1104849Trevor DouglasMontana State UniversityVirus Capsid Nanoreactors: Programmed Encapsulation
1105167Pupa GilbertUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonMollusk shells could measure water temperature of modern and ancient oceans
1105277Parkson L. ChongTemple UniversityArchaeal Tetraether Liposomes
1105296Pradip K. MascharakUniversity of California-Santa CruzMCM-41 loaded with [Mn(PaPy3)(NO)]+ for the treatment of Acinetobacter baumannii
1105310Craig A. VierraUniversity of the PacificRUI: Next Generation Biomaterials: Manufacturing Spider Silk Using Transgenic Organisms
1106044Helmut H. StreySUNY at Stony BrookDynamics of Double-Stranded DNA in Confined Geometries
1106106Gerard WongUniversity of California-Los AngelesHIV TAT is a Swiss Army knife for getting into cells
1106106Gerard WongUniversity of California-Los AngelesElectrostatics, sharks, and new antiviral drugs
1106208Derk JoesterNorthwestern UniversityLiposome-stabilized Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC)
1151394Sarah E. BondosThe Texas A&M University System HSC Research FoundationCAREER: Using Functionalized Protein-based Materials to Control and Pattern Cell Behavior
1206894Arthi JayaramanUniversity of Colorado at BoulderCollaborative Research: Rational design of new polymer materials for gene delivery
1207775Todd EmrickUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstCollaborative Research: Rational design of new polymer materials for gene delivery