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Condensed Matter and Materials Theory

0325939David CeperleyUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignITR: The Materials Computation Center
0547230Randall D. KamienUniversity of PennsylvaniaKnotted Fields
0605619John B. MarstonBrown UniversityClimate From Statistical Mechanics
0639822Stefano CutaroloDuke UniversityCAREER: High-throughput search model for topological insulators with robustness descriptors
0644022Smitha VishveshwaraUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignCAREER: Topological phases and fractionalization in one-dimensional systems
0645668Roya ZandiUniversity of California-RiversideCAREER: Fluctuation-induced forces
0704045Armen G. KhachaturyanRutgers University New BrunswickSwitching Induced Super Responses in Nanostructured Alloys
0705163Sumit MazumdarUniversity of ArizonaDoes Singlet Fission (SF) Enhance the Quantum Efficiency (QE) of Organic Solar Cells?
0705163Sumit MazumdarUniversity of ArizonaDoes Singlet Fission (SF) Enhance the Quantum Efficiency (QE) of Organic Solar Cells?
0705191Daniel J. LacksCase Western Reserve UniversityMolecular simulation of disordered systems under stress
0705914Eugene OlevskySan Diego State University FoundationMulti-Scale Modeling of Co-Fired Ceramics' Fabrication
0706002Ralf A. BundschuhOhio State University Research FoundationThe Statistical Physics of RNA editing
0706319Philippe JacquodUniversity of ArizonaNew Dirac Points in Graphene on Boron-Nitride
0746395Kristjan HauleRutgers Univesity New BrunswickMagnetism and Neutron response in correlated solids
0746424Katsuyo ThorntonUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborCAREER: Integrated Research and Education Program in Three-Dimensional Materials Science and Visualization
0748475Alex TravessetIowa State UniversityCAREER: Intermediate Resolution Model for Protein Folding and Allostery
0801343David H. VanderbiltRutgers University New BrunswickVan der Waals interactions in an organic ferroelectric
0802830Massimiliano Di VentraUniversity of California-San DiegoDynamical Properties of Nanoscale Systems
0803315Mehran KardarMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyFluctuation-Induced forces [on a conical (AFM) tip]
0804370Mark P. TaylorHiram CollegeProtein-like Folding in a Simple Polymer Model
0804564Leon M. BalentsUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraDefinitive Identification of Quantum Spin Liquids
0804568Orion CiftjaPrairie View A & M UniversityRUI - Anisotropy in the Quantum Hall Regime
0804665Kyungwha ParkVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversitySpin Transfer in Spin-Orbit Coupled Nanostructures
0806511M. Cristina MarchettiSyracuse UniversityMaterials World Network: Active Contractility of Cells and Cell Colonies
0808842Oleg A. StarykhUniversity of UtahProbing spinon Fermi surface with electron spin resonance
0810223David P. LandauUniversity of Georgia Research Foundation IncComputer Simulations of Phase Transitions
0812204Stefan BoettcherEmory UniversityNew Numerical and Theoretical Methods to Analyze Disordered Materials
0814377Dennis P. CloughertyUniversity of Vermont & State Agricultural CollegeInteraction of Ultracold Atoms with Surfaces
0840965Yaroslav TserkovnyakUniversity of California-Los AngelesPumping of Bose-Einstein-Condensed Magnons
0844899Andrew N. JordanUniversity of RochesterContinuous Quantum Measurement and the Solid State
0845264ZhiFeng HuangWayne State UniversityCAREER: Modeling Nanostructured Systems Outside of Equilibrium
0846426Angelo CacciutoColumbia University Self-assembly on elastic surfaces
0854769John P. PerdewTulane UniversityUnderstanding van der Waals Interaction
0901907Theodore R. KirkpatrickUniversity of Maryland College ParkCollaborative Research: Giant Density-of-States Fluctuations in 2D Metals
0901952Dietrich BelitzUniversity of Oregon EugeneCollaborative Research: Giant Density-of-States Fluctuations in 2D Metals
0904499Glenn H. FredricksonUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraSoft Materials Nanoscience
0904999Michel PleimlingVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversitySurfaces and Interfaces far from Equilibrium
0905880Bulbul ChakrabortyBrandeis UniversityOrigin of Rigidity in Dry Granular Solids
0906366Allan Peter YoungUniversity of California-Santa CruzEfficiency of the Quantum Adiabatic Algorithm
0906464Frank C. SpanoTemple UniversityCircularly Polarized Luminescence as a Probe for Long-Range Interactions in Molecular Aggregates
0906498Leonid I. GlazmanYale UniversityResistance of an Edge State in a Topological Insulator
0906601Christopher JarzynskiUniversity of Maryland College ParkThermodynamics of Information Processing
0906617Juan E. PeraltaCentral Michigan UniversityMagnetic Properties from First-Principles
0906618Charles HannaBoise State UniversityRUI: Nanoscale Physics in Quantum and Biophysical Systems
0906676Kenneth R. ElderOakland UniversityMagnetic Hardness in Polycrystals
0906866Alexander G. AbanovStony Brook UniversityShock waves in cold Fermi atoms
0906951Susan N. CoppersmithUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonCharacterizing performance of a quantum adiabatic algorithm for calculating the Google matrix
0907145Olexei MotrunichCalifornia Institute of TechnologyCondensations of particles with mutual statistics
0907242Andreas BillCalifornia State University-Long Beach FoundationRUI: Josephson Current Through a Magnetic Domain Wall
0907247Leonid V. ZhigileiUniversity of Virginia Main CampusAtomistic modeling of short pulse laser interactions with metals
0907399Jacques G. AmarUniversity of ToledoUsing GPUs to accelerate molecular dynamics and accelerated molecular dynamics simulations
0907515Michael RubinsteinUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillPericiliary Brush Keeps Lungs Healthy
0908286Kevin E. BasslerUniversity of HoustonRobust Detection of Hierarchical Functional Gene Communities from Expression Data
0946404Peihong ZhangSUNY at BuffaloCAREER: Screened Coulomb U of Localized Electrons in Solids
0953378Axel van de WalleCalifornia Institute of TechnologyCAREER: Accelerated Molecular Dynamics Simulations
0955071Hendrik HeinzUniversity of AkronCAREER: Peptide Recognition on Silica Nanoparticle Surfaces
0955500Maxim G. VavilovUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonCAREER: Thermodynamics and Transport in Iron-based superconductors
0955561Oskar VafekFlorida State UniversityCAREER: Electronic Multicriticality in Bilayer Graphene
0955760Gregory M. GrasonUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstCAREER: Mapping the Packing Geometry of Twisted Bundles
0955778Gregory A. FieteUniversity of Texas at AustinCAREER: First Exactly Solvable Topological Quantum Spin Liquid with Random Exchange
0956064Lin TianUniversity of California-MercedAdiabatic Quantum Interface in Optomechanical Systems
0965081Yongmei M. JinMichigan Technological UniversityMicrostructures and Magnetic Domains in Thin Films
0968792Yu U. WangMichigan Technological UniversityDiffuse Interface Field Approach to Modeling and Simulation of Multi-Phase Colloid Systems
0969083Leo R. RadzihovskyUniversity of Colorado at BoulderPolymers in Soft and Biological Matter July 9 - August 3, 2012
1001240Leo R. RadzihovskyUniversity of Colorado at BoulderGeneralized Elasticity, Fluctuations and Stability of Soft Condensed
1002428Michael P. MarderUniversity of Texas at AustinExtreme Mechanics
1004231Rajiv R. P. SinghUniversity of California-DavisQuantum Magnetism in Triangular Geometries
1004406Steven M. GirvinYale UniversityProgress in Superconducting Qubit Circuits
1004545Kun YangFlorida State UniversityEntanglement in Many-Particle Systems
1004576Douglas H. AdamsonUniversity of ConnecticutShearing Bottle-Brush Layers
1004589M. Cristina MarchettiNew York UniversitySelf-generated dissipation in a nonequilibrium closed quantum system
1004789M. Cristina MarchettiSyracuse UniversityMotility-driven phase separation of active particles
1005035Herbert A. FertigIndiana UniversityTopological Domain Walls in Graphene
1005209Karin A. DahmenUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignDiscrete Deformation of Metallic Nanocrystals
1005289David R. NelsonHarvard UniversityDislocation-Mediated Elongation of Bacteria
1005413Eva ZurekSUNY at BuffaloHydrogen and Lithium Rich Solids Under Pressure
1005417Beate SchmittmannVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityStatistical Mechanics of Systems far from Equilibrium
1005466Christopher L. HenleyCornell UniversityClassical Topological Order in Non-Abelian Height Models
1005479James P. SethnaCornell UniversityProteins in Cell Membranes using tools from String Theory
1005536Jainendra K. JainPennsylvania State Univ University ParkCollective spin excitations in fractional quantum Hall effect
1005625Peter J. HirschfeldUniversity of FloridaDisorder and Emergence of Inhomogeneous Phases in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
1005642Kirill D. BelashchenkoUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnFirst-Principles Theory of Spin-Disorder Resistivity
1005651Carsten A. UllrichUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaA minimal model for excitons within TDDFT
1005739Venkat GanesanUniversity of Texas at AustinComputational Tools For Phase Behavior of Mixtures of Particles and Polyelectrolytes
1005751Vladimir DobrosavljevicFlorida State UniversityFingerprints of Intrinsic Phase Separation: Magnetically Doped Two-Dimensional Electron Gas
1005838David H. VanderbiltRutgers University New BrunswickMagnetoelectric Coupling in Cr2O3
1006217Shiwei ZhangCollege of William and MaryQuantum simulations of correlated materials
1006282Andrew J. MillisColumbia UniversityPredictive methods for Electronically Active Materials
1006282Andrew J. MillisColumbia UniversityHigh-Tc Superconductivity and the Pseudogap
1006480Alan McGaugheyCarnegie-Mellon UniversityThermal Transport Across a Vacuum Gap
1006541Long-Qing ChenPennsylvania State Univ University ParkComputationally Designed Ultra-efficient Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory Using Phase-field Simulations
1006605James K. FreericksGeorgetown UniversityNonequilibrium “melting” of a CDW insulator
1006752Alexander M. FinkelsteinTexas A&M Research FoundationFluctuation conductivity in superconducting films
1006805Mark O. RobbinsJohns Hopkins UniversityDoes Inertia Destroy Critical Behavior?
1007908Anna VainchteinUniversity of PittsburghSolitary waves in nonlinear lattices
1008349Yunzhi WangOhio State UniversityMaterials World Network: Effect of point defects on ferroic systems
1052808Jerome DelhommelleUniversity of North Dakota Main CampusCAREER: An unusual pathway to crystallization for silicon
1054020Yogesh N. JoglekarIndiana UniversityCAREER: Research from high-school through graduate-school
1054671Alfredo Alexander-KatzMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyCAREER: Self-Associating Single Polymers in Flow
1055522Jason F. AliceaUniversity of California-IrvineCAREER: Topological qubits from conventional quantum Hall states
1055586Patrick CharbonneauDuke UniversityCAREER: Patchy models help crystallize proteins
1055799Markus E. KindermannGeorgia Tech Research CorporationCAREER: Neutrinos on Boron Nitride
1056536Ribhu KaulUniversity of Kentucky Research FoundationCAREER: Lattice Models for Deconfined Criticality
1056564Craig E. MaloneyCarnegie-Mellon UniversityCAREER: Force chains in particle packings
1056587Richard G. HennigCornell UniversityCAREER: Solvation Method for Quantum Monte Carlo
1057930Michael GalperinUniversity of California-San DiegoMolecular Spintronics
1058314Katsuyo S. ThorntonUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborSummer School for Integrated Computational Materials Education
1066293Rosemary F. WyseAspen Center for PhysicsTwo Particle Response in Cluster Dynamical Mean Field Theory
1103860Subir SachdevHarvard UniversitySign-problem-free quantum Monte Carlo for the onset of antiferromagnetism in metals
1104386Adriana MoreoUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleIntriguing Properties of Iron-based Superconductors
1104512Andrei G. LebedUniversity of ArizonaOrganic Superconductors and Conductors in High Magnetic Fields
1104595Walter R. L. LambrechtCase Western Reserve UniversityNative Point Defects and Doping of Heterovalent Ternary Wide Band Gap Semiconductors
1104658Jane E.G. LipsonDartmouth CollegeWhy do some thin polymer films melt so far below the bulk?
1104707Tom C. LubenskyUniversity of PennsylvaniaElastic Response and Surface Phonons in Twisted Kagome Lattice
1104788Giovanni VignaleUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaPersistent spin oscillations in spin-orbit-coupled superconductors
1104795Orion CiftjaPrairie View A & M UniversityRUI-Factors Leading to Anisotropy in Electronic Systems
1104835Ying SunDrexel UniversityMulti-scale Study of Coupled Reaction and Wetting in Droplet Spreading
1105387Matthieu WyartNew York UniversityHow do suspensions flow at high densities?
1105409Katsuyo S. ThorntonUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborFRG: Development and Validation of Novel Computational Tools for Modeling the Growth and Self-Assembly of Crystalline Nanostructures
1105641Scott P. BeckmanIowa State UniversityThe fracture strength of AlLiB14
1106293Zohar NussinovWashington UniversityDetection of multi-scale structure in complex materials
1106315James A. SaulsNorthwestern UniversityEdge States and the Ground State of a Topological Superfluid with Broken Time-Reversal Symmetry
1106331Alan R. DentonNorth Dakota State University FargoMultiscale Modeling of Colloid-Nanoparticle Mixtures
1136777Alexander J. WagnerNorth Dakota State University FargoDiscrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics (DSFD)
1147430Lea Ferreira dos SantosYeshiva UniversityCAREER: Statistical Relaxation in Quantum Systems of Interacting Particles
1151387Helmut KatzgraberTexas A&M Research FoundationEffects of Depolarization on Topological Qubits
1161497Jinwu YeMississippi State UniversityNovel quantum states in frustrated lattices
1161497Jinwu YeMississippi State UniversityLight scattering detections of quantum phases of cold atoms in optical lattices
1248387JiaJia DongBucknell UniversityRUI: Cooperative Speeding in an Accelerated Exclusion Process