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Electronic & Photonic Materials

0705675James KakaliosUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesDual-Plasma Co-Deposition of Mixed Phase Thin Film Materials
0748671Oksana OstroverkhovaOregon State UniversityCAREER: Organic semiconductors: Exciton and charge carrier dynamics on macroscopic and microscopic levels
0803276Leonard J. BrillsonOhio State University Research FoundationInterplay of Native Point Defects with ZnO Doping
0804892Judith C. YangUniversity of PittsburghSiC Nanostructure Formations Catalyzed by Released Metal Nanocatalysts
0805155Cherie KaganUniversity of PennsylvaniaRemote Doping and Charge Transport in Single PbSe NW Field-Effect Transistors
0805155Cherie KaganUniversity of PennsylvaniaRemote Doping and Charge Transport in Single PbSe NW Field-Effect Transistors
0806682Richard M. OsgoodColumbia UniversityMaterials World Network: Enhancing the conversion efficiency of four-wave-mixing by modulating waveguide geometry
0807232 Jianlin LiuUniversity of California-RiversideMaterials World Network: Ordered Ge/Si Core-Shell Nanostructures for Nonvolatile Memory Applications
0845007Yi GuWashington State UniversityCAREER: Diameter-dependent Surface State Density in Semiconductor Nanowires
0846445Theodosia GougousiUniversity of Maryland Baltimore CountyCAREER: Deposition and Interface Properties of Metal Oxide Films on GaAs
0847319Jung-Kun LeeUniversity of PittsburghCAREER: Electron Emission from Au Nanoparticles Embedded in ZnO films
0847523Chen YangPurdue UniversityCAREER: Understanding the Growth and Performance of Antimonide Nanowire
0847552Thomas GredigCalifornia State University-Long Beach FoundationCAREER: Quantized Interface Roughness of Organic Solar Cells
0855358Paul M. ThibadoUniversity of ArkansasGraphite to Graphene: How Electron Acquires Mass
0856240R. M. FeenstraCarnegie-Mellon UniversityElectron Reflectivity as Probe of 2D Materials
0904929Fatemeh Shahedipour-SandvikSUNY at AlbanyA novel method of stress modification in highly lattice matched III-Nitrides/Si
0905861Michael S. ArnoldUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonEnergy Migration in Carbon Nanotube Light Absorbing Films
0906564Marcus D. LayUniversity of Georgia Research Foundation IncPurified Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
0906992Anthony DiazCentral Washington UniversityRUI: Electron Transport and Trapping in Luminescent Materials
0907007Donald HeimanNortheastern UniversityLinear magnetoresistance in topological insulators: Quantum phase coherence effects at high temperatures
0907043Seth C. RasmussenNorth Dakota State University FargoAmbipolar Units and Impact on Materials Design
0907096Hadis MorkoçVirginia Commonwealth UniversityGrowth and Optical Properties of Nonpolar m-Plane GaN on Patterned Si and Sapphire Substrates
0907234Petra ReinkeUniversity of Virginia Main CampusHigh-resolution Characterization of MBE-Grown Ge:Mn Self-Assembled Quantum Dots
0907296Roberto PaiellaTrustees of Boston UniversityCollaborative Research: SiGe Quantum-Well Nanomembranes for THz Quantum-Cascade Laser Applications
0907409Rueben T. CollinsColorado School of MinesCarboxylic acid-based molecular monolayers on Zn1-xMgxO
0907558Patrick KungUniversity of Alabama TuscaloosaAtom Probe Tomography of Lattice Matched AlInN/GaN Based HEMT Structures
0907638Amy Q. ShenUniversity of WashingtonCollaborative Research: Laser Treated Sol-Gel Glass for Ultra-High-Quality Photonic Devices
0907642Wei CaiStanford UniversityCatalyzed Nucleation and Growth of Semiconductor Nanowires
0908629Wayne L. GladfelterUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesMaterials World Network: Electronic Impurity Doping in CdSe Nanocrystals
0908656Ana L. MooreArizona State UniversityMaterials World Network: Study at the Nanoscale of Photovoltaic Materials
0908718Venkatraman GopalanPennsylvania State Univ University ParkMaterials World Network: Roto-Flexo Effect Creates Polarization in Non-Polar Materials
0908745Joanna M. MillunchickUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborCollaborative Research: Materials World Network: III-V Bismide Materials for IR and Mid IR Semiconductors
0908994Christopher K. OberCornell UniversityMaterials World Network: Fluorinated materials for patterning multiple biomolecules
1004147Mildred S. DresselhausMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUsing gate-modulated Raman scattering and electron-phonon interactions to probe single layer graphene: A new technique to assign phonon combination modes
1004804Matthew D. McCluskeyWashington State UniversityHydrogen in oxide semiconductors
1005504David S. GingerUniversity of WashingtonImaging Damage in Plastic Solar Cells on the Nanoscale
1005715John R. AbelsonUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUniform Coating of Convoluted Structures by Static CVD
1005892Antoine KahnPrinceton UniversityA Universal Method to Produce Low-Work Function Electrodes for Organic Electronics
1005892Antoine KahnPrinceton Universityn-Doping of Organic Electronic Materials using Air-Stable Organometallics
1005929Stephen G. BishopUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignNanoscale Order vs. Glass Forming Ability of Chalcogenide Glasses
1006098Yongli GaoUniversity of RochesterSurface Analytical Investigation on Organic Donor-Acceptor Interfaces
1006163Mary Ellen ZvanutUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamEPR detection of Mg acceptor in InGaN
1006182Manjeri P. AnantramUniversity of WashingtonCollaborative Research: Multiscale Simulation of Phase Change Memory (PCM)
1006253Serge OktyabrskySUNY at AlbanyIII-Sb Interfaces with High-k Oxides: Science and Technology of Novel MOSFET Gate Stack
1006256Charles AhnYale UniversityNew materials advance next generation computers
1006380Teri W. OdomNorthwestern UniversityManipulating Surface Plasmons via Phase Transitions in Liquid Metals
1006391Mark C. HersamNorthwestern UniversityGigahertz Flexible Transistors from DGU Graphene
1006747John L. StickneyUniversity of Georgia Research Foundation IncElectrochemical ALD of Amorphous Ge
1006763Joan RedwingPennsylvania State Univ University ParkStress Evolution of N-polar GaN Films on SiC
1006772Farida A. SelimWashington State UniversityRole of Hidden Hydrogen on the Optical Properties of Complex Oxides
1006835Rachel GoldmanUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborSolute Incorporation and Properties of Highly Mismatched Alloys
1006930Sean E. ShaheenUniversity of DenverPathways to a New Efficiency Regime for Organic Solar Cells
1006956John P. PrineasUniversity of IowaGOALI: Suppression of defects in epitaxial infrared semiconductors
1008125Ulrich B. WiesnerCornell UniversityMaterials World Network: 3D isotropic negative refractive index materials
1008242Paola BarbaraGeorgetown UniversityMaterial World Network: Photovoltaic effect in MoS2 Schottky Diodes
1008480Evelyn L. HuHarvard UniversityMaterials World Network: Low Threshold, Room Temperature Lasing in Microdisks with Quantum Dot Active Areas
1035257John AnthonyUniversity of Kentucky Research FoundationCollaborative Research: Crystalline acceptors for organic solar cells
1035480Thuc-Quyen NguyenUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraSOLAR: Understanding Structure-Property Relationships of Conjugated Molecules via Single Crystal Structures
1053416Svetlana NeretinaTemple UniversityCAREER: Group II-VI Semiconductor Vapor Phase Epitaxy Guided by Kinetically Active Surface Agents
1056943Tobias HanrathCornell UniversityCAREER: Assembly of nanocubes at interfaces
1104401Yuri SuzukiUniversity of California-BerkeleyStabilizing New States Via Heteroepitaxy of Magnetically Frustrated Materials
1104530I-Wei ChenUniversity of PennsylvaniaMemory of Ultra Low Energy Consumption
1104628Marjorie A. OlmsteadUniversity of WashingtonElectrical Contact to a Transparent Conductor: Gallium Oxide
1104676Vera N. SmolyaninovaTowson UniversityExperimental demonstration of a broadband array of invisibility cloaks in the visible frequency range
1104786Toh-Ming LuRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteEpitaxial growth of Ge by chemical vapor depositionon biaxial CaF2 buffer on glass
1104934Stefan ZollnerNew Mexico State UniversityGOALI: Complex Refractive Index of Ni-Pt alloys for optical metrology in nanomanufacturing of CMOS transistors
1104994Hao ZengSUNY at BuffaloHeterojunction Solar Cells Using Chemically co-doped Titania Nanotube Arrays for Simultaneous Light Absorption and Carrier Transport
1105077Miriam DeutschUniversity of Oregon EugeneDeposition of Aggregated Silver Films – Modeling and Simulations
1105137Joshua ZideUniversity of DelawareEvidence of Epitaxial Self-Assembled Core-Shell Nanoparticles
1105147Laurie E. McNeilUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillP2T1: A New Organic Semiconductor
1105202Xu DuSUNY at Stony BrookGraphene/Ferroelectric Hybrid Devices
1105355Lewis J. RothbergUniversity of RochesterIndividual Luminescent Polymer Solution Spectroscopy
1105392Vinod MenonCUNY Queens CollegeCollaborative: Engineered Nonlinear optical Materials based on Hybrid Nanocomposites
1105839Lian LiUniversity of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeSpirals Growth of Topological Insulators
1106131Phillip N. FirstGeorgia Tech Research CorporationAn Electron’s Life on the Edge
1106173Jeffrey T. GlassDuke UniversityA Morphological Classification for Charge Density Optimization Involving Graphenated Carbon Nanotubes
1106177Siddharth RajanOhio State UniversityInvestigation of high In-composition InGaN