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Major Research Instrumentation

0821284Yang LiUniversity of Puerto Rico MayaguezMRI: Superconductivity of Al-doped Clathrates by Using Cryogen-free Physical Property Measurement System
0922898Jharna ChaudhuriTexas Tech UniversityMRI: High Resolution TEM Analysis of YBO3:Eu3+
0923021Luis G. RosaUniversity of Puerto RicoMRI: Transport Characterization of Nanoribbons Nanoscale Fabrication by AFM Nanolithography
0923057Zvonimir DogicBrandeis UniversityMRI: Reconfigurable chiral self-assembly
0923066Richard P. VinciLehigh UniversityMRI: Acquisition of an AFM for Visualization, Assembly and Analysis of Materials at the Nanometer and Molecular Scale
0923107Robert B. MooreVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityMRI: SAXS Characterization of Ordered Ion-Containing Polymers
0923166Jerzy M. WrobelUniversity of Missouri-Kansas CityMRI: Intellectual Merit
0923231Alex L. de LozanneUniversity of Texas at AustinMRI: Compact STM for magnetism studies
0923251Michael D. WardNew York UniversityMRI: Acquisition of a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope
0923506Wilhelmus J. GeertsTexas State University - San MarcosMRI: Exposure Tool for Photolithography on non-flat Samples
0959329David K. MatlockColorado School of MinesMRI-R2: Acquisition of a Gleeble 3500 Thermomechanical Processing Simulator
0959465Kenneth F. KeltonWashington UniversityMRI-R2: Development of Electrostatic Levitation Facility for Neutron Scattering Studies of Liquids to be used in Fundamental Research and Education
0959486Randall HeadrickUniversity of Vermont & State Agricultural CollegeMRI-R2: Instrument to monitor toms in motion on surfaces with x-rays
0959552Daniel M. BoyeDavidson CollegeMRI-R2: Rare Earths in Sol-Gel Glasses
0960232Yan WuUniversity of Wisconsin-PlattevilleMRI-R2: Electro-Thermal Nanoprobe Applied in Ferroelectric Material Research
1039588Ann H. LehmanTrinity CollegeMRI: Non-destructive Elemental Analysis of Ancient Pottery and Beads as Models for Classics and Chemistry Majors
1039588Ann H. LehmanTrinity CollegeMRI: Use of the Analytical Scanning Electron Microscope at Trinity to Support a Regional Meeting of the Society for Physics Students
1039588Ann H. LehmanTrinity CollegeMRI: Investigations of Cell Structure and Function in Egg-laying and Live-bearing Snakes
1040006Robert W. MeulenbergUniversity of MaineMRI: Acquisition of a SQUID magnetometer for analysis of advanced materials
1040166Christopher Li Drexel UniversityMRI: Acquisition of a High Resolution X-Ray Microdiffractometer System for Advanced Materials Research and Education at Drexel
1040229Masashi WatanabeLehigh UniversityMRI: Acquisition of a State-of-the-Art Aberration-Corrected Analytical Electron Microscope with Enhanced Atomic-Level Spectrometry and Low-Voltage Performance
1040296P. Chris HammelOhio State UniversityMRI: Acquisition of High Field Physical Properties Measurement System with Cryogenic AFM/MFM
1126343Chong-Yu RuanMichigan State UniversityMRI: Development of an ultrafast high-brightness electron microscope
1126534James E. McGrathVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityMRI: Acquisition of a Dual Size Exclusion Chromatography-Asymmetric Flow Field Flow Fractionation Instrument
1126854Byung I. KimBoise State UniversityMRI: Development of a COIFM with Lateral Modulation for Studying Interfacial Water