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Office of Special Programs

0850934Gwo-Ching WangRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteREU: Protection of hydrogen storage nanomaterials: Ultrathin Parylene conformal coating of Mg nanoblades
0851828K.R. RajagopalTexas Engineering Experiment StationREU Site: Interdisciplinary Research on Granular and Particulate Materials
1004431Michelle Richards-BabbWest Virginia University Research CorporationREU Site: Multifunctional Nanomaterials
1004737Jun JiaoPortland State UniversityREU Site: Training Tomorrow’s Scientists
1004747Gustavo A. CarriUniversity of AkronREU Site: University Akron-REU Site for Polymer Science and Engineering
1004926Paul CharlesDepartment of Navy Naval Research LaboratoryMinority Research Opportunities in Science and Engineering at the US Naval Research Laboratory
1005127Daniel A. SavinUniversity of Southern MississippiREU Site: Sustainable Aerospace and Marine Polymer Composites
1005247John W. FarleyUniversity of Nevada Las VegasREU site: REU Site in Materials and Astrophysics
1060416Terrell A. VanderahNational Institue of Standards and TechnologyREU Site: SURFing the Material Measurement Laboratory (MML) - a NIST/NSF REU Partnership for Materials Science
1062638Arjun G. YodhUniversity of PennsylvaniaDNA drives the self-assembly of microspheres
1062638Arjun G. YodhUniversity of PennsylvaniaMicrofluidic Rheometry
1062638Arjun G. YodhUniversity of PennsylvaniaSimulations of Jamming in the presence of Pinning
1062638Arjun G. YodhUniversity of PennsylvaniaPrediction of Dirac Semimetal
1062674Elliot P. DouglasUniversity of FloridaREU Site: Infrastructure Materials
1062768Veerle KeppensUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleREU-site: Synthesis and Characterization of Advanced Functional Materials
1062797Kip O. FindleyColorado School of MinesREU Site: Advanced Metallurgical Design for Transportation, Infrastructure, and Energy
1062873Marian S. KennedyClemson UniversityInterfaces and Surfaces REU Site: Broadening Participation of Underrepresented Groups
1062966Dennis P. CloughertyUniversity of Vermont & State Agricultural CollegeREU SITE: Undergraduate Research on Complex Materials
1063059Craig J. FennieCornell UniversityREU Site: In-situ electron microscopy characterization of fuel-cell nanocatalyst
1063150Charles A. Stone, IVColorado School of MinesREU Site: Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Renewable Energy