Gravitational Wave Agencies Correspondents (GWAC)

Gravitational Wave science is an emergent discipline that by its very nature can only be pursued efficiently by close international collaboration. This imposes a unique challenge to national and international funding organizations: how to nurture a growing scientific community that spans the whole globe while being centered on an international network of gravitational wave detectors. To face this challenge, we form the Gravitational Wave Agencies Correspondents (GWAC). This group's main purpose is to create a direct channel of communication between funding agencies to coordinate the use of existing and explore new funding opportunities for the gravitational wave science community. GWAC will work in direct contact with the scientific community it serves: its members are encouraged to report GWAC's activities to the scientists. GWAC membership is open to any representative of a funding or national government agency regardless of the current level of support provided to the field. Additionally, no financial commitment is required, just the motivation to start a dialogue that can benefit not just our countries' communities but the entire global scientific enterprise.

Member Agencies

For additional information contact:

Pedro Marronetti
(703) 292-7372
Preferred Contact Method: E-Mail