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Nanoscience Classroom Resources

This collection of lessons and web resources is aimed at classroom teachers, their students, and students' families.

National Informal STEM Education Network
Resource: Educators, Parents, Volunteers (grades K-12)
The NISE Net website provides information about camps, exhibits, and public events about nanotechnology, as well as lesson plans, activity kits and professional development opportunities. Education
Resource: Educators (grades K-12), Students (grades K-12 and above), General Public
This website, sponsored by the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), offers resources for students, teachers, graduate students and people of all ages to understand material behavior at the nanoscale and how the control of matter at the nanoscale leads to nanotechnology-enabled applications that become part of people's every day life. The site features online games, videos and animations.

Nanotechnology: Super Small Science
Resource: Educators, Students, Parents, General Public
The videos on this website show viewers how atoms and molecules that are thousands of times smaller than the width of a human hair can be used as building blocks to create future technology. The videos were produced by NSF and NBC Learn.

Resource: Educators, Children and Parents
This website introduces kids to nanotechnolgy and the nanotech scientists who are doing research at the nanoscale. The site offers plenty of resources including games and videos, do-it-yourself activities, pictures from a scanning electron microscope and much more. It also provides informaiton for teachers and musuem professionals.

Nanoscience Research Overview
Resource: All Audiences
A Web page from the National Science Foundation's Web site, Nanoscience Research Overview answers questions relating to nanotechnology, the research currently being done, and how nanotechnology will enhance our future.


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