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Karen Smilowitz works with Northwestern students October 9, 2015
Engineers assist Bank of America Chicago Marathon with technology
News From the Field
Bill Adams and Yannis Paschalidis March 23, 2015
Big Data and Improving Health Care: Data scientist and physician team up to reduce preventable hospitalizations
News From the Field
Jay Rosenberger and the UT Arlington team October 1, 2014
UT-Arlington big data analytics could yield better treatment for pain management
News From the Field
engineering graphic June 25, 2014
Lowering toxicity of new HIV drugs predicted to improve life expectancy
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checking vaccine April 17, 2014
Study recalculates costs of combination vaccines
News From the Field
engineering graphic December 20, 2011
Pitt Researchers Propose New Model to Design Better Flu Shots
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engineering graphic December 7, 2011
CAFE Standards Create Profit Incentive for Larger Vehicles
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engineering graphic May 12, 2011
Study: Most At-risk Patients Don't Adhere to Statin Treatment, Despite Real Benefits
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engineering graphic February 24, 2011
Redesign of U.S. Donor-liver Network Could Boost Transplants by Several Hundred Per Year
News From the Field
Photo of a health care professional administering a vaccine. September 9, 2010
Sizing Up Stockpiles of Children's Vaccines
Press Release
engineering graphic October 6, 2009
Study Shows How to Lower Costs and Waiting Times for Colonoscopies
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A short film illustrates one of the new approaches to airport security. September 21, 2006
New Approaches to Airport Security
Media Advisory
Showing: 1-12 of 12