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Functional and Regulatory Systems Cluster - News

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biology graphic March 9, 2015
UCI study of fruit fly 'brain in a jar' reveals mechanics of jet lag
News From the Field
image of a python December 2, 2013
Secrets to 'extreme adaptation' found in Burmese python genome
News From the Field
a leaf-cutter ant December 9, 2010
When Their Tools Get Dull, Leaf-cutters Switch Jobs
News From the Field
biology graphic March 15, 2010
U-M Researchers Solve a Molecular Mystery in Muscle
News From the Field
The primitive plant <i>Selaginella</i> has lignin and cellulose in many of its cell walls. May 22, 2008
When Plants "Think" Alike
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Showing: 1-5 of 5