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Coastal SEES - News

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warm blob off the Pacific Northwest coast March 30, 2016
Tracking 'marine heatwaves' since 1950 -- and how the 'blob' stacks up
News From the Field
image of a boat docked February 24, 2016
Global warming will drive vast, unpredictable shift in natural wealth
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high and low marsh February 24, 2016
Study predicts salt marshes will persist despite rising seas
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migrating fish February 24, 2016
Climate change takes from the poor, gives to the rich, study finds
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school of Atlantic cod October 29, 2015
New study: warming waters a major factor in the collapse of New England cod
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toxic algal bloom August 12, 2015
Toxic blue-green algae pose increasing threat to nation's drinking, recreational water
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a spool of fish August 4, 2015
Sardines, anchovies, other fast-growing fish vulnerable to dramatic population plunges
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Photo of a metal-rich acid-mine-drainage from a mine near Lake Fork Creek, Colo. October 15, 2012
NSF Investments Develop a Workforce for Sustainability Research and Education
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Showing: 1-8 of 8