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electrons in graphene August 29, 2016
Device to control 'color' of electrons in graphene path to future electronics
News From the Field
an acoustofluidic sputum liquefaction device July 30, 2015
On-chip Processor: first step in point-of-care asthma and tuberculosis diagnostics
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image of Bi-2212 March 10, 2014
MagLab researchers make superconducting breakthrough
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holographic component fabricated by ion milling August 20, 2013
"Groovy" hologram creates strange state of light at visible and invisible wavelengths
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image of metal-organic framework material March 4, 2013
USF and KAUST Chemists Develop Efficient Material for Carbon Capture
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Photo of the 45-tesla hybrid magnet. May 27, 2008
Hold the Old Lace: Arsenic and Iron Material Is a Remarkable Superconductor
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Showing: 1-6 of 6