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Computational Mathematics - News

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Brent Opell collects a portion of a spider web Virginia Tech researchers take cue from spider glue in efforts to create new materials
Released October 26, 2015
News From the Field
Uranus Scientists predict cool new phase of superionic ice
Released October 21, 2015
News From the Field
a boy getting a vaccine shot Urging HPV vaccine for boys could protect more people at same price
Released March 11, 2015
News From the Field
YaŽl P. Mossť Classification of gene mutations in a children's cancer may point to improved treatments
Released November 10, 2014
News From the Field
map showing two air masses meet and create a front Adding uncertainty to improve mathematical models
Released September 29, 2014
News From the Field
a 3-D computer model of filaments of myosin Biceps Bulge, Calves Curve, 50-year-old Assumptions Muscled Aside
Released July 9, 2013
News From the Field
a soap bubble cluster with thin-film interference Heady Mathematics
Released May 9, 2013
News From the Field
malaria parasite inside a red blood cell Malaria-infected Cells Stiffen, Block Blood Flow
Released December 20, 2010
News From the Field
math graphic A Trillion Triangles
Released September 22, 2009
News From the Field
Phalarope, shorebird with a long, narrow beak. MIT Solves Gravity-defying Bird Beak Mystery
Released May 16, 2008
News From the Field
Silicon-oxygen nanoparticles aggregate to form zeolites. Crystal Sieves, Born Anew
Released April 17, 2006
Press Release
Showing: 1-11 of 11

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