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National Optical Astronomy Observatory - News

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a view of the ProtoDESI setup August 9, 2016
3-D Galaxy-mapping project enters construction phase
News From the Field
two ultra-dense galaxies July 27, 2015
Hiding in plain sight: Undergraduates discover the densest galaxies known
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the Blanco telescope from CTIO January 5, 2015
Smashing results about our nearby galactic neighbors
News From the Field
 image of the sun  showing prominences and filaments. October 24, 2014
Spotlighting the sun
Press Release
artist's rendition of AS 205 N, a T Tauri star September 22, 2014
Infant Solar System shows signs of windy weather
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Kepler field of view over the WIYN telescope September 3, 2014
Half of all exoplanet host stars are binaries
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An edited image from the OSPaN telescope shows the relative size of Mercury compared to the sun. November 1, 2006
Mercury to Transit the Sun
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Showing: 1-7 of 7